G.J. furniture repair business disses Biden supporters on its web page because “they are okay with stealing elections” and “killing babies”

Bruce Bertram, who owns The Chair Doctor, a Grand Junction furniture repair service, says on his website that he offers a lifetime warranty, he’s “open Sunday through Friday, about 9a to 6p. Closed Saturday. Phone 970-243-2929 for appointment,” and adds “Biden supporters not welcome.”


When you click the link to find out more, you get the following rant:

Answer 19: Are Biden supporters really not welcome at your business?

Yes. Since Biden supporters are not supporters of the Constitution, we don’t support them. They want to censor anyone that disagrees with them so we censor them. They are okay with stealing elections, like killing babies, defend Burn Loot and Murder riots while lying about legitimate protests at the Capitol, promote communism/socialism/globalism, are trying to destroy our country, and are generally hateful, ignorant people (obviously, if you are a Biden supporter).

Local Republicans fed the insanity, eroded civility

This is an example of how unhinged local Republicans have become in the aftermath of the 2020 election.

Mesa County politicians promoted Trump’s Big Lie that he won the election, helped poison voters’ minds with lies and contributed to this level of insanity and incivility among the locals.

State Senator Ray Scott, Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters, Mesa County Republican Party Chair Kevin McCarney, and CD-3 House Rep. Lauren Boebert all promoted the Big Lie. None of them have yet apologized for it or told their followers it was wrong of them to do that because it tore at the fabric of our democracy and caused incalculable damage.

So this is the damage they brought us.

it’s no wonder people like Bertram are so misled that they are unable to grasp reality.

Our area has limped along under loony Republicans for decades, and now their ideology is hobbling us even further.

Business owners like Bertram feel it’s just fine to make Grand Junction look like a vile, hateful place, where people openly spout the unhinged rhetoric embraced by far right-wing domestic terrorist militias.

And not only is Bertram is doing it, but he’s doing it with the encouragement of our embarrassing, unhinged local Republican leaders.


  7 comments for “G.J. furniture repair business disses Biden supporters on its web page because “they are okay with stealing elections” and “killing babies”

  1. The furniture store owner has every right to not serve anybody he wants. Especially since Biden supporters continue the LIE that Biden won. Take the time to look at the mountains of evidence. And No, Trump has not lost over 50 court cases. Over 50 courts DID refuse to hear the evidence. Of the 21 cases that DID hear the evidence, the GOP plaintiffs prevailed in 14 of them. HereIsTheEvidence.com

    • I did not dispute that the furniture repairman can refuse to serve whomever he wants. Of course he can. But I did assert his overt incivility and loony beliefs are an embarrassment to the city of Grand Junction, and make our area look like a vile and hateful place. It is also clear that he has been radicalized to believe the over-the-top, far right wing extremist ideology of the type the FBI warned is currently contributing to an ongoing domestic terrorist threat.
      The #1 sign of radicalization (Source: Southern Poverty Law Center’s guide to online radicalization (https://www.splcenter.org/sites/default/files/splc_peril_covid_parents_guide_jan_2021_1.pdf):
      • “Belief that the 2020 presidential election was plagued by election and voter fraud.”
      You, Betsy, have been radicalized.

      • Anything fixed is delusion, and therefore, radicalism. The primary radicalism is a fixed belief in Jesus. There is nothing fixed, nothing to believe. It is an unnatural rhythm. Waking to ones own nature ends the retarded lazy fiction called jesus.

      • And people wonder why, after spending 27 years in this hate filled community, I don’t feel safe living here anymore. I was born, raised, and spent most of my 61 years in Western Colorado and I’m sick and tired of these crazy idiots moving here from California and bringing their hate with them. I really don’t give a crap about this hater, but he’s bringing down our community. He and his stupid The Chair Doctor. can go back to where they learned this hate!

        • They learned this hate from their “christian” “god”/” savior”. The cross-wielding europeans’ legacy continues to this day, and this is what it looks like. While not every christian is horrible, Everyone that claims righteousness is a horrible Christian, unaccidentally.

          California, Mary?
          No. They’re coming from “Christianity”.

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