Anti-Trump sentiment emerging in Grand Junction

Truck seen on I-70B in Grand Junction September 6, 2020

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The body politic in Mesa County used to be in lockstep with the Republican Party, but no more. An increasing number of area residents are proudly displaying signage opposing Trump, and for good reason.

It’s becoming extremely difficult for anyone, even Republicans, to continue supporting the President, especially after the past week.

Anti-Trump garden flag seen in northwest Grand Junction

On September 3, Trump urged North Carolina voters to commit felonies en masse by trying to vote twice.

On September 4, the Trump Administration ordered an end to programs aimed at promoting racial sensitivity among government workers (pdf), calling them “un-American propaganda.”

American war dead are “suckers and losers”

On September 3, the Atlantic reported President Trump turned down a scheduled visit to a French cemetery dedicated to American troops while visiting the country in 2018. The article cited statements from four people who personally accompanied Trump on that visit and heard him say “Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s filled with losers.” The sources, who did not want to be named, said that later in the same trip Trump referred to Americans killed at Belleau Wood (the location of a World War I battle in France) as “suckers.”

By September 5, the Atlantic story was confirmed by multiple additional news outlets including the Associated Press, Washington Post, New York Times and even by Fox News’ national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin (video):

The story was bolstered by statements Trump has made publicly in which he has disparaged Americans who served in the military, including Senator John McCain, a Vietnam veteran who was a military pilot, got shot down, captured and spent 6 years as a prisoner of war, during which time he was tortured. In 2015, Trump called Senator McCain “a dummy” and “a loser” in  saying “He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured, okay.  I like people that weren’t captured.”

Republicans nationwide are lining up to oppose Trump

Long time conservative pundit Bill Kristol formed Republican Voters Against Trump (RVAT), a group for previously Trump voters who are disappointed in the grotesque ways Trump has debased his office, his skyrocketing debt, inhumane immigration policies and who just “want to move on from this deeply un-American presidency.” Disillusioned Republicans can visit the site and record their own unscripted, impromptu story about how they flipped from being a Trump supporter to opposing him in 2020.

Mesa County Republicans, it’s not too late to come to your senses, too.

It you’ve been a die-hard Trump supporter but have come to your senses and can’t take any more of Trump’s horrific, cruel, thoughtless, embarrassing and often criminal statements and behavior, and if you, like so many others, fear losing our precious democracy, join the club. Jump on the bandwagon and vote for Biden for President this fall, and let’s restore this country to sanity and a leadership role in the world.

Have you seen anti-Trump sentiment on display in Mesa County? Take a pic and send it to me!

Doctored Trump/Pence sign on 26 Road.

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  1. Wrong again Ann. Previous poster was correct. When they process, and check for signatures- they log you as having voted- If you sent a ballot in a week prior, and you do not show up- yep make sure your vote is counted. He did not tell people to vote twice. Love the way you libs try to spin everything. Your blog is just one big misinformation propaganda site. period.

  2. Trump is not a business man. Trump is a politician. Politicians will say and do anything to get and stay in power. Trump must be labeled a politician. I could give you 1000 examples and after each one you say ” I told you he’s a politician” . So many people voted for Trump because he said he was a business man. He lied. He’s a politician

  3. There is a factual error in the Sept. 4 report about Trump ending the federal program to improve racial sensitivity. The article states: “Employees are told that “virtually all White people contribute to racism, and benefit from racism.” The trainings claim there is racism in the belief that the MOST QUALIFIED person should receive a job. These “trainings” run counter to the fundamental beliefs of our Nation, and engender division and resentment in the workforce.”
    How can anyone — Liberal or Conservative — agree with the assertions above?
    If choosing the most qualified person for a job is racist, then the NBA is racist because they ALWAYS select the BEST players — and 80% of them are Black!

  4. The info about NC voting has an error: I heard Trump clearly say, “If you mailed in a ballot, but your county voting office did NOT receive it, then you should vote at your precinct”. His words clearly indicated that he did NOT ask people to vote twice.

    • David, Trump urged people to attempt to vote twice — once by mail/absentee and once in person. Election officials cannot count votes prior to the closing time of the polls on election day, so there would be no way for a person to find out if their vote was actually counted prior to close of voting on election day. They can “process” ballots — that is, tee them up for counting, for example by verifying signatures and other information on them prior to counting them, but they can not count them prior to close of the polls on election day. All Mr. Trump’s advice does is motivate people to waste poll workers’ time and clog up in-person polls, increasing wait times for legal voters on election day.

      • Don’t confuse Trumpers with facts.

        Trump has told over 20,000 lies and his cult is drinking the Kool-Aid every waking moment.

        Facts are meaningless to Republicans.

        Trump downplayed the coronavirus (in his own words as recorded by Woodward). He lied to the American people.

        Then at a town hall recently Trump said he played up the coronavirus ( in his own words, again recorded. Video recorded in this case). Do he lied about the lie.

        He said it will magically go away.

        He said it would be zero very shortly.

        He lies and lies and lies and lies and lies and lies…

        But lies and facts do not away his base. Their support is rooted in their hatred of their fellow Americans.

  5. I have a very Republican friend that I was interacting with over this very subject. I finally came to the position of just asking him not to vote for Trump. I don’t want to tell him what to do – that might get his hackles up. But, I think it got through to him to NOT vote for Trump. I hope!

    • Your friend is an accolyte: he/she is lacking an imagination. That is what the cult of church, the cult of jesus, does to the ignorant. Your friend may never pull through.

      • Every knee shall now, and younger confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord of Lords- that includes you- but it will probably be to late for you by then. Better get right before that day comes.

        • If you’re talking about the Rapture, I’m okay with being “left behind”. I think we can take care of the planet a lot better without you.

          Bon Voyage!

  6. Good news. I do not notice that up on Glade Park. That’s no surprise. Although some brave person off of the escrow did put up a Biden sign and a Hickenlooper sign. Their house is still standing. I have a very small Biden sticker on my bike helmet and I haven’t been shot at yet. Although maybe it’s because the sticker so small.

  7. Thanks for your blog! I saw a guy in City Market the other day wearing a shirt that said “I love America. Trump has to go!” (Or something similar.) Of course I complimented him on it! It is good to know we are not alone.

  8. I think the simmering anti-Trump sentiment in the valley is why you see so much more signage and flag waving from trumplicans this year. As far as I’m concerned, if you haven’t already made up your mind about which party is going to be our best bet at a better future, you might as well not bother voting. The rhetoric moving forward towards November is just going to become that much more shrill, nonsensical, questionably accurate and increasingly intolerable.

    • If Christians would only stop denying the pleasures of sex we wouldn’t be in this place. They’d have to let go of the ignorant childish fiction that there is literally a literal man waiting to give literal salvation to a select few. That cult is killing everything that is alive on the surface of the planet.

  9. I’ve noticed this myself. There used to be many more trump signs up. Particularly between Clifton and Palisade on the orchard tour roads. We counted exactly one trump flag there on Saturday where there were previously at least six if not more. Perhaps people are finally realizing that when trump says ‘losers’ and ‘suckers’, he’s referring to them.

    • Or the more likely senerio they are being stolen- both my neighbors Had their Trump signs stolen. Mine is a flag up 2 stories high so they couldn’t get it. Luckily we volunteer at GJ’s headquarters so we were able to replace those signs fairly easy.

  10. Yes! I love to see it! I saw a car the other day with window paint that said “Hot girls hate Trump” lol, it’s sooo nice to see that no matter what your political affiliation, people are aware of what this pos is doing to our country. Too many are still blindly following him, but I’m still hopeful for November.

    • Jesus died as a message to show people to wake up to their transcendent nature. Instead, they turned him into a fixed idol. Anything fixed is the opposite of transcendence. Welcome to ignorance.

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