One of Tina Peters’ attorneys is himself ethically and legally challenged

Jason Jovanovich, the Glenwood Springs-based attorney Tina Peters is using for her recent felony indictments (Photo: Facebook)

Jason Jovanovich, an attorney and former district judge from Glenwood Springs, is the attorney handling Tina Peters’ recent criminal indictment for alleged election equipment tampering.

Republican Governor Bill Owens appointed Jovanovich as a judge in Garfield County in 2005.

In 2006, while overseeing a hearing about a dog attack, Jovanovich compared pit bulls to sharks and lions and said “they belong in zoos and should be illegal.” He added,

“If I had a big red button right here that would kill all the pit bulls, I wouldn’t hesitate to press it.”

As a judge, in 2010 Jovanovich was placed on indefinite paid leave after an incident in which he “used a disparaging term for a court clerk while the courtroom recording device was operating,” according to the Aspen Daily News.

Jovanovich was “suspended from the bench in May [2010] and court employees said he was “escorted from the courtroom one evening by deputies of the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office,” according to the Glenwood Post Independent.

After that, Jovanovich withdrew from consideration for retention as a judge in the 2010 general election.

Tina Peters’ mugshot for her latest arrest on 3/9/2022, charged with 8 felonies and 3 misdemeanors related to election tampering

Then, in 2015, Jovanovich pled guilty to a misdemeanor, taking a plea deal in which he agreed to serve one year probation for using a prepaid cell phone to contact his former girlfriend in California. She had obtained a protection order against him in 2013 and he was not supposed to contact her.

In February of 2016, Jovanovich’s law license was suspended for 90 days, pending completion of three years probation after he admitted to violating the restraining order and missing several court hearings which caused “the court to expend resources in trying to locate him and in holding a show-cause hearing.”

Jovanovich has a rating of one star on the attorney review website Avvo. The review is titled “One star is too much.” The reviewer, a former client, wrote that Jovanovich was “disrespectful, arrogant, not to mention unprofessional. After sitting through a ‘consultation’ for one hour and a half, he seemed a lot more interested in talking about himself and making inappropriate jokes, rather than giving me my money’s worth.”

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  1. Ann- I love you. Keep up the good work. Tina Peters should be locked-up at the state pen. She deserved to loose her navy seal son in Afghanistan. Glad her father died the night she spent in prison. Her bail should have been $1M. Dan Rubenstein is the real hero here and should be our next governor. I also think Jenna Griswald is the best Secretary of State in the country. We need to keep the racist facists out of office any way possible even if we cheat a bit on elections. This is war and the ends justify the means. Any information in favor of Peters should be censored. Free speech means nothing if those NATZI’S get in office.

      • Good job spotting the right-wing troll, Seamus. It’s amazing the cohesion that grifters show. Grifters have grifter ministers, grifter attorneys and even grifter trolls.

    • The above comment contains factually incorrect information. While Tina Peter’s son did serve in Afghanistan, he did not die there, or in any battle in any foreign country. He died while providing entertainment as a skydiver in an air show during Fleet Week in New Jersey in 2017.

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