Women: post signs at home to celebrate the 2021 inauguration from now until January 20, 2021

Amid the pandemic, the Mesa County Democratic Party Womens’ Group is expanding on the annual Womens’ March by asking people to display posters and signs in their front yards and windows from now until January 20th, 2021 celebrating the return of the country to American ideals with the inauguration of President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President Elect Kamala Harris.

Throughout his time in office, Trump has made life more difficult for all Americans, but especially for women, in innumerable ways, through cuts to child care assistance, stalling federal action on paid family and medical leave, making student debt harder to pay off, cutting nutrition assistance, increasing bullying, racism and anxiety in the country, slashing health care benefits, tearing families apart, putting kids in cages, weakening protections against gender-based violence and much more.

Mesa County Democrats are asking people to make their own hand-made signs or displays supporting the American ideals of fairness, justice and equality and opposing racism, bigotry and violence. A wide range of messages are welcome, anything from a simple American flag to signs supporting the U.S. Post Office, women’s rights, truth over endless lies from the President, liberty and justice.

Celebrate an end to the chaos, anger and divisiveness

After four extraordinarily difficult, chaotic years for the country, President Donald Trump is finally on his way out, but, the group says, women must continue to address all of the problems caused and exacerbated by Trump and his supporters.
“Silence is not an option; our voices must continue to call attention to wrongdoing and ignorance,” said Ricki, a volunteer for the Womens Group. “Everyone wants a better world, so any sign is good — any dream will do.” Ricki suggested signs that focus on local issues, like getting our post office sorter replaced, getting a qualified coroner who is hired and not elected, and pushing 3rd Congressional House Representative-elect Lauren Boebert to hold at least four in-person or virtual town hall meetings this year.

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  1. What happened to the Me Too Movement?? Harris went after Kavanaugh and she believed Joe Biden’s accusers until he chose her for his running mate; then it was, “I believe Joe.” What happened to “Believe All Women”? Why is there no Women’s March scheduled for Inauguration Day?? We can march with masks and physical distancing.

  2. “celebrating the return of the country to American ideals”
    With creepy joe that gropes children and sniffs women’s hair? Or kamala that f***ed her way to the top? willie brown was 60 and kamala was 29. you people are disgusting.
    ps. kamala is a ☭, not trump.

    • I see the trolls are at it again. john doe posting lies without the courage to say who he/she is. You are a bully and a coward and you need to educate yourself . Stop vomiting the lies you have swallowed for these 4 years. Pay attention. Try to think for yourself. It will take some time, some practice because you have given your brain away, but you can do it. We, however, will not wait for you. We have waited long enough.

    • A mind that is fixed is fiction. The goalposts cannot be moved anymore to support your fixed Old Testament narrative. And violence never stops the ineluctability of change. Once you see this, you’ll be able to participate in reality, free from the bonds of your cult trance.

    • Your cult leader sent you and your acolytes on a murder spree at the capitol on Wednesday to upend democracy.

      And your primary concern is “hair smelling”?

  3. I totally get it and am one hundred percent with you, but the sign seems a little mean spirited. I’d like to see a country that is YOU (red neighbors) ME (blue me) and US (all of us!). United, like we’re supposed to be. Love your blog! Keep it up, thanks.

    • I agree. We need to be inclusive and not sink to the level of the bullies and the cowards. We can do better; all of us.

  4. Thanks for supporting our cause, Anne. As another volunteer of the Mesa County Women’s Group, I’m happy to see your message and all related comments. Hopefully we can get photos of the homemade and presented signs and displays to share broadly. Thanks again.

  5. We may be looking for a kinder, gentler president, but remember the 2 new nasty Republican commissioners and Boebert. We can not expect normalcy-“let’s see what happens” is not an option.
    Davis and Rowland replace Pugliese who spent half her time at the WH. Boebert staff picks tells us where she stands. It’s not a fight we’re look’ for, but it IS time to pay attention and speak up. That’s why Anne’s blog is so valuable. Silence is the big KO.

  6. I agree with the other commenters. An end to 45 means moving on entirely. Pay attention to the moment. Its otherwise like the vegetarians and vegans continuing to eat food that looks and tastes like meat – Why??

  7. 85m eligible voters did not vote in the 2020 election. If each of us just found one eligible voter who didn’t vote, then got them to vote in every neighborhood, town, city, state, and federal election – that’s real change. We’d change the system. Surely, each of us can do this.

    “The greatest threat we face is the lack of citizen engagement”
    – Ralph Nader

    As we’re now seeing, politicians like Lauren Boebert would ignore the will of the people, install a President, and establish permanent authoritarian rule. They’ve told us who they are, believe them. Then never forget.

    They’re not going away. They’re not going to compromise. It’s naive to think we’ll work across the isle with them.

    They need to be defeated. Not on Twitter or on social media. At the ballot box.

    “Voting is the right that makes all other rights possible”
    – Ari Berman being interviewed on Democracy Now!, speaking on the Supreme Court decision to not block gerrymandering

    We can talk about climate, all the problems we’re facing. They’re symptoms. Let’s focus on the cause – the system.

    We’re a nation of laws – the system. Laws are made by politicians. Creating systemic change is all about electing politicians who reflect our values.

    “Everything depends on growing the voter turn out. It means bringing young people and working people into the political process in a way that we have never seen.“

    “Unless we are prepared to take on the people who have real power in this country, the power elite, and that is Wall Street, and that is the Insurance companies, and that is the pharmaceutical industry, and that is the fossil fuel industry, does anybody think that just a plan for climate change is gonna do it to save the planet? You gotta have the guts to take on an enormously powerful industry.

    “The only way that we do that, in my view, is when millions and millions of people stand up say enough is enough! You’re not gonna destroy the planet. You’re not gonna prevent me from getting healthcare or affordable medicine.

    “And that’s what this campaign is about. It’s not just ideas – we got a lot of ideas. It is the understanding we’re gonna have to take them on. And if we don’t, nothing is going to change.”
    — Bernie Sanders being inteviewd by Anderson Cooper on CNN, after the 1st debate.

    Obama: ‘You get the politicians you deserve’


    “You get the politicians you deserve. If you don’t vote, don’t participate, don’t pay attention, then you’ll get policies that don’t reflect your interests”

    Please. Get involved. Do something else besides social media. I know it’s hard, it takes time. Set aside a couple hours a week if that’s all you can do. Organize a meeting with your neighbors or friends. Attend local meetings.

    “Take a sweeping look at our history and you will discover that almost all movements that mattered started with just one or two people – from the fight to abolish slavery, to the creations of the environmental, trade union, consumer protection and civil rights movements. One voice becomes two, and then ten, and then thousands.”
    – Ralph Nader
    Breaking Through Power

  8. I am not crazy about slapping my “opponents” in the face with na-na-nuh-na-na signs. If I put up any sign at all it will say something like “I stood up for Democracy and our Democracy still stands!” Welcome to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. No reference to Tᴙ☭mp at all.
    Our “opponents” are thick on the ground around here and need to be reminded of our core values.

  9. New Year’s resolutions:
    1. Bake more snickerdoodle cookies
    2. Continue never uttering the last name of President Covid-45

    Good idea to celebrate having a functioning human as president with signs.

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