AnneLandmanBlog Voter Guide, 2019

Wondering how to vote in the upcoming election on Tuesday, November 5, 2019?

Following are AnneLandmanBlog’s recommendations for how to vote in the 2019 Coordinated Election Ballot for our area for 2019.

I reached my conclusions by attending Q and A programs about the issues, touring Grand Junction High School, talking to Mesa County School District 51 School Board members, researching Secretary of State reports about the funders who are promoting and opposing the ballot issues and researching information related to the ballot issues (e.g. societal costs associated with gambling, the condition of the Las Colonias land with respect to mill tailings remediation there) and by taking into consideration what I know about local history that is pertinent to the issues.

Here are the recommendations on how to vote:

Mesa County Valley School District 51:

Director – District A: Doug Levinson (running unopposed)

Director – District B – Paul Pitton (running unopposed)


State-Wide Ballot Measures:

Proposition CC – statutory (state-wide TABOR override, a.k.a. “de-Brucing”): Yes/for

Proposition DD – statutory (Legalizes sports gambling and taxes it to fund water projects): No/against


City of Grand Junction:

Referred Measure 2A: (Increases City of G.J.’s debt to fund transportation improvements, e.g. sidewalks, roads, pedestrian amenities, bike routes, etc.): Yes/for

Ballot Question 2B: (Extends potential lease terms on City-owned property from 25 to up to 99 years): Yes/For


Mesa County Valley School District 51:

Ballot Issue 4A: Increasing taxes to replace Grand Junction High School and make security improvements to other D-51 schools: Yes/For



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