Mesa County’s newly-elected Republicans deny reality, promote conspiracies

Lauren Boebert is still promoting the lie that the election “isn’t over.”

With a few rare exceptions, it has become part and parcel of being a Mesa County Republican these days to flat-out lie to constituents, promote conspiracy theories, disdain science, cite full-on wacko nutbag sources of “information” to the public as though they were legitimate, authoritative sources and completely depart from reality to appeal to the base. We also are seeing an epidemic of Republican elected officials who, without having any background in medicine, epidemiology, virology, public health or any other scientific field, claim to know better than doctors and public health experts how to get us out of the pandemic.

That’s the case with many of our newly elected officials who are about to take office.

If you don’t think these folks are totally wack, just go check their social media accounts.

Boebert thinks the election isn’t over, and she is smarter than doctors

Trump lost 59 court cases challenging the legitimacy of the general election and demanded and got multiple ballot recounts that affirmed Biden’s win. The Electoral College declared Joe Biden the winner on 12/14 by a margin of 306 to 232, and yet Lauren Boebert, our newly-elected Republican House Representative who didn’t graduate from high school and just recently got a G.E.D., is promoting “the election’s not over” lie.

Boebert is also throwing shade on Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases for the last 36 years, who guided the country through the SARS, HIV/AIDS, Avian Flu, Swine Flu, Zika and Ebola epidemics, and who has advised six U.S. presidents on domestic and global public health issues. Fauci’s expertise has helped save countless lives and stopped the spread of HIV globally. But Republicans see people who have expertise, experience, knowledge and education as enemies, to the point where many local Republicans likely believe Lauren Boebert really is the one person who knows best how to handle the pandemic.

Beobert, who has a high school GED, criticizes Dr. Anthony Fauci, preeminent allergy and infectious disease physician who helped control HIV and has advised 6 presidents.

Janet Rowland displays similar hubris.

Showing the same over-the-top hubris as Boebert, Mesa County Commissioner-elect Janet Rowland has been publicly dissuading people from wearing masks, downplaying the death and disability caused by Covid-19, and has been a prolific spreader of Q-Anon-linked propaganda and fake science on her candidate facebook page.

Like Boebert, Rowland has no education, expertise or background in medicine, epidemiology, virology, public health, or any other area that would remotely qualify her to make public health pronouncements on how to handle a pandemic involving a highly communicable, deadly disease.


Janet Rowland promotes anti-mask disinformation on her candidate Facebook page using a discredited source.

Republican State Senator Ray Scott promotes lies, too

Ray Scott, our anti-science, climate change-denying Colorado state senator also pushed Trump’s lie of massive fraud in the November election when he re-tweeted a post by Michelle Malkin with the #StopTheSteal hashtag. The post pointed to an article about a truck carrying as many as 280,000 ballots that supposedly simply disappeared.

Scott retweeted the allegation without providing his Twitter followers with the finding that a thorough investigation of the matter revealed that nothing unusual had actually happened, and that no fraud or malfeasance was found to have been committed.

Ray Scott retweets a #StopTheSteal post from Michelle Malkin that inferred hundreds of thousands of ballots had mysteriously disappeared.

While Democrats who accept reality were elected at the federal level, we are stuck with these nutcase Republican elected officials in Mesa County for the next few years. But that’s the way it’s been for a very long time. It continues a long-standing tradition of Mesa County voters electing unfit candidates, including people who commit assault, trespassers, shoplifters, inept candidate, felony embezzlers, drunk drivers, plagiarists (several of them), and run-of-the-mill awful candidates without big egos and a lack of ethics.

So nothing is new here.

When we start getting enough people moving here from somewhere else, though, maybe one day we’ll have competitive local elections in Mesa County that will result in the election of a few adept, intelligent, educated candidates with no criminal records and who deal in reality, for a change.

And it would be a BIG change.



  8 comments for “Mesa County’s newly-elected Republicans deny reality, promote conspiracies

  1. If you’re too blind to see that this recent “influx” of seemingly average everyday Republicans running for office is the legal uprising of americans taking back their country from the inept morons we left the country with while we all go to work, then you may just be a big part of the reason we have enacted this movement and part of the cause of the next civil war it should bring should it fail. The average American doesn’t need a DOCTOR as their CONGRESSMAN because we enjoy the RIGHT to seek their counsel, NOT TO BE RULED BY IT. Anybody, including Boebert has the ability to hold a pen while an expert talks, it’s our job to decide who it is we hold stock in and elect that person to do so. I personally will trust someone with skin in the game, before someone who’s trying to line the pockets of their political allies.

    LAUREN BOEBERT ALLLLL THE WAYYYY! She IS an embodiment of every AVERAGE pissed off citizen ready to HOLD THE LINE for his/her country!

    • The “average, everyday Republican” has a last-minute GED, a criminal record, married a convicted sex offender, and their highest qualification is that they can hold a pen?

      Actually, that makes sense…it sounds a lot like voter base.

  2. When you believe that there is a savior named Jesus that “saves” you, the fixed doctrine locks you out of life itself. Coming to life, just like birth itself, is painful and personal. It cannot be bypassed by any Jesus, “who” is a falacy. Tithe away, though, and vote for the person similarly ensnared in the cult of ignorance.

  3. I left the Republican Party recently and became a Democrat because of the EXTREME WIDESPREAD STUPIDITY in the GOP! I have a degree in Science, so I KNOW how to think scientifically and correctly. Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birks (etc) should be highly praised and acknowledged as probably the ONLY intelligent persons in the Trumpty-Dumpty Administration! Without those two+ experts, we would ALL be DEAD from COVID by now! Because of the many stupid Republicans who refuse to wear masks, there are only a few of us left who managed to stay alive! I feel sorry for the many uneducated Republicans who have no idea how to think rationally.

  4. Recently Boebert made the statement that people moving to this state are trying to change things and that is not what the people of Colorado want. There is that old school attitude of nothing changes. I wish the general public of Mesa County would broaden their scope of knowledge but with the mainstream news and outside influences that spread the misinformation like wildfire it is difficult to get their attention. Once they hear a tweet it must be true. I applaud your continued reporting on these bozos.

  5. Unfortunately these recently elected or re-elected republicans are what the majority of conservatives want. The people who support Mr T and these western slope representatives vote because they’re mad. They may not know exactly why they’re mad but someone told them they should be. Someone told them who to be mad at. Someone made stuff up to keep them mad. They want to be mad. It’s their identity.

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