State Senator Ray Scott refuses to wear mask in Village Inn, lectures waiter not to enforce rule, saying “WE make the laws”

State Senator Ray Scott, who has a track record of being rude to his constituents, getting sued by the ACLU for blocking constituents on social media and getting slapped with a formal ethics complaint, recently displayed his legendary hubris again after he refused to put on a face mask while inside a Village Inn restaurant in Grand Junction.

The story was reported by the Colorado Times Recorder on December 21.

According to the Times Recorder, the waiter approached Scott and told him that he would have to leave if he didn’t wear a mask inside the restaurant, Scott lectured the waiter by saying “Governors make rules, but WE make the law,” and explained the difference between a rule and a law. Scott then told the waiter he was being too “heavy handed” in enforcing the statewide masking rule.

Republican current State Senator Ray Scott

Village Inn is a participant in Mesa County’s 5-Star “Variance Protection Program” which encourages area businesses to implement safety measures to help slow the spread of COVID 19. The program was created to help the local economy by keeping struggling Mesa County businesses open. To participate in the 5 Star Program, businesses must require all employees and customers to wear masks and maintain physical distance from each other. In restaurants, masks are required until customers get to their table, and whenever they are moving around the dining room. Colorado currently has a mandatory mask-wearing requirement in place to slow the spread of the deadly Coronavirus sweeping the country, so businesses in the 5 Star program are simply complying with the state requirement.

The virus is also spread asymptomatically, and since up to 40% of people who have it are asymptomatic, there’s no way to tell who is carrying the virus, and many people carrying it cannot tell they have it.

Republican elected officials undermine public health

Businesses are often finding it difficult to get customers to adhere to public health rules, like masking and maintaining physical distance from others. Incredibly enough, at the same time many western slope Republican elected officials like Scott are working to undermine those same public health rules. The rules are the only tools we have to protect the public from a wider spread of the novel Coronavirus, which is highly communicable, deadly and has no cure. While a vaccine was recently introduced, it is in limited supply and restricted to certain high-risk groups, so currently there is no means of prevention available to the general public.

So far 90 people in Mesa County have died with Covid-19, the illness resulting from the virus. Nationally, almost 324,000 Americans have died from Covid-19.


  9 comments for “State Senator Ray Scott refuses to wear mask in Village Inn, lectures waiter not to enforce rule, saying “WE make the laws”

  1. If Village Inn didn’t boot him out, then screw that place. And screw ruralsville for being super repulsive for serving Roy. Who looks like he doesn’t need a meal, by the way.

  2. Isn’t he our legislative rep who watches videos while passing bills in the chamber? Isn’t he the rep who gave oil and gas testimony to a state commission in Rifle then left so he wouldn’t have to hear constituents’ views? I guess we know which side of oil and gas he’s on.

  3. What a condescending P…..! No there is no policing of mask wearing and so every front line worker (who is vulnerable to everyone that walks in that door) has to ask people to follow the rules for the workers protection AND the other patrons of the establishment. His Civics lesson shows him to be a puffed up bonehead. What did the remark “restaurants have never been cleaner” have to do with it? Does this clown believe that Covid viruses have more respect for cleanliness?

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