Free financial help available for families of Covid-19 victims to pay funeral expenses

309 people have died so far in Mesa County from Covid-19 in Mesa County, thirteen of them in just the last two weeks, according to the Mesa County Public Health Department, and there’s no end to the pandemic in sight. Over 700,000 Americans have died from Covid-19 nationwide since the start of the pandemic in 2020.

All of those deceased people have family members who were suddenly burdened not just with grief from the death of their loved ones, but also with unexpected costs from funerals, cremations, interment, buying burial plots and other expenses.

The Biden administration wants to ease some of the financial burden and stress placed on American families who are dealing with deaths caused by Covid-19. To that end, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is providing financial help for COVID-19-related funeral expenses incurred as far back as January 20, 2020.

Examples of eligible costs include but aren’t limited to transportation to identify a deceased individual, the transfer of remains, a burial plot, cremation niche, marker or headstone, use of funeral home equipment or staff, cremation or internment costs.

There is no requirement that the deceased person had to be a U.S. citizen.

To get the financial help, call the Covid-19 Funeral Assistance line at 844-684-6333, Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m.- 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time. FEMA’s representatives will help you complete the application over the phone. FEMA is providing multilingual services.

Here is a flyer (pdf) about the federal government’s Coronavirus Funeral Assistance program that shows what information you’ll need to provide to  get the financial help.

You can get more information at FEMA’s Covid-19 Funeral Assistance website.



  8 comments for “Free financial help available for families of Covid-19 victims to pay funeral expenses

  1. Friendly reminder –

    People murdered by covid = 5 million.

    People murdered in the name of Christianity = 5 quadrillion.

    Looks like christianity is the real virus, the real pandemic.

  2. Hillary won* in 2016. She would have prevented the pandemic. She would also have fixed 100 years of global warming in her 8 years of being our ruler. But she wasn’t sworn in, even though she won*. And because of that, the earth shut down and millions have died. She will run again and be sworn in. She will then solve all world crises. Our only hope for survival is Hillary.

    *the popular vote

    • It doesn’t matter than Hillary won the popular vote in 2016; the EC overrules it, so votes from states with more vacant land (and vacant minds) had more say than the majority of the population.

      • Now that america has fantastic infrastructure, everyone is equally and easily represented. Time to take off the training wheels, which have long since turned into a straightjacket.

  3. I wonder if they investigate the actual cause of death being Covid 19 or someone that dies with Covid- huge difference in the case numbers. Isn’t is amazing that now the government is stepping in to help with funeral costs for “Covid Deaths”, the vaccines to prevent Covid are free ( and more and more proof is coming out everyday that the vaccine is not doing its job), hospitals get a huge payout for listing a death as Covid, Pfizer, Moderna, JnJ have had banner profits this year and absolutely no liability for the 1000″s of vaccine related deaths or complications. You just cannot make this up and Ann you are not the least bit suspicious that there is a problem here? I challenge you to step out of the box and educate yourself on a lot of the information that is available the the MSM and the Daily Sentinel is failing to share. Or you can stay in the category that ” Ignorance is Bliss”

    • What kind of a vile moron thinks people are lying about a dead family member just to cover their expenses?

      Yeah, genius; it’s all just a conspiracy, and everyone is in on it, except a bunch of uneducated, slack-jawed yokels who get their “science” from YouTube.

      If Ignorance is bliss, then, Belligerent Ignorance fueled by anti-science nutballs who want to feel smart when everyone around them is laughing at them for being so completely gullible as to get their information from a fake billionaire with a 4th-grade vocabulary, randos on YouTube and websites that look like Geocities design rejects must be absolute ecstasy.

  4. Thanks for the links, Anne.

    Real harm is being inflicted on real people. Even among the survivors, lives are being upended and destroyed.

    I hope this assistance can provide some small comfort to suffering families. I am so grateful for the return of reason and compassion in government.

    Keep up the good fight, Anne. Lives depend on it!

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