Application by Cindy Ficklin to be D-51 Superintendent raises alarm

Cindy Ficklin (L), an applicant for the job of D-51 School Superintendent, flashes the hand signal of the “Three Percenters” militia while scuba diving in Hawaii. (Photo credit: Facebook). Right photo & caption are from Wikipedia. The Anti-Defamation League lists this gesture as a racist hand sign. [UPDATE 2/20/21]: We have since been informed that in the context of scuba diving, this symbol is used to say a diver is “OK.” That was likely the case in this scenario, although since Mesa County is largely a desert, very right wing politically, has numerous elected officials who have in fact advanced QAnon theories and Trump’s lies about the election, and since few people here scuba dive, many people interpreted this symbol in its political context rather than its scuba diving context.]

Grand Junction real estate agent Cindy Ficklin submitted an application February 10 to become District 51 Superintendent, raising alarm bells among people familiar with her extremist views.

Who is Cindy Ficklin?

Ficklin is a 40-something GOP firebrand known for her extremist right wing views and her outspoken manner.

In a red-meat speech she gave on July 4, 2020 to a mostly un-masked crowd at the “Stand for the Constitution Freedom Rally” in a local park, Ficklin railed against masking and contact tracing — the only tools available to control the Coronavirus. She said that “CDC guidelines for opening schools … are literally formed of human torture and child abuse,” and spread the false narrative that government was forcing vaccines on people. She railed against public health recommendations to “stay home to stay safe” and whipped up anger at community efforts to control the virus, saying “the new normal” we’re all living with is “an attempt to infringe on our civil rights.”

Fighting efforts to control the pandemic

In more recent social media posts, Ficklin likened student desks fitted with Plexiglas shields to “putting kids in prison,” and decried discussion of critical race theory in schools, which educates students about how racism has affected legal systems and power structures in the U.S.

Ficklin is urging her followers on Facebook to support her application for D-51 superintendent

While denigrating government, at the same time she urged Freedom Rally attendees to take advantage of the 3 percent loans that government was offering businesses to help with the economic hardship caused by the pandemic.

Ficklin opposes teacher unions, and urged the crowd to be more vocal and start making YouTube videos like “Candace Owens,” a 20-something, ultra-right wing YouTuber who gained notoriety among the GOP for calling climate change “a lie,” calling Black Lives Matter advocates “whiny toddlers” and calling for imprisonment of Hillary Clinton, Anderson Cooper, Robert Mueller and Rachel Maddow.

Spreading lies

In a Feb. 15 Facebook post, Ficklin blamed the power failures in Texas on wind turbines.

In truth there are three major power grids in the country: one in the east, one in the west, and a  separate grid in Texas, which established its own power grid to avoid having to comply with federal rules regulating power distribution systems, including requirements for adequate winterization. Texas failed to adequately winterize its grid to cope with extreme cold weather events. Wind energy accounts for just 10% of the power in Texas, and most of the state’s power failure was traced to fossil fuel-powered plants that weren’t properly winterized.

There’s a lot more information about Cindy Ficklin and her extremist views out there, and much of it is just as outrageous and full of lies, hyperbole and mischaracterizations as all this information, or more so.

Someone with views this extreme is just not suited to be District 51 Superintendent.

Let’s hope District 51 files Ficklin’s application in the circular file, where it belongs.

Spreading the QAnon-linked anti-vaxxer lie about supposed government plans to make the Covid vaccine mandatory.











April 6, 2020 Facbook post by Ficklin that has since been deleted.

Update Feb. 19, 2021, 3:17 p.m.: Word is that Ficklin has little chance of becoming D-51 Superintendent. Below is an email a school board member sent to someone in response to their communication of alarm to the school board about Ficklin’s application:

  34 comments for “Application by Cindy Ficklin to be D-51 Superintendent raises alarm

  1. To be honest in an ideal world she should not be in charge of anything. if you are searching for a joke diploma to replace an original document that you may have with a fake diploma, check our website

  2. Everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie. She is seriously a pathological liar. I know this because we have mutual friends and I have been around her many times. Within 5 minutes of a conversation she isn’t smart enough to keep her lies straight. Her second X-Husband should sue her for slander, she has said horrible things about him, because she is unable to accept the fact that he could not get away from her fast enough. I feel sorry for her kid because the GJHS students talk about her inappropriate behavior, still.
    Now she is 1/3 in to her “online” phD. When she finishes that “phD” in 12 months we all know she is going to brag. Brag about how smart she is to get it done so quickly. I am pretty sure her FIRST task thereafter will be going to the DMV to get Dr. put on her drivers license, so she can pose for the narcissistic selfie….wait for it. Also, insert the clown emoji here. PS. Did you all see the Hitler post, scroll up. WTF?

    • I have actually heard she was extremely physically abusive (physically and emotionally) to all her exes; husbands and boyfriends.
      We all have issues of contempt in our relationships/marriages, but Cindy has literally hit her partners when things don’t go her way. She has publicly shamed them and their new/next partners. Cindy Ficklin deserves no consideration for a public role and her current employer should re-evaluate her position. “Un-fit,” for anything aside from a selfie taking, social media ranting, shell of a person. And yes, I know her personally. She basically tried to assault and chase me. Not afraid to use my real name here. She did horrific things to me and when confronted she only got uglier, and more vicious.
      Isn’t conflict resolution a part of this job she seeks?

  3. I have pondered all of what has been said. I have read every comment on here and have read every comment of “defense” that Cindy posts on her social media. For so many years I have just waited for the truth to come out. I can’t say for sure if every story or encounter is true, because I wasn’t there. But what I can say, is that the truth can be seen very easily if you only know Cindy for 10 minutes. If you truly can read through lies, bullshit, and fakeness, then you know who you’re dealing with and you will run, you will run as fast as you can! Sadly, I don’t think a lot of people know the pure selfishness and evil that possesses this woman. It would be nice to believe that it is just unresolved mental struggles and past issues, but at some point you can’t use that as an excuse to be a shitty human being and pose as some goddess.

    As someone previously had mentioned, it’s like watching a car wreck…it’s the ONLY reason a majority of people still follow her…it has been specifically stated that it’s their daily dose of crazy to watch and read…what will she say or do next?! For SO many years all she has posted is selfies of her posing seductively, praising herself to nauseam (If you’re so damn confident that’s completely unnecessary), looks for praise from others to solidify the lies she’s telling and living, TRYING to prove that she IS the person she wants everyone to believe she is. I really do feel sorry for her…to a point. With what she is doing now and trying to push her way back into the school system, she has to be stopped. Enough is enough with this woman and her manipulation, lies, and falsifying her education and expertise.

    I have always agreed, live the life you want, and if you choose to live the only life you have to cover up the truth of who you really are, then hats off to you. But once again, this has gone too far and she has to be exposed. I have been a part of her lies, bullying, rumors, and I let it roll off my back, because it’s only a reflection of herself and her insecurities. I knew that those who really knew me and also her wouldn’t believe her bullshit anyways, and other’s opinions aren’t my concern at the end of the day.

    Once again today, she posts the SAME things she has already said, attempting to defend herself. One question though…If you’re so certain you’re right and you speak the truth, why do you CONSTANTLY have to try to prove it?? Keep your mouth shut, enjoy your vacation, please do move to Hawaii and sell million dollar homes there. Narcissism at it’s finest with this woman. Have never seen anyone have such a major sense of grandiosity about themselves, it really is sickening. It’s not jealousy, no one is living vicariously through you, they’re just watching the car wreck and waiting for the final one when you can stop bullying others and spreading rumors about people just to boast yourself up to make friends. If you want to keep writing your novel posts then there’s freedom of speech (unless you’re in FB jail for 7 days) and there may still be ONE emoji you haven’t used yet 🙂

  4. I was a student in Ms. Ficklin’s class three years ago. She received a phone call during class and answered the call. She loudly provided her address and garage code on the phone, for the class to hear. It made everyone uncomfortable, except for one male student who later bragged about using that info to go see her after school hours. And was welcomed in her home.

  5. Sadly, like many in this community, I have had dealings with Cindy Ficklin. My experience comes from work, schools, gyms, and even social events.
    Most of her online supporters have no idea who she really is and would be appalled to find out. She pretends to be an upstanding Christian conservative but that is so far from accurate. She is one of the meanest, least moral persons I have ever met. And all of the psychological issues she claims to be an expert on are really her just describing herself. She is a completely self absorbed narcissist. You only have glance at her Facebook to know that.

    There are so many reasons why she has no business running a school or any other public institution. These are just a few…
    She is a bully. Cross her and she will cuss and scream and bully you forever. I know this fist hand. She yells, swears, and threatens people all the time. In both public and private, online and off. Many have said that she is physically abusive in relationships and stalks people. Just watch her in a school board meeting… many people in the community are afraid of her.

    She is a sexual deviant. She often brags about her many sexual exploits. She visits public sex clubs and swinger resorts. She shares pornographic pictures and videos of herself often and has accidentally put them on Facebook. She has publicly stated that she has a porn addiction. She has been know to have sex while showing homes or hosting open house’s. Honesty surprised she has not lost her real estate license. She was once kicked out of a gym because she would not stop sleeping with the staff. Do we really want our school officials lying about their age on tinder to hook up with younger guys?

    That brings me to my last point… she lies about almost everything. She has lied to me and people I know so many times it’s hard to know the truth from the stories. I think even she forgets what is real and what is made up. She can’t even keep her story strait on Facebook. She is dating in one group and single for a year in another….. while being seen dating and on tinder. She sells the narrative that she wants her Facebook fans to see and then does what ever she feels like in real life. Like being Christian. She never goes to church. She is Christian in the same way Donald trump is Christian…. in name only. I have also heard that she and her ex purchased diplomas online, and that she brags about cheating on her taxes and boyfriends. Her close friends all know this about her and don’t mind, because they are also cheaters and swingers.

    I share these things not out of spite but out of concern. Cindy is welcome to live her life of facebook drama any way she wants. That is none of my concern. But when she wants to be hired or elected to govern our community then we all should be concerned. This is not about republicans verses democrats. This is about good vs bad. Right vs wrong.. Cindy Ficklin is not a kind Christian conservative looking to serve our community. She is a mean spirited narcissist looking for a platform to get more attention and influence. The community needs to know the real person behind the relentless selfis and Facebook rants. I for one am glad there are brave people in the community willing to stand up to her and expose her. I encourage others to share so we can save our community the damage and embarrassment of having her in office. She has clearly articulated the desire to run for office.

  6. I tried to date Cindy at one point in time. She took me to an open house of a home she listed (pre-covid) and tried to seduce me in the home. I was so uncomfortable while she giggled and basically threw out all regard for the homeowners and their space. She told me she “does it all the time.” Aside from her extreme political views, she has no respect for others and most of her life is a joke. If all those people she is traveling with, her so called friends, even knew what she has to say about them behind her back, she would have no friends.

  7. She is a narcissist, straight out. You can not engage in conversation with her without her bragging about herself, incessantly. Her social media rants are childish. She thinks she has a lot of followers because her material is noteworthy but it’s mostly people who just “can not look away from the car wreck”. Some posts she’s made have a white supremest undertone but those usually get deleted. She won’t get this job. The school district doesn’t want her but she can’t take the hint.

  8. This woman has slandered me, threatened me, and been the epitome of horrible to me. I confronted her on our difference of opinions, and made a peace offering (agree to disagree in a small town). She flew back at me calling me a “looser” and a coward. When I responded, trying to dissolve the matter, she flew back at me with more slander, rudeness, and then threats. I have saved screen shots of all her behavior and should the school board or parents to want to see them, they’re welcome to them. She’s a bully, an asshole, and just plain trash.

  9. Another conservative woman, who, in her “love” and “fear” of “Jesus”, is bound to not ever speak up about the sexual abuse.

  10. She’s one of those people taking selfies at car accidents rather than rendering assistance to the injured.

    She is an asshole.

  11. You can say whatever you want. Good Christian that Cindy is, she’s required to forgive you, which I am quite certain she will do. Thank God for christians.

    • Your comment describes how stupid “christians” are. Just f-ing dumber than a bag of rocks. The “jesus” thing is just a TAXFREE EXCUSE to be lazy, ignorant, violent, destructive, and a prick.

  12. Too bad you don’t have the photo she posted (then took down) of her heading to a rally to protest the results of our election with a handgun tucked in her waistband, talking about how “powerful” it made her feel. She had no chance at Superintendent, as evidenced by not even getting an interview.

  13. Anybody that spends that much time mugging for selfies on Facebook is in no way qualified to be in charge of anything. I almost want her to win so that I troll her the way that she has trolled the schoolboard. She has no idea how divisive she is. She’s spent months poking the school board. Now watch her whine when she gets criticized. She has no idea how similar she is to people like Joseph McCarthy– she’s a two-bit demagogue and she has no business in elected politics or politics in general. She should stick to lifting weights and smiling for the camera. I’m tired of people like her pissing everybody off and avoiding offering any solutions or compromises.

  14. Yeah, her current “candidacy” for a PhD is hogwash. She IS buying it–from a for profit, mail-order ‘University,’ just like the pseudo-university set up by Trump. That has not stopped her from diagnosing people via Facebook
    Anybodyy snowflake that cries on Facebook about criticism WHILE ON VACATION IN HAWAII should not be put in charge of anything–especially the education of children. If she can’t stand the heat, she needs to get out of the kitchen. In this democracy, we get to complain about ALL out elected officials. And believe me, she will be scrutinized. She hasn’t got the brains or the ability. She’s a damn red-baiting menace.

  15. O-Kay
    The hand signal for divers is a circle made by connecting thumb and fore finger and raising the three remaining fingers.
    Universal symbol of meaning is “O-KAY”
    NOTHING in her photo is in anyway referring to anything other than she is “O-KAY” under water.
    As for any comments about this woman, Cindy, on this article post please give specifics of her “unsalvageable” character. I know Cindy. She has done nothing but good for Grand Junction and Mesa county. She cares deeply for the children here.
    You can’t get a principal job without credentials, so not purchased but earned! Something you all need to look into..earning…!

    • Understandable criticism, but when you apply for a high-profile, taxpayer-funded position like D-51 Superintendent, you become a semi-public figure. As such you become subject to public scrutiny by the taxpayers who will be funding your position. After you submit your application would be a good time to start thinking about how whatever you do and say in public will be perceived by the public.

      After the insurrection at the Capitol by Donald Trump supporters, everything Trump supporters do is now under a microscope. Right wing extremist groups like the Three Percenters are in fact considered by the Department of Homeland Security to be a major domestic terrorist threat, and thus those who openly praise, sympathize or identify with them are of greater pubic concern than ever before.

      Cindy Ficklin was free to flash this hand sign while she was scuba diving. She was free to have this photo taken of her making it. She was also free to post the photo on Facebook, but she might have considered before she did that how it would be interpreted in the context of current events. The way I described it is how people described it to me.

      • In other words, I’m not saying Cindy is a cross burning white supremacist with fascist leanings. But the cross burning white supremacist with fascist leanings think she is

    • Read her Facebook. It’s all there.

      She claims she wants higher wages and salaries for teachers. But she opposes socialism. This demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of not only how our economy works, but of how teachers get paid and of how police firemen and the military get paid. She’s relying on an old bugaboo of socialism and the ignorance of the population. she claims she wants to be on the school board, but she doesn’t have the educational credentials and she doesn’t have the experience. Diane Sirko negotiated department of health strictures to keep us open. I think we may be the largest school district in the nation to remain open almost the entire time of the pandemic. She used her education for positive change. Cindy ficklin, on the other hand, without her actual PhD is already starting to weaponize it to make fun of people, demean people, and “Other-ize” people. Diana Sirko hasn’t said a mean word about any of her constituency. Cindy ficklin isn’t aware that she already hates half of the people she’d be serving if she were on the school board or superintendent. she’s what the kids called dog water. She needs to stick to Facebook and stay the hell out of any leadership positions.

      • She is only pursuing her PhD because it makes her feel fancy and powerful. Any actual person practicing psychology can see what she is doing; she is exactly everything she preaches she’s against. Her mental health issues are apparent and evidenced by her uneducated rantings.

    • It is factual that transcripts (even with a seal on them/official transcripts) can be purchased online. These can be provided to employers and counted as documentation; making someone none the wiser to the way they were obtained. Ms. Ficklin has stated herself someone very close to her did this for their degree.
      Her credentials are all in her head.

  16. She should not be in charge of anything for any reason.

    She’s a shrieking loon in an echo chamber of rabid trumplican cultists.

    It makes my stomach churn to know there are people in this county who would love a lunatic like that being put in charge of children’s education.

    • There are rumors that she purchased her masters transcripts online and did not truly earn them. There are also photos of pornographic nature floating around of her. This is not a person who needs any control or decision making related to children. Frankly, I would not even purchase a home from her!

      • Does anybody have any proof that Cindy ficklin is actually an American citizen? Furthermore, how many minutes of her Hawaiian vacation has she spent looking at people criticizing her and responding to them on Facebook instead of putting her phone away and enjoying her vacation? Questions that I think we deserve answers to!

  17. She is literally unsalvageable.

    And proof that the blind and deaf are entirely and literally unaware of their plight.

    Her type is 100.0% the product of religious ignorance. Literal afterlife deities are for children, not adults. Just like the tooth fairy.

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