Grand Junction mosque’s new sign vandalized

Two Rivers Mosque’s new sign after vandalism

On August 31, the Islamic Center of Grand Junction unveiled a colorful new sign installed in front of its new Two Rivers Mosque at 8th and Gunnison Ave. and held a community barbecue to celebrate. About 50 people attended the barbecue, and it was an afternoon of peace, friendship and great food.

Not three weeks later, the sign was vandalized beyond all recognition.

Last night, 9/17/19, someone scrawled all over the sign with black spray pain, obscuring it completely. The vandal, or vandals, also ripped up flowers planted around the sign. The sign was made by Bud’s Signs.

Che Bou Matar, a member of the Islamic Center, pointed out that eight surveillance cameras mounted around the exterior of the mosque may have caught video of the perpetrator. They are currently reviewing the video for evidence to give police. “We’re learning,” he said, and said as they were considering adding even more cameras.

To donated to the Islamic Center to help replace the sign and beef up security, send donations to:

The Islamic Center of Grand Junction

801 Gunnison Ave.

Grand Junction, CO 81501

Last February, the City of Grand Junction adopted an Inclusivity Proclamation amid cheers from community members. Unfortunately, despite what some on City Council would like to believe, hate remains alive and well in Grand Junction.


The mosque’s sign on the day it was unveiled, 8/31/19/


Flowers ripped up around sign and front of mosque

One of eight surveillance cameras guarding the outside of the Two Rivers Mosque

Previous evidence of hate in Grand Junction:

This sticker was spotted on a pickup truck in northwest Grand Junction on 8/4/18

Sign taken off a statue on the CMU campus around Halloween, 2017. An instructor found another one like it in the parking garage.


Trump-linked hate graffiti in restrooms at Horizon Drive Safety, Nov. 22, 2017

A Mesa County Trump-linked Hatemobile, 5th St. and Rood Ave. Oct. 26,2018

Grand Junction-area refugee haters at their rally today at 5th and Rood, Oct. 26, 2018

Sign someone put this sign — about 5 ft. tall –on our lawn on the night of October 31, 2018, positioned to face the house.


July 7, 2017 – We I came home from our anniversary dinner last fall to find this bumper sticker put on our mailbox. President Trump has emboldened nasty behavior among Mesa County’s right wingers, including in our own neighborhood.


  3 comments for “Grand Junction mosque’s new sign vandalized

  1. Sarah Palin defaced AZ with crosshairs, almost killing Gabby Giffords. There is no one as ignorant or violent as Sarah Palin. Sarah has never been to a mosque, and hates those that do, because she is ignorant.

  2. I thought I had moved out of the white V All
    Others South only to move to CO to find racial, ethnicity hatred exists everywhere

  3. Thanks, Anne! Well-intentioned folks say, “This is not Grand Junction,” and of course it IS Grand Junction. It’s not the Grand Junction many of us want, and we work hard to change it, but those of us who have faced hatred and discrimination know that there is a lot of hate and discrimination here.

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