Tina Peters upset about recall effort (*sob!*)

  2 comments for “Tina Peters upset about recall effort (*sob!*)

  1. In the last election, Republicans ran two candidates for clerk, one with 13 years experience and Tina. Republicans voted in Tina, so there is some question about which party should be run out of town.
    Tina is probably not the worst Clerk ever; she hasn’t brandished a Bible outside a church, as far as I know. And she was wearing a gorgeous pair of pearlescent cream pumps at the Commission meeting
    on Monday, which is worth some credit. She just expects inexperienced employees to operate a highly regulated election process without knowledge and guidance from her. She’s a genuinely nice person who doesn’t recognize she’s out of her depth. Republicans should ask for a special election, run Bobby Gross, a QUALIFIED and FAIR Republican, who will be a shoe-in. Tina deserves a dignified out – didn’t I just hear her cough?

  2. Worst Clerk ever but where the hell is the Democratic candidate to replace her? Mesa County Dems are in the running for Worst Party ever. If they cannot field a credible candidate against Peters they should fold up their tent and leave town under cover of darkness.

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