Video shows Rep. Boebert accepting gift of a Glock pistol from member of the Three Percenters

Screenshot of video in which Boebert accepts a gift of a a customized pistol

Rural Colorado United emailed out a video January 25th showing CD-3 House Rep. Lauren Boebert accepting a gift of a custom-engraved Glock pistol from the Colorado group Boots on the Ground Bikers for Trump.

The gift breaks several state and federal rules and laws:

1) It violates House ethics rules (pdf) which prohibit members of Congress from accepting gifts valued over $50. Glock 22s cost between $500 – $600 without custom engraving.

2)  As of 2013 it is illegal in Colorado to gift a gun to someone who is not an immediate relative (pdf) without first performing a background check, and,

3) Unauthorized use of the Congressional seal is a federal crime.

Links to Three Percenters

Boebert accepted the gun from a man who uses the online identity “Duke Everest.” He is really Cory Anderson of Grand Junction, of the Colorado chapter of Boots on the Ground Bikers for Trump, who also identifies as a Three Percenter. Anderson posted a photo of himself on Facebook on December 4, 2020 carrying a “Three Percenter” flag at the state Capitol, and he has a Three Percenter patch on his vest at a photo at the gun-gifting event.

Boebert posted a photo of herself on Facebook gleefully accepting the gun at and saying she “had a great time with Boots on the Ground Bikers for Trump and was “very grateful for their support.” She added an after-the-fact CYA “I like it so much, I plan on buying it so I can keep it. What a great group of patriots!”

Boebert has claimed not to know Cory Anderson and his wife Jacqueline Anderson, but many photos of the three of them together appear online, and Boebert appeared with Cory in professional campaign photos.

Dangerous, extremist group

Cory Anderson, who gifted Boebert the custom gun, is seen in this photo carrying a “3 Percenter” flag at the state capitol

The Three Percenters — the group to which Cory Anderson belongs — is among the three top right wing extremist groups currently drawing the most attention from the FBI in their investigation of the violent January 6th insurrection on Congress. The other two groups are the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers. has banned the Three Percenters from their charity shopping site,

According to, Three Percenters are an anti-government group that promotes gun ownership and believes in armed insurrection against the government. Their supporters have been associated with criminal activity, threats and acts of violence, and they are known for violent rhetoric.  Indeed, at the gun-gifting event, Anderson presented Boebert with a box of ammunition for the gun, calling the bullets “seeds of liberty.”

Three Percenters were present at the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in August of 2017 that turned deadly.

Three Percenter logo


Boebert’s Facebook post about the event

Boebert wrote on Facebook that she was grateful for the support of Boots on the Ground Bikers for Trump, some of whom are members of the extremist group the Three Percenters.

  3 comments for “Video shows Rep. Boebert accepting gift of a Glock pistol from member of the Three Percenters

  1. So cute. You misquoted the seeds of liberty for starters. Secondly 3%ers are against government overreach stemming from our break away from the British. It has been said that only 3% of colonists actually took up arms to fight for what this blogger enjoys of the beautiful and free nation called the United States of America. So if you are so against the Constitution, specifically the 2nd Amendment…. And so against the very educational reason and guidance in accord with the colonists then why are you such a communist? Btw another screw up is oath keeper… You need to actually research the real world instead of what the liberals like you label. We welcome ALL races, creeds, Faith’s to hold the 3%er views of keeping our government limited. Oath keeper is active duty military and law enforcement…. So continue to mislabel all groups who stand for freedom from tyranny. You become more irrelevant every day you write stupid stuff!

    • Lots of the delusional people who call themselves “Oath Keepers” aren’t active duty military or law enforcement. Like a lot of the brave Patriot Warrior Bois Clubs, they just like to play at it.

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