Tina Peters claims she was “framed” with the ballots left in the ballot box from the 2019 election

Speaking to members of the Jefferson County Republican Men’s Club on February 21, 2022 (video), Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters claimed that she was “framed” when election workers found “429 ballots” uncollected in a ballot box from the 2019 election.

The ballots were discovered when election workers went to empty the box for the 2020 election, but Peters refused to petition a judge to open and count them and include them in the final vote tally from the 2019 election. In her talk, Peters also got the number of uncounted ballots wrong. 574 ballots were discovered left in the ballot box, not 429.

Peters claimed without evidence that “they stuffed the ballot box with 479 ballots” in order to “take over my office” and said it was part of an effort to “take over the western slope.”

They’re “trying to take over the western slope”

Peters said,

“They’ve been trying to take over my office since they stuffed the ballot box with 479 ballots, and I have the camera footage of 5:23 p.m. when they swept it clean — the bipartisan judges swept it clean until 7:00 p.m. There were only about 200 that went in that box. But they framed me for that, and then immediately started a recall. This is last year. They were trying to take over the western slope for for a while.”

In her JeffCo talk, Peters also claimed her deputy clerk, Belinda Knisely, was “charged with a class 4 felony for coming to work.”

Belinda Knisley

Knisely was on paid administrative leave and was ordered to stay out of the Clerk’s office after being charged with creating a hostile workplace and harassing employees. Knisely defied the order to stay away though, and somehow managed to get into the Clerk’s office. She was caught trying to use Tina Peters’ password to print unknown computer files when she was apprehended.

Attendees at the JeffCo gathering paid $5.00 admission to hear Peters’ talk.


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