Did Lauren Boebert lie about her mother being a “true blue” Democrat?

Garfield County voter registration record for Boebert’s mother shows she has been a registered Republican since 2001

Lauren Boebert has described her mother in several public forums as a “true blue Democrat” who struggled economically because of Democratic policies.

At a League of Women Voters Forum las June, Boebert stated,

“My mom believed the lies, the failed promises and policies of the Democrat party. And because of that, we grew up very dependent on government”

Lauren Boebert (Youtube)

But according to Garfield County voter registration records, Boebert’s mother, Shawn Elaine Roberts of Rifle, Colorado, has been a registered Republican since 2001, when Lauren was about 15 years old.

  11 comments for “Did Lauren Boebert lie about her mother being a “true blue” Democrat?

  1. Oh the lies you weave when trying to deceive. Your little “gotcha” pic of the SOS registration- do you not know how to read them? Seriously. I look at it, she registered when Lauren was 15- yep. Then on 03-04-2020 SHE CHANGED HER AFFILIATION TO REPUBLICAN. Do you think people are that stupid? well you must be. Just to be sure, I entered my mothers info. a staunch blue ticket voter since Kennedy days. Moved to Colorado in 1992. That is her registration date. Blue ticket voter. Then all the crap since 2016 happened. She changed her affiliation to Republican in 2018 just before the election. Shows her as a Republican now, with an affiliation date in 2018. Do some dam research before you smear people. But of coarse, Democrats will do anything, right? no morals, at any cost. You are a stain to GJ.

    • You sound fun. You know how you LITERALLY come across? Like someone who is jacked up on PILLS and BOOZE all day long, primarily because your head is stuck in the Old Testament. There is no god to save you. You are an absolutely retarded woman. You only get laid when your dad stops by.

      • I got on this site to educate myself and was a little appalled at the snarky, nasty comments – from which I learned NOTHING about the issues.

        • You won’t find any education here, only the views of a leftist woman who lives in a sea of Red voters- she thinks putting up propaganda billboards And writing articles promoting blue candidates and smearing red ones are going to flip this county blue. Not a chance.

          • Anne and her blog are actually much more evolved than you, Barbie. It’s experiential, and you’ve yet to cross the threshold.

          • No, you’re right…this county is Red. Luckily, the state is Blue, and being a Red county means jack sh*t outside the county. So…yee-haw?

    • That’s “damn” research, Barbie. Not “dam” research, unless you mean the study of holding back water. And it’s “But of course, Democrats…” not “But of coarse, Democrats…” Republicans seem to invariably find spelling a challenge across the board. Not sure why.

      I used primary source documents for this information, specifically Colorado Secretary of State records. They are considered authoritative records. They say what they say. Your comment just reiterated what my article is about. When Lauren Boebert was 15, her mother was a registered Democrat.

      • It’s the Jesus thing. Jesus doesn’t promote good spelling apparently. Or maybe there is no actual Jesus.

        Republicans dont know how to spell for themselves. Or think for themselves. It’s all recited Bible verses, it’s all a history lesson and things that are fixed, rather than alive and with a pulse.

        There is no separate god to pray to.

      • Better check your post. Here’s your quote “ Elaine Roberts of Rifle, Colorado, has been a registered Republican since 2001“
        I find it amusing you act like the grammar/ spelling police- like that has any bearing on anything. Are you a teacher somewhere?
        One look at your blog and you can tell there is no partisan anything here- why not write about the real GJ? Thankfully blue isn’t a favorite color around here.

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