Rep. Boebert violated police orders to stay off social media during insurrection at Capitol

Republican House Rep. Lauren Boebert, CD-3, (Photo:Youtube)

Colorado House Rep. Lauren Boebert kept tweeting during the January 6 siege on the U.S. Capitol even after Capitol police repeatedly told her and other legislators not to make any social media posts while sheltering from the armed and dangerous pro-Trump mob.

Boebert posted two messages on Twitter during the attack. The first one said “we were locked in the House Chambers.” In the second, Boebert said “The Speaker has been removed from the chambers.”

Boebert has been accused of posting these tweets to help insurrectionists locate House Speaker Pelosi in order to do her harm.

U.S. Senator Brian Schatz from Hawaii tweeted that legislators “were specifically instructed by those protecting us not to tell anyone, including our family, where exactly we were, for reasons that remain obvious.”

House Rep. Eric Swalwell of California, who witnessed police telling Boebert not to tweet, followed that up by saying “So were we in the House. @laurenBoebert was told by the Sergeant of Arms in the chamber not to make any social media posts. It was said repeatedly. She defied it because she is more closely aligned with the terrorists than the patriots.”

The Sergeant at Arms is the chief law enforcement officer for the House of Representatives, and the person responsible for maintaining order in the House side of the Capitol.

U.S. Senator Brian Schatz (D-HI) tweet









Follow up comment about Boebert by California House Rep. Eric Swalwell

  13 comments for “Rep. Boebert violated police orders to stay off social media during insurrection at Capitol

  1. This would be the same covidiot who refuses to walk through the metal detector at the door to the floor and when she sets off the alarm, she refuses to open her concealed carry purse. Our democracy is in serious danger!

  2. She’s like two feet tall. Which is fine. And she is 60000 feet tall when it comes to arrogance and ignorance.

  3. Went to Boebert’s Office on Horizon Ct on Wed to yell at someone- anyone- about her DC seditionist-ism. No one there, But… her door sign fell off (it was attached w/ double sided sticky tape- a little cheap and, literally, tacky). Called her DC office and local police and neither seem interested in returning it to her. Took some selfies at the Dem office and thinking of putting it on eBay. Any bids?

  4. At the very least she needs to be censured. More appropriate would be for the House to remove her from their membership.

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