New lawsuit poses even more trouble for Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters

Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters

A new lawsuit (pdf) filed December 23, 2021 against Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters by her former husband, Thomas M. Peters, involving a dispute over property ownership could pose even more trouble for the embattled clerk at a time when a grand jury is set to determine whether criminal charges should be brought against her for tampering with election equipment.

“Theft by Deception” and “Breach of Fiduciary Duty”

Allegations against Tina Peters in the case include “conversion” (defined as “unauthorized possession of personal property causing curtailment of the owner’s possession,” in this case residential property), “breach of fiduciary duty” and “theft by deception.”

Documents about the lawsuit were sent anonymously and are of public interest.

The case number is 2021CV30321, and the judge in the case is 21st Judicial District Court Judge Gretchen B. Larson. The next hearing is a review set for February 22, 2022 in Room 12 of the Mesa County Justice Center.

  15 comments for “New lawsuit poses even more trouble for Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters

  1. Ur kidding right they are all in the same bed including the district attorney and lauren boebert and husband

  2. I agree w/Gene that a notary must witness when someone signs a document which is to be officially recorded.The fact that the witness lines on this deed don’t identify anyone shows that either Tina recorded the quit claim herself or some one in the Records office ignored protocol.How many other times has Tina and/or a clerk done an end run around the law? Docs of all kinds are recorded, from law suits to court judgements to land surveys & more. We need a thorough forensic investigation going back 4 years.

  3. Isn’t it even more egregious that Tina Peters filed this questionable document AS the Mesa County Clerk and Recorder? Who is going to question the boss when she comes in to file a document?

  4. It sounds more and more like Tina has taken a deep dive into the Bizzaro world and found a new reality that she likes better than this one.

  5. Looks like her delusional entitlement is not just limited to being a follower of “Q” and Mike Lindell, she’s going for a full house jail sentence!

  6. Look at the notarization of the deed. It says Thomas Peters appeared personally to sign the deed, but the deed was not signed by him, but by Tina Peters alleging she had a valid power of attorney to act for him. On its face, the notarization is invalid and thus the deed may be. A Colorado real estate deed must be notarized.

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