Western Slope Republicans need to apologize and tell the truth

Republican House Rep. Lauren Boebert, CD-3, (Photo:Youtube) — advanced the Big Lie about massive election fraud that led to the insurrection.

Donald Trump repeatedly claimed in the months following the election that he had won the election by a landslide, but it was stolen from him due to massive voter fraud.

It was the most outlandish lie of Trump’s term, maybe the craziest of his life, and it led thousands of his supporters to violently attack the Capitol in an insane attempt to overturn the results of the election on his behalf. We all watched, horrified, as hordes of angry Trump supporters bashed their way through barriers and stormed the Capitol holding their Confederate and “Don’t Tread on Me” yellow Gadsden flags, intent on capturing and killing legislators, journalists and anyone with a political opinion different from their own. The insurrection, based on lies, caused the death of five people, including a police officer.

It was a shameful, stunning, anti-democratic display that showed how four years of Trump’s incessant lying has destabilized the country and turned ordinary citizens into people who actually believed it was okay to forcibly threaten legislators into reversing the results of a U.S. election. It also showed the danger right wing extremists and deluded domestic terrorists now pose to the country, thanks to Trump and the millions of people who swallowed his lies.

Western slope Republicans promoted the Big Lie that led to the insurrection

Local Republicans right here at home promoted the twisted thinking that led to the insurrection at the Capitol January 6th.

State Senator Ray Scott circulated the “Stop the Steal” hashtag on December 2, re-tweeting a post by Michelle Malkin, who promoted the Big Lie that Biden didn’t win the election.

Senator Scott never let his followers know the claim he had circulated was not true:










Republican Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters used her elected position to undermine confidence in the election and promote the Big Lie when she posted a Tweet about how easy it is to count ballots more than once and “change algorithms” in voting machines:


The chair of the Mesa County Republican Party, Kevin McCarney, promoted the “stolen election” lie in a January 14 Facebook post:

Kevin MacCarney of the Mesa County Republican Party promoted the “stolen election” lie by posting this Washington Times article.

And then there’s House Rep. Lauren Boebert

Boebert promoted the Big Lie and aligned herself with other insurrectionist views. Here she proudly posed with the Gadsden flag in 2019 — one of the symbols flown by the insurrectionists during the attack on the Capitol January 6th. She also posed with armed militia members in front of her restaurant:


Lauren Boebert is under scrutiny for her association with right wing groups and militias that supported the insurrection at the Capitol on January 6, 2021


Boebert promoted the Big Lie to her followers December 8:

Lauren Boebert was instrumental in promoting the Big Lie that the election “isn’t over.”

All of these western slope elected officials contributed to the insurrectionist atmosphere both locally and nationwide that directly led to the assault on the Capitol.

We shouldn’t have to beg our elected officials to tell the truth, but here we are.

All these Republicans have a duty to apologize and actively replace the “election rigging” lie with the true narrative that Joe Biden won the election fair and square, by a vote of a majority of Americans and the Electoral College, and STOP encouraging the twisted, anti-democratic thinking that many Mesa County Republicans are no doubt engaging in, and that led to the insurrection on the Capitol January 6th.

Any that don’t, don’t deserve to stay in office.


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  1. Thank you, Anne. I appreciate your dedication to journalism and your courage to continue pointing out injustice. I do think there should be consequences for those that have contributed to the false vote-fraud narrative, as this ultimately led to the insurrection and the death of 5 human beings. But somehow, we must find a way to shed light on the truth in a way that unites, rather than divides. We need to get to the core root of this problem and that is the media that brainwashes factions with the false narrative. How do we change that machinery? That is ultimately what needs to happen. The people that you point out here, BELIEVE the false narrative. Until that changes, we will keep dividing and splintering. Thank you again for your journalistic efforts towards upholding democracy!

    Those elected officials who were just playing along with the game need to admit that the game is over. Those who still believe “THE BIG LIE” need to be removed from office and gently led to an appropriate treatment facility.

  3. Affirmative Action has always been a farce. Employers are going to hire whoever they damn well please. Think Trump and his nepotism. The republicans Anne cited are merely reflections of the type of stupid and arrogant that populate this part of the country. Ken Buck is an excellent example. He’s not a veteran, but he likes to play pretend. He sickens me.

  4. I am no longer a Republican. I condemn the lies of the former president and his cheering section. The person who benefits most from the GOP conspiracy caucus (including Rep. Boebert, Ray Scott and Tina Peters), with their falsehoods is
    Russia’s Putin. Putin wants a USA in chaos. We on the Western Slope have loftier goals.

    If the Republican Party expects to survive, it must disown Q-anon and its un-American racist incel armed forces.

      • Thanks Mara, I’ll check it out. You may enjoy Heather Cox Richardson, Massachusetts’ answer to Anne’s excellent blog.

    • I, too, am NO longer a Republican, due to Trump and his followers. Polls show that 40% of Republicans believe that the election was rigged, and even worse, 40% of Republicans believe that it was OK for that MOB to storm the Capital. Where is all of this STUPID logic coming from? But the LEFT is no better: President Biden hired Kamala Harris as his VP choice BECAUSE she is a WOMAN. But Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act PROHIBITS hiring anyone based on GENDER. This means that 80,000,000 MEN were DENIED their legal right to EQUAL OPPORTUNITY and were DISCRIMINATED against by Biden’s ILLEGAL VIOLATION of Federal Law. We are supposed to hire the BEST PERSON — NOT the BEST WOMAN! I am highly impressed with Kamala Harris’ extensive qualifications, and I like her a lot! But Biden publicly announced that she was selected BECAUSE of her GENDER — NOT because she was the BEST PERSON. Now do you see why Affirmative Action is so discriminatory, harmful, unethical, immoral, and illegal — to all the MEN who were NOT even CONSIDERED for the VP position?

      • Kamala Harris was a prosecutor, Attorney General of California, Senator and former presidential candidate. Sounds like an appropriate resume’ to be asked to serve as Vice President.

      • Oh, good…it’s you again. You know, I’m a white male, I don’t have three degrees, and yet, I’m employed, and have been most of my adult life. What’s your excuse?

        • Without the benefit of an adequate education, I’m not sure what you’re trying to tell us. Could you please elaborate? How does your statement fit with this discussion?

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