Mesa County GOP Chair lies to public, saying there was no insurrection and many Capitol invasion leaders were FBI

Kevin McCarney, Chair of the Mesa County Republican Party, writes in a Facebook comment that a Reuters article last August reported that there “was no insurrection” and many leaders of the attack on the Capitol were “actually FBI informants.” The Reuters article contains no such information.

Mesa County GOP Chair Kevin McCarney [Photo from video on]

Ever wonder how so many Mesa County citizens became SO deluded that now big groups of them like “Stand for the Constitution” and “Mesa County Concerned Citizen” actually believe wacky claims like Vitamin C and Ivermectin cure Covid-19, everyone who disagrees with them is a Communist, Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold destroyed election records and Democrats are pedophiles?

A big factor in this mass-delusion of the local electorate is the Mesa County Republican Party, which has developed a reputation for spreading hoaxes and misinformation and omitting key information.

In a recent example of how the MC Republican Party is deluding its followers, in a comment under an October 12 Facebook post, Mesa County Republican Party Chair Kevin McCarney told readers there was no insurrection and that “many of the ‘leaders’ were actually FBI informants.” To substantiate this outlandish claim, McCarney cited a Reuters article published in August 20, 2021 titled “FBI finds scant evidence U.S. Capitol attack was coordinated – sources.”

But McCarney didn’t provide a link to the article so people could read it for themselves.

It turns out the article — an easy 5 minute read — contains no such information.

Dennis Herzog, former Executive Editor of the Daily Sentinel for 30 years, then posted a link to the article so people could read it, and pointed out that McCarney had not told the truth about what it says.

Herzog asked McCarney to do the right thing and admit he was wrong.

McCarney has not retracted the lie.

Post from Mesa County Republican Janet Rowland’s campaign Facebook page, August 14, 2020

  12 comments for “Mesa County GOP Chair lies to public, saying there was no insurrection and many Capitol invasion leaders were FBI

  1. Mesa County does not deserve to be the laughing stock of the state of Colorado. Mesa County does not deserve to have businesses second guessing relocation to and/or expansion in our area due to a few vocal, law breaking, hate spewing, delusional residents. Mesa County does not deserve to have highly skilled professionals shying away from taking jobs here due to our lack luster / lack of focus on exceptional schools for their children’s’ education. These people (Mesa County Republicans) are doing all of us, including themselves, a severe disservice.

  2. Guys, let’s keep personal insults out of the comments. It distracts from our legit arguments and turns off our side’s gross, fat members, of which there are regrettably many. Mesa County Republicans have the stupid gene, the gullible gene, and the liar gene but no monopoly on the morbidly obese gene.

    • But they do have a lock on the “self-righteous Christian who’s deep into porn/sleeping around while howling about others’ morality” gene.

      • Thats the whole point of their religion. They feel it makes it okay for them to be terrible people. The cult of jesus.

  3. The poster in Janet Rowland’s August 14, 2020 FB post is opinion followed by incendiary red herring. That kills credibility with me. I’d be more swayed by a citation supporting its opening statement: if you conclude COVID-19 is no more dangerous than the flu, then back it up with the research you read, not emotionally-charged tangents.

    • There is no such thing as declaring an endpoint. For example, Christians declare that jesus is the endpoint. This is called delusion.

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