Abe Herman to announce run for Grand Junction City Council on 1/7

Abe Herman

Abe Herman will announce the launch of his campaign for the Grand Junction City Council District E seat on Thursday, January 7th at 12:15 p.m. in front of Grand Junction City Hall at 250 N. 5th Street.

Abe is a local small business owner and Colorado native who has made his mark across the Grand Valley, helping fund programs to get local youth outdoors, teaching veterans with disabilities to rock climb, working to get homeless youth back on their feet, and bringing other young leaders into our city’s vital long-term planning conversations. He has been endorsed by two sitting council members, Chuck McDaniel and Rick Taggart, who will be present at the campaign launch on Thursday.

50 signatures needed, per City Charter

Many of Abe’s supporters will be in attendance as well to sign his petition to get on the ballot, and help launch his bid for Grand Junction City Council.

“I’m excited to work on behalf of the citizens of Grand Junction, to protect the community we know and love,” said Mr. Herman in the lead-up to Thursday’s event. “That means keeping our cost of living low and our way of life secure, and maintaining a safe community where families can flourish.”

The City Council election is April 6, 2021

There will be four seats up for election:  District A, District D, District E, and one At-large seat.

To vote in a City election you must reside within the Grand Junction city limits for at least 22 days prior to the election and be registered to vote. Even though the City is divided into districts, registered voters can vote for all candidates on the ballot. The same ballot is sent to all registered voters.

  4 comments for “Abe Herman to announce run for Grand Junction City Council on 1/7

  1. Abe is an asset to this community, setting healthy examples for our community in general. Abe’s work in connecting people with the outdoors both empowers and provides a space that allows for the release of stress symptoms while mitigating unhealthy stress responses. Abe’s platform is one that Grand Junction desperately needs, we need not look further than the extremely high rates of suicide in Mesa county to know that something is not working and measures need to be taken to change the many negative narratives that continues to damage the lives of any GJ community members. As a student earning an MS in Counseling with a certification in ecopsychology I have witnessed the benefits of including nature in clinical work with a variety of populations from children to law enforcement. You have my support, Abe!

  2. If only Tina Peters were below him – he is in the perfect position to drop a giant clump of sh*t onto Tina and her “crossed arms which symbolize her self importance.”

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