Grand Jury indicts Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters on felony charges; warrants issued for arrest of both Peters and Belinda Knisely without bond

WANTED: An arrest warrant has been issued for Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters after a grand jury indicted her this morning on a mix of 13 felonies and misdemeanors.

The grand jury indicted Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters this morning (pdf) on 13 counts related to her official misconduct and tampering with election equipment. The charges include a mix of felonies and misdemeanors.

Peters is charged with three counts of attempting to influence a public servant (a Class 4 felony), one count of attempting to influence a public servant (a Class 5 felony), one count of criminal impersonation (a Class 6 felony), one count of conspiracy to commit criminal impersonation (a Class 6 felony); one count of identify theft (a Class 4 felony) and one count of first-degree official misconduct, a Class 2 misdemeanor. Peters is also charged with one count each of violation of duty and failure to comply with the Secretary of State, both unclassified misdemeanor offenses.

The grand jury also indicted Deputy Mesa County Clerk Belinda Knisely on violation of duty, failure to comply with the Secretary of State, conspiracy to commit criminal impersonation, and multiple counts of attempting to influence a public servant.

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser and District Attorney Dan Rubinstein jointly issued a statement about the indictment:

“Yesterday, the Mesa County grand jury returned an indictment after the presentation of evidence in an ongoing investigation into the alleged election system breach in Mesa County. The grand jury, randomly selected from the same pool of citizens that elected Clerk Tina Peters and chosen months before any of these alleged offenses occurred, concluded there is probable cause that Clerk Peters and Deputy Clerk Knisley committed crimes.

“A grand jury is comprised of citizens who determine whether probable cause of criminal activity has been established. Once indicted, the case must be proven in a court of law beyond a reasonable doubt.

“This investigation is ongoing, and other defendants may be charged as we learn more information. We remind everyone that these are allegations at this point and that they are presumed innocent until proven guilty.”

WANTED: Belinda Knisley

The charges of criminal impersonation were linked to Peters and Knisely arranging to get a County-based ID access badge and email address for Gerald Wood, a non-county employee, to allow him to get into the secure area where election equipment is stored. Peters and Knisely portrayed him as a county employee when he was not.  The charges if identity theft were related to the misuse of the personal identification or a financial instrument belonging to Gerald Wood, to obtain things of value or make a payment, according to the indictment.

Sandra Brown, a back office elections manager who also had access to the secured voting equipment, is also named several times in the indictment as having assisted Tina Peters in the commission of crimes.

An arrest warrant has been issued, with “no bond pending advisement” for both Peters and Knisely.

  8 comments for “Grand Jury indicts Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters on felony charges; warrants issued for arrest of both Peters and Belinda Knisely without bond

  1. A $500K bond for Tina Peters doing HER JOB, plus exposing election fraud & records machine tampering by the CO SoS and Dominion.

    Allow me to introduce the concept of ‘discovery’ to the forever-mask breathers !
    Looks like another “misdemeanor from HeII” for the insane left .

    The corrupt law officers who raided Tina’s home, dragged her kid down steps and plundered through her dead son/Soldier’s last foot locker; way to go, jack boot.

    • Her job wasn’t to lie and attempt to frame another person for breaking into election systems. You haven’t read the indictment, have you? Facts are not your friends.

  2. Anne – I just want to thank you for keeping abreast here and keeping us informed. Between you and Mr. Ashby I feel well taken care of and just wanted you to know how important you are to the GJ community.

  3. Once they find her, arrest her and arraign her, with $500,000 cash bond, she will probably not be going anywhere. Why would anyone with a brain cover her bond since she has a record of avoiding legal process? I don’t know if they served her in the civil suit by her husband, but you can’t avoid service indefinitely. Perhaps they will serve her in jail or by publication. Will she plead insanity?—doubtful she would, but once in the county jail (a place with frequent Covid outbreaks), her crime spree may end and her lawyer will be able to find her.

  4. We can start to repair the family of Mesa County; promote compassion for others and be thankful we are weeding out a public servant who has weird beliefs.

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