Boebert reimburses herself over $30k for mileage in 2020 — enough to circumnavigate the globe 1.5 times

Colorado Pols examined District 3 Congresswoman-elect Lauren Boebert’s campaign expenditures and discovered Ms. Boebert reimbursed herself a total of $30,177 in mileage expense from her campaign donations in 2020. She reimbursed herself about $22,000 of that in one lump on 11/11/2020.

For the sake of comparison, Colorado Pols compared Boebert’s mileage reimbursements with those of outgoing CD-3 Congressman Scott Tipton’s claimed mileage expenses over the entire time he served in Congress, and found Tipton reimbursed himself a total of $12,255 from his campaign — over the entire last TEN YEARS he held the office.

Boebert claimed enough mileage to circumnavigate the globe 1.5 times

Boebert claimed she drove a total of about 36,868 miles since April of this year. The IRS-allowed reimbursement rate (pdf) for business use of a vehicle in 2020 is 57.5 cents per mile.

Lauren Boebert, CD-3, Congresswoman-elect and early Republican grifter. (Photo:Youtube)

To put congresswoman-elect Boebert’s reimbursement into perspective, the circumference of the Earth is 24,902 miles, so the amount of mileage Boebert claimed is enough for her to have circled the globe 1.5 times. The number of miles Boebert drove is the equivalent of driving from Grand Junction to Denver 247 times. One semi-truck driver driving 8-10 hours per day puts on an average of about 45,000 miles a year, according to the HDS Truck Driving Institute.

A friend of mine who is a pilot car driver and drove for 6 months straight in 2020 without a day off said he drove fewer miles than Boebert claims to have driven between April and November.

It appears the grift is on, and it’s no wonder. When the person Boebert admires most — President Donald J. Trump — has set such a bad example by performing so many unethical acts over the last 4 years to financially benefit his personal businesses while in office, he’s paved the way for folks like Boebert to do the same.


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  1. Suspect you need to leave the math to those that have mastered it! I regularly drive more than 25000 miles per year, and I don’t drive a semi truck or have I run for office in a rural district. Apparently I “circumnavigate the globe” every year! 36000 miles in a years time is less than 100 miles per day which is not at all unbelievable.

    • That’s a lot of drinking and driving, Sam. You can’t just stay in your uninsured doublewide and order hookers and beer all day rather than drive to get them??

    • Sam that was for 6 months. Her predecessor Scott Tipton reimbursed himself for mileage less than that in 10 years. It’s not hard to see that something is amiss.

    • Sam, I think you need a reading comprehension class. She claimed she drove all those miles from April to December. 8 months.

  2. Is there anything that can be done about this ? As it is only the beginning of more like this to come from her. She’s obviously not to be trusted… and she’s going to DC? Ugh!!!

    • Yes. You can submit a complaint to the Colorado Secretary of State and the Federal Elections Commission. It’s free and you can do it online.

    • Pick 2 or 3 of her biggest donors, send them an email then again every few months to remind them.

      Cusumano Real Estate Group $13,200
      Woodforest Financial Group $10,283
      La Plata County Republican Central Commi $8,000
      Aimco $5,650
      Uline Inc $5,625
      Trinity Equity Holdings $5,600
      Viaero Wireless $5,600
      Winnebago Ind $5,600
      Ragingwire Enterprise Solutions $5,600
      SEAKR Engineering $5,600
      San Francisco Giants $5,600
      Oberheiden Pc $5,600
      4Life Research $5,600
      Aspen & Assoc $5,600
      Ariel Corp $5,600
      Cfpm LLC $5,600
      Hilcorp Alaska $5,600
      Hunter Engineering $5,600
      Harvey Ventures Group $5,500

  3. If she had been driving an E-car she would not be reimbursed for anything. Just saying.
    She is what our intelligent and thoughtful Republican Party of Mesa County wished for … someone that doesn’t believe in government handouts. HAHAHAHA!!!

  4. Omg she’s so stupid. Not like “oh she’s not terribly bright”. Its more like, “holy living mother of Christ she is wretched and horrible and has no brain and contains within her a complete absence of soul or anything that is alive or that which makes us human and decent.”

  5. I am having a hard time getting attention for Madison Cawthorn (NC-11, U.S. House Of Representatives) too. He owns SPQR Holdings LLC but the U.S. Government allowed him to go through the election without declaring his business, his salary, any client names, and any information a voter wants to know to judge him before casting a vote.

    There is no way to yell from Asheville, NC to Washington, DC that we have election problems. might take up your cause. Keep fighting the good fight.

    • From what I’ve seen as of late SPQR Holdings has no employees, or clients. It, like most everything about him, is a lie.

    • The word’s now out on him. The Nation just did a good piece on what a liar he is. He’s toast. His Wikipedia entry also has the info now too.

  6. If she spent even just a few moments a week waxing that upper lip, she just might start to resemble something of a woman. A woman of god.

  7. Born Again people are handicapped and retarded. Their choice of literalism retards and handicaps them.

  8. Because Boebert is not in office, won’t travel reimbursement before Jan 3 come out of funds donated for her campaign?
    BTW, has anyone other than me looked at how many Republican groups donated to Mitsch Bush?
    >1st ask of Rep Boebert should be to replace the GJ post office letter sorter. Call her office in DC.

  9. Bobert’s election should be recounted, and investigated for fraud. This is just the start for sure, emulating her mentor trump in grifting, cheating taxpayers. Still a mystery to me how someone who struggled to get a GED and has numerous contempt arrest warrants out against her, got elected. #RECALLBoebert Thank you for this important information- keep it up. We all have to keep close eye on #QAnonBoebert

  10. Does she have Bell’s Palsy?

    And why all the mileage? Watch her later say she “misread the odometer”. She also “misread” her hair and makeup then.

  11. She’s obviously claiming mileage to go to her drug dealer’s so often. And really, just look at her: drug problem. Bibles and guns only and always lead to hopeless drug addiction.

  12. If she drove an average of 50 mph, probably a little high for Colorado back roads, 12 hours a day, it would mean she drove 61 1/2 days, or looking at it another way, over roughly 6 months, she drove 4.1 hours every day. If she took a day off every week, her average miles go up to around 4.7 per day. To see if her claims are valid, check her daily schedule if available, compare what she did each day and see if she really did that much driving. It is possible, but not likely.

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