Grand Junction High School photos

In case you haven’t had a chance to tour Grand Junction High School prior to the November 5 election, the following photos were taken inside the school on a tour on Saturday morning, October 19, 2019. What the photos cannot relate are the odors in some of these areas, which were quite objectionable. Ventilation was lacking in many areas. Measure 4A on the Mesa County Ballot will fund construction of a new Grand Junction High School. The current building was constructed in 1956. AnneLandmanBlog urges a “YES” vote on Measure 4A for fund a new school:

Classroom on the east side of campus

Cracking brick in gym

Cracking floors and stairs in main building

Floor in boys’ locker room

Boys’ locker room area


Boys’ locker room showers

Urinal from Hell in the floor in the boys’ locker room



Walking into boys’ locker room


Missing concrete block in classroom wall


Tattered covering over broken ventilation unit in glass brick

Teacher’s office

Restroom between classrooms in “temporary” buildings on west side of campus

Floor in a classroom

Offset radiator covers on uneven floor in main building

Restroom in classroom on west side of campus. There is no women’s bathroom. Women must go several buildings away to access a restroom.

Broken drinking fountain in a classroom


Sewer cover in the floor of a small classroom that used to be outside and is now enclosed.


Uneven floor /broken tile near cafeteria entrance due to uplift in ground below


Damaged floor in main hallway

Shattered glass block in glass block wall in gym area

Hallway between classrooms


Electrical cords going to lighting wrapped around rafters in weightlifting gym


Ventilation in weightlifting gym. Note orange power cords strung across rafters for lighting.

School library

The school cafeteria. It can hold serve about 250 students at a time. School has 1,500 students. If all students ate on campus, the school would have to start serving lunch at 9:30 a.m. to feed them all.

Classroom. The GJHS principal says in the past disgruntled students have confessed they thought of attacking the school by ramming a car into these classrooms that abut the parking lot.

Botany Classroom

Old radiator in hallway. The boilers are next to the electrical systems in the school basement. Twice in recent years, flooding in the basement resulted in failure of electrical systems at the school requiring repairs.



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