Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) makes homophobic comments about Transportation Secretary Pete Butigieg taking parental leave to care for prematurely-born newborn twins

Colorado Republican House Rep. Lauren Boebert, has been lobbing homophobic comments at U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Butigieg at fundraisers, on television shows, and in a YouTube video of her own making that she calls “Bullet Points.”

Boebert berated Butigieg, the first openly gay person ever appointed to a cabinet-level position in the federal government, for taking parental leave to help care for his and his partners’ prematurely-born adopted twin babies.

Not long after the adoption, one of the babies was admitted to the hospital with a serious but unknown illness.

Butigieg’s partner, Chasten, posted on Twitter November 5, that their son was recovering after the extended illness, saying:

“After 3 weeks in and out of hospitals, 125 miles in an ambulance, and a terrifying week on a ventilator, Gus is home, smiling, and doing great!”

In a video she made of herself and posted on YouTube, Boebert said:

“While the country fell into one of the worst supply chain crises since 1979 … the guy in charge of it all, Mayor Pete, was on a two-month maternity… paternity … whatever the heck you want to call it… leave. The guy was gone. Okay, the guy’s not working because why? He was trying to figure out how to chest feed. Maybe someone should tell him, please, so he can get back to work. Listen, I’m a mother of four. I delivered one of my children in the front seat of my truck, because as a mom of four, we got things to do. Ain’t nobody got time for two, and a half months of maternity. Leave. We have a world to save here.” 

Rep. Boebert’s comments parrot those made by the Fox Channel’s Tucker Carlson.

Rep. Boebert has so far not apologized to Secretary Butigieg for her bigoted remarks.

  4 comments for “Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) makes homophobic comments about Transportation Secretary Pete Butigieg taking parental leave to care for prematurely-born newborn twins

  1. I am concerned that the new model for BGOP (Banana Republican Party) denizens looks a lot like the toddler who trashes the preschool, or the high school bully. It is no surprise, however, given the destructive psychopathology of their leader.

    I hope our current US representative will take her clown show elsewhere, like out of the US Congress. Let us all aid in this endeavor.

  2. Tell me what a “mom of four” would do if one of their children spent 3 weeks in and out of hospitals. Drop another one in the front seat of the pickup and get on with their things to do?

  3. Congresswoman Boebert has only a GED equivalent to the minimum requirements for a high school diploma and she lives in a small world so this is a standard behavior for her. She is clever because she knows the buzz words that rile her base however she is easily conned.
    She rags on the absence of leadership without understanding the strength of real leadership in a free United States of America. Yes, Secretary Butigieg the leader of the Transportation Department was absent from his post during family leave and yes, we may have missed his unique skills but his job was handled by others.
    Congresswoman Boebert your name calling is consuming too much time. You may be the a small leader of a clique but that is all. Let us hope your base looks pass your buzz words so our community can improve together.
    Let us not call her names in this comment section for that only hurts the chances of replacing her.
    Thank you Anne for your many articles highlights Rep Boebert’s bad behavior.

  4. Disgusting! Gay people don’t get pregnant by accident and give birth in trucks. Our children are planned, wanted and cherished. We take family leave, care for them when they are sick, save for college, pack lunches, volunteer at their schools, and all the rest of the treasured work that comes with parenting. I hope only the lunatic fringe of the Republican party votes for this obnoxious cretin in the next election, and that real Republicans vote for a qualified candidate.

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