Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters tells crowd some people “shouldn’t be voting”

In this exchange during her speaking engagement at the Jefferson County Republican Men’s Club on February 21, a woman in the audience asks election conspiracy-theorist Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters how to get “voters with inappropriate names off the voter list”:

Woman to Tina: “Is there anything we can do at this point, at this election, I mean to get these voters with inappropriate names off the voter list?”

Tina: “Yes, there’s some issues on HAVA [the Help America Vote Act] (pdf). They stand behind HAVA a lot. That is the national voting act where they are bringing in all these drop boxes and making elections “more accessible” to everybody. [Tina gestures using air quotes when she says “more accessible”]. Well, they’re really not. They’re making them more accessible to the ones that shouldn’t be voting.”

Tina Peters is running to replace Jenna Griswold as Colorado Secretary of State.

  9 comments for “Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters tells crowd some people “shouldn’t be voting”

  1. Inappropriate:
    – not suitable or proper in the circumstances.
    “there are penalties for inappropriate behavior”

    Given the definition of the word, Tina Peters is the epitome of someone who has behaved inappropriately.

    By her own definition then, she thus has an inappropriate name.

  2. The last week has been difficult for the likes of the Mesa County Clerk, our Q-anon US rep, and The Former Guy. Putin’s war on Ukraine crowded them off the front page. Never fear. Their antisocial antics propel them back into the news. Let us limit their free press coverage by not calling by them by name.

  3. I guess that’s pretty much the difference here. I believe that everyone, even Peters, should be given an opportunity, and encouraged to vote, and then there’s Peters, and many Republicans, who don’t. I can’t think of much that is more un-American than restricting the right to vote.

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