State Senator Ray Scott cites full-on wacko nutbag source in tweet on climate change

Ray Scott’s September 17, 2019 tweet citing, a conspiracy-theorist website that rivals InfoWars

One of the most dangerous things about Colorado State Senator Ray Scott is that he can’t tell the difference between credible sources, authoritative sources of information and paid promotional research or websites known for trading in wacky conspiracy-theories.

Case in point: On September 17, 2019 Senator Scott posted a tweet saying “NASA admits that climate change occurs because of changes in Earth’s solar orbit, and NOT because of SUVs and fossil fuels.” To support this claim, Scott cites an article published by a website called “”

So… what’s the problem? is not anywhere close to being legitimate scientific website. In fact, it’s the polar opposite. It is described as “a conspiracy theory and fake news website” that hawks dietary supplements, promotes alternative medicine,” makes “tendentious nutrition and health claims,” promotes “fake news, and espouses various conspiracy theories.” is as far from an authoritative, legitimate science-based website as you can get.

Colorado State Senator Ray Scott has been roundly discredited as a completely off-the-wall, full-on wacko conspiracy website, to the point that it was rated #1 on a list of the Top Ten Worst Anti-Science Websites.

The Daily Beast called “a conspiracy site rivaling Infowars.” On June 8, 2019 The Daily Beast published an article about titled “Natural News went from selling cheesy kale chips to peddling far-right prophecies, racking up millions of Facebook followers along the way.”

Following publication of The Daily Beast article, Facebook removed NaturalNews’ page from its site.

The founder of the NaturalNews is Mike Adams, who has been preaching global apocalypse for 20 years. Adams intersperses far-out conspiracy rants about things like chemtrails and misleading anti-vaxx claims with ads promoting things like organic broccoli sprout capsules and Groovy Bee Organic Maca Root Powder. Adams is often likened to conspiracy theorist Alex Jones of Infowars.

This is who your duly elected official, State Senator Ray Scott, is citing as a source he considers as offering legitimate research. What’s worse is that he believes the nutty fake news this site spews over our country’s most pre-eminent scientific agencies.

Be afraid.


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