Rep. Lauren Boebert supports Putin and Russia with latest votes

Lauren Boebert

The U.S. House of Representatives voted 424-8 on March 17 to revoke normal trade relations with Russia and its ally Belarus over Russian President Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked, massive and aggressive military attack on Ukraine, a democratic country in eastern European that shares a border with Russia.

Putin first attacked Ukraine on February 24th, and since then he has been relentlessly bombing civilian targets, government buildings, apartment buildings, a maternity hospital, schools, a theater housing people trying to escape the bombing including children inside and people waiting in bread lines, all targets led President Biden to call Putin a “war criminal.”

Only eight members of Congress voted against the measure, a vote that effectively supported Russian President Putin. One of those votes was Colorado House Rep. Lauren Boebert, from the western slope.

A Polish-American resident of Grand Junction commented,

“That’s pretty big that Boebert would in fact align herself with Putin’s Russia at a time of the worst war crimes and crisis in Europe since Hitler’s invasion of Poland in 1939.”

When asked about her vote, Boebert responded that

“Congress keeps focusing on distractions abroad and not our own challenges brought on by Joe Biden at home.”

She also added that the measure had “bad language” that could lead to sanctioning “‘human rights abusers’ who simply hold traditional views of life and family and restrict access to abortion,” and “the bill also does nothing to spur domestic energy production.”

Boebert has pushed to loosen regulations on oil and gas drilling without disclosing that her husband made over $1 million working in the energy industry in the last two years.

Last week, Boebert also voted against sending aid to Ukraine and on March 10 she was one of just 17 House members who voted against banning oil imports from Russia.

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  2. Burisma , anyone ? eh , Brandon ?
    Biden’s kid took a $3.5 million kickback from the Mayor of Moscow, his dad saddled YOU with a other couple $TRILLION$ in debt , proceeds to pass out to the Gang.

    Read any good laptops lately seamutt ? want a link lol ?

    • Another day, another pathetic Trump-sucking troll.

      Yes, the laptop is real.
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      • Tina’s going to prison.
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        Sherronna’s going to prison.
        Putin’s losing his war.

        What are you and the rest of the III% Oaf Keeper Moron Labe Brave Patriot Warriors gonna do? Cry harder? So far, that’s all you’ve done.
        Mesa County is a national punchline, thanks to you and your backwards, slack-jawed ilk. But somehow, you think that’s something to brag about.

        • Why? Are the words too big for the average Mesa Country Republican? I could try to make it easier for you to read, but that might involve pictures.

    • It’s good to hear from NORMAL decent, America-loving people here. The sheep are…..well, sheep. So easily fooled. This ‘blogger’, (who appears to have a chubby for Boebert & Tina Peters & who knows how many other women. But, hey, that’s ok! ‘LGBTQXYZJKLMNO…..’ is SO acceptable now, SO like ‘mainstream’ don’tcha know!), but, I digress; this ‘blogger’ is your typical mentally unstable leftist, godless Commie who thinks that it’s okay to smear good people with her conspiracy theories regarding “QAnon”, (as the morons who know absolutely NOTHING like to say), embarrassing herself with her smears of a concerned parent going up against a CORRUPT Marxist Communist ‘school’ board, et al. I stand with this parent; she is 100% right. It’s hilarious; when I read the ”BE NICE!” ‘rules’ for posting comments the total hypocrisy of these ‘people’ just shines. Everything that THEY do, they warn others NOT to do. How many times has a Conservative, ie., a NORMAL, decent HUMAN BEING doxxed somebody? Or been full of hate & gotten them fired from their job, or……the list goes on. We need to rid our Republic of these Communist wannabes if we’re going to survive as a Nation. Not a ‘democracy’ as they think. Guess they’re too stupid to know that we’re not a democracy, but a Constitutional Republic. Therein lies the problem.

      • You okay, sweetheart? You need a safe space? Maybe we can find some VHS tapes of “Hee- Haw”,or “Walker, Texas Ranger” to calm you down.

      • Go live in Kyrgyzstan or some other backwards place where ppl like yourself belong…. America was founded to be a DEMOCRACY you dimwit… If you want to live in a Republic so bad try the People’s Republic of China…. You dont even understand the difference between a Communist and a Nazi govt… but after all, you just want to be told what to do and think anyway so I doubt you would notice the difference…

  3. Hi rubes. The corrupt deepstate would gladly prefer a few million sheeples deep fry in a nuclear exchange than see their money laundering operations in Ukraine go up in smoke. All for a few more million dollars. How pathetic are they and their faithful water carriers ?

    Even Joe Brandon was publicly specifying, over a decade ago, that expanding the feckless and corrupt NATO to Russia’s border would provoke hostilities.

    • You guys are hilarious; first you kneeled before Trump, because he told you that you were smart and strong and brave and he’d stop all the meanies from making fun of you because you’re NOT smart, or strong, or brave. He lied to you.
      So, now, you’re all gonna kiss Putin’s butt?
      Truly pathetic.

  4. Name calling gets us know where. The publicizing of TRUTH can be a battering ram for changing uninformed thinking. I appreciate Anne’s well researched information and blogging. Keep the TRUTH coming Anne!

    • At Crossroads, the boys in the hot tub said they knew people who voted for her because of her cute butt. I say they voted with their willy dilly.

    • you NAILED it gater !!!

      I see on her chest
      1) “Guns dont kill people”
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      truer words never looked very real & so spectacular

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      • You LOW-info ‘people’ are truly….just that…well, LOW-info sheep. Keep watching you Globalist Nazi World Order owned-&-operated MSM. All you clowns can come back with in response to someone who knows what’s going on is to make a couple of lame “okay, drink the Qool Aid”, & “get a job!”. How adorable. You ‘think’ that you’re so ‘Qool’. Get it? I’m SO funny! Derp, derp.

        • Lauren? Is that you? Maybe go check on your husband, make sure he’s not within 1000 feet of a school, playground, or bowling alley…

  5. The US rep we are saddled with either loves Putin and his wanton destruction of Ukraine, or she simply wants to own the libs, as usual.

    Should the Putin wing of the Banana Republican Party hijack our government, she and her NRA friends will be in for a big surprise. In the Russian Federation, gun ownership is severely limited. One must apply for and pay for a firearms license. A psych exam is required. No concealed weapons. A firearms owner must have an annual home inspection to be sure guns are safely stored. Maximum of ten round magazine capacity. No running around flaunting your assault-style rifle.

    Hey, just to be on the safe side, let’s make what’s-her-name a one-term US rep.

        • That’s a third-grade level reply. Just how old are you sheep that religiously follow this godless Commie creep blogger? AND, a liar as well. I haven’t seen any truth out of her. Seen PLENTY of name-calling, projection, dirty tactics as per ALWAYS with godless Commies. After all it’s all in your handbook: ‘Rules for Radicals’ by Saul Alinsky. “Accuse your enemy of what you yourself are planning or doing”. Typical leftist, Communist ideology.

  6. Lauren also kicks puppies and hates babies. I’m sure she is also a devil worshiper. Jenna Griseald should pass a law making ownership of a restaurant in Rifle serving meat a felony. We must rid ourselves of these vermin immediately.

    • It’s hard to take anyone seriously whose party is openly supporting Putin now.
      The GQP is nothing but cowards and traitors, and you’re just desperate to try and distract from that.
      Luckily, history will never forget.

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