Mesa County (CO) Clerk Tina Peters boasts on Twitter about how possible it is to hack an election

The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel reports today that Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters tweeted from her personal Twitter account on January 3, 2021 about just how unsafe and insecure local elections are. Peters wrote the Tweet “as the one that administers elections in my county.” 

Peters boasted about how one can count ballots that favor a certain candidate more than once, or how it is possible to “change algorithm in a voting machine.”

She wrote the Tweet as a reply to Senator Pat Toomey, a Republican from Pennsylvania, who has tweeted that the evidence is overwhelming that Biden won the November 3, 2020 presidential election. Toomey has also been sharply criticizing Republicans who are pretending that’s not the case.

“U R Dirty or ignorant”

Peters wrote:

“Shame on you! As one that administers elections in my county, you apparently have no idea how it is possible to 1) tabulate more than once ballots favoring a candidate 2) change algorithm in a voting machine (see Eric Coomer from Dominion’s Facebook rants) UR Dirty or ignorant” 

Eric Coomer, the security director for Colorado-based Dominion Voting Systems,  sued President Trump and right-wing media outlets for defamation after they spread conspiracy theories falsely accusing him of “rigging” the election in Biden’s favor.

Tina Peters

No evidence has emerged anywhere from any source showing the election was “rigged” in any way, or that there was any widespread fraud at all in the November 3 election.

Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters gained infamy after she lost 574 ballots from the 2019 general election. She never counted the ballots or let voters know if their ballots were among the 574 that were forgotten in a collection box until they were discovered months after the election. The Mesa County Republican Party dismissed Peters’ mistake as “trivial.”

Peters has since deleted the Tweet.

  17 comments for “Mesa County (CO) Clerk Tina Peters boasts on Twitter about how possible it is to hack an election

  1. In a decade or so, Tina will be hunched over with bone loss. No one will even acknowledge her existence.

    • 100000% on board with you. Tina is spewing the hatred and sickness of her particular strain of belligerence. She’s even wearing the “I’m an emperor” royal blue.

  2. Tina’s got Jesus. That’s the source of Tina’s problem, where she is not in reality, is blind to reality, and defiant in preserving her fiction. No soup for you, Tina.

  3. How is it that Tina Peters, this political hack and a simpleton, is still holding on to the position of a Mesa County Clerk?

  4. I’d be hard pressed to believe this scumbag Republican doesn’t know what she is saying is a lie. Sadly Republican voters don’t care if their candidates lie, cheat or steal. That’s why we’re stuck with liars, cheaters and thieves.

    • I’m appalled that voters are unaware that ballots can easily be destroyed by people who handle ballots. Postal workers can easily toss ballots into a river, ditch, or fire — and no one would ever know! Then the dummies would falsely claim that there is no fraud, simply because no one can “prove” that postal workers threw away ballots. In high school, I destroyed 50 ballots cast for a student body candidate that I didn’t like. This caused the 2nd place candidate to ‘win’ by 20 votes! No one ever checked on me or the destroyed ballots — and no one ever found out !

      • Maybe your doctor will “misread” your chart, you’ll have to undergo chemo for years, lose all your hair, and become a quadruple amputee.

        The miracle of social media is you can reach out to the real winner and set the record straight. And notify the entire school, your educators, all of your family, employers past and present, and get a vasectomy and have your testes removed. That’s all good news.

      • Wow Dave you are a horrible person. You admit to being a cheat, disparage postal workers and are blind to the fact that the only meaningful fraud that is occurring is the subversion of established election rules in America.

        • Dave was obviously busy storming the Capitol today with his buddies. Facial recognition software will get him.

    • Hang on…what’s that you say??? [Liars, Cheaters, and Thieves].
      It’s not a Republican or Democrat problem, it’s a “Progressive” problem.
      Here’s how it breaks down.
      [They] are Liars, Faggots, and Thieves. Liars are Cheats, Faggots are Thieves!
      What “Progressives” are out to steel??? Our Liberties, and they will lie, cheat, or even steel an election if that’s “whatever it takes” to get it done.

      No friends, it’s not a Republican thing, or a Democrat thing. It’s a “Progressive” thing.

      • I hope that the owner of this blog does not delete this ignorant and bigoted screed, as it reflects the opinions of many right-wing extremists, white nationalists, and supporters of DUMB DUMB Donald Trump.

        What Mr. Johnson and others in his cult fail to comprehend, is that the rule of law and our representative democracy (founded in 1776), is articulated in our Constitution. Our ‘Federal’ system was chosen by the founding fathers, NOT by progressives. When the federal government mandates compliance with the rule of law, they are doing their job, and it’s not a sinister plot to abridge anyone of their liberty.

        Right-wing extremists could care less about the Constitution, until someone threatens to take their guns. The hypocrisy is stunning.

        The 2022 election will not be about political parties, it will be DEMOCRACY and the rule of law versus right-wing extremists and FASCISTS. I hope that a majority of Americans on both sides will unite to support democracy! Otherwise, we will all be imperiled.

        No friends, it’s not a Progressive thing, or a Conservative thing. It’s a “FASCIST” thing.

        Proudly written by a progressive faggot

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