A look at where Mesa County is now with Covid, and how other places are doing by comparison

New York Times’ calendar of average Covid cases per capita in Mesa County dating from January, 2020 until now. We are clearly back where we were last Dec-January, when we were in the thick of the pandemic the first time and had full precautions in place. For months, the NY Times has rated Mesa county as “extremely high risk for unvaccinated people.”

Arguably, Mesa County citizens’ denial of the science around Covid-19 transmission, and the overall lax attitude of our area’s elected officials toward reining in the pandemic are worsening and prolonging the pandemic in our area, making more people sick, putting more people in the hospital and giving Mesa County a good chance of staying a perpetual pandemic state into the foreseeable future.

For comparison, here are how some other areas around the country are doing in managing the pandemic compared to Mesa County:

Orange County, CA 11/5/21:

Cases per 100k people in last week: 8.6

Positive Test Rate: 3.4%

% of population fully vaccinated with one or more doses: 62%


San Francisco County 11/5/21: 

Cases per 100k people in last week: 7

Positive Test Rate 1.5%

% of population fully vaccinated: 62%


Philadelphia 11/5/21:

Cases per 100k people: 12

Positive test rate: 2.5%

% of population fully vaccinated: 57%


New York City 11/4/21:

Cases per 100K people: 11

Positive Test Rate: 2%

% of population fully vaccinated: 67%


Mesa County 11/5/21:

Cases per 100k people in last week: 71

Positive Test Rate: 10%

% of population fully vaccinated: 43%

(You can see actual case numbers in Mesa County here.)

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  1. I wear four face masks at all times, and a wraparound head shield that keeps all air away from my all holes on my face. I wear swim goggles that I have not removed since March 14, 2020. I wear two pair of gloves and also bread bags. I blend all my food and use a straw. I have not been in the same room as another human being for 21 months. Whatever it takes to save lives. I only look at people through windows. I breathe very little. And I only open my eyes for five minutes a day. I sit all day in a bathtub of diluted bleach and household cleansers. And there are six diesel powered hydraulic fans all around me that blow all air away from me at all times. I have my vaccine card translated into all languages.

    • You could have just said,
      “I’m a Trump supporter who pisses his pants in fear over anything he doesn’t understand, so I pretend being belligerently ignorant is some variant of bravery” and saved yourself some typing.

  2. Mask wearing, fully vaccinated medical professional trying to reconcile data you cited with:

    Denver, CO. 11/7/21

    Cases per 100k people in last week: 41.4

    Positive Test Rate: 9.3%

    % of population fully vaccinated: 68.9%

    Rochester, MN 11/7/21

    Cases per 100k people in last week: 65.8

    Positive Test Rate: 11.3%

    % of population fully vaccinated: 69.4%

    • This is anecdotal, but here is Mesa County there are a lot of people who are actively ignoring any and all health concerns related to the pandemic – no mask wearing, no social distancing, gathering in large groups/congregations, etc. In most stores I see about 10% wearing masks.

      I don’t know if it is the same in the places you cited. Last time I was in Denver I was surprised to see that mask wearing was pretty lax there as well – much more lax than I expected. Mask wearing by two parties has been shown to dramatically reduce transmission. It is sad that it has become so politicized when such a simple act can make such a difference.

    • Thanks for the information about Denver. Did you get it from the Denver DPH website? I will keep checking it there so that I can see how the front range is doing.

  3. I am a mask wearing Medical professional, fully vaccinated and trying to reconcile statistics and conclusions. Any perspectives you can share compared with the comparison locations cited above?

    Denver, CO. 11/7/21

    Cases this week per 100K people: 41.4

    Positive Test Rate: 9.3%

    % of population fully vaccinated: 68.9%

  4. Darwin. It’s a long slow game, but hang in there. We, the strongest, fittest, and most intelligent will prevail. Evolution is won by those with the ability to adapt to change. Mesa County is positioned to give Boulder County a run for its money in a few hundred years once all the knuckle heads here die off from blind stupidity/denial/faith.

    • Our nature is change. “Believing in Jesus” is antithetical to that. Believers are simply ignorant of their own nature, having made a commitment to negating it.

  5. A U.S. federal appeals court issued a stay Saturday freezing the Biden administration’s efforts to require workers at U.S. companies with at least 100 employees be vaccinated against COVID-19 or be tested weekly, citing “grave statutory and constitutional” issues with the rule.

  6. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/peter-doshi-restev-levi-covid-vaccines-trial-data/ Maybe there is another explanation besides the propaganda paper NYT.
    Interesting where Massachusetts is not listed when it has 80% vaccinated and highest case average in country?
    Please Ann list one peer reviewed medical/scientific article that shows that success by mass vaccination against a virus has been achieved in the face of a pandemic. I’ll watch for your reply and any of the other people that refuse to even remotely see an issue with BigPharm and Big Government – I thought the progressives were the intellectual elite of the country- so far they are only proving to be the mass funding machine for the pharmaceutical companies and distributors of fear porn –

      • It is nice those here cite the Robert F Kennedy Jr anti-vaccine site when “An academic paper published in January 2020 reported that Children’s Health Defense was one of two buyers accounting for 54% of anti-vaccine advertising content on Facebook.” He still advocates that vaccines cause autism even though that has been debunked. Number of cases is irrelevant because it is correlated to testing. Looking at the Mass number for the last 7 days, the positivity rate is 1.92% (vs 9.7 in MC) and the hospitalization rate is 7.28 per 100,000 (now 30.1 in MC). A chi square analysis of hospitalizations were show vaccines lead to lower hospitalizations with a p<.01.

    • You write off anything that isn’t a straight linear measurable line? Sounds like someone believes in jesus!

  7. Covid-45, along with GOP refusal of masking, distancing, and vaccination is similar to Jim Jones’ Kool Aid, which his cult members drank on his order. Not by accident, there is an element of religious fervor in both.

    • It is also called ‘certainty’, which is two-dimensional and static.

      Literalism – the abrahamic error.

  8. When I do comparisons, I don’t look at number of positive cases since that is correlated to the number of people who are tested. I believe it is more relevant to look at positivity rate to show how rampant the virus is in a community. Anything over 5% indicates community spread. 10% is ridiculous. Since 80% of the deaths are those over 65, why do the county commissioners and their supporters want to exterminate the elderly?

    • Bob Barker should have also mentioned 'humans' in his end-of-show TPIR 'spay and neuter your cats and dogs' announcement. Crude. But logical. says:

      Too bad the virus does not cause permanent impotence. It would be an ideal way to drastically and peacefully reduce world population – one of the biggest causes of global warming.

  9. Proof that Boebert gave GJ the shaft.

    America could have had zero cases of covid if only McCain wouldn’t have picked Palin. Palin caused 800k deaths by spreading her ignorance.

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