StopTheMandateGJ kicked off Facebook, starts new page, tries to evade another shutdown by using code words

The anti-vaccine group StopTheMandateGJ had its Facebook page shut down January 7th for violating Facebook’s Community standards after Facebook started cracking down on “vaccine misinformation superspreaders” last fall. The group was organized by local chiropractors Greg Haitz and Daniel Vaden of the Rimrock Wellness Center at 12th and Patterson Road, and for months spearheaded protests outside hospitals, getting groups of people to wave signs against getting vaccinated against Covid-19.

Greg Haitz

The group is trying to get re-established on Facebook again, though, and this time the page administrator tells users how to use code for words like “vaccine” and “jab” to avoid getting shut down again. The admins also tell users how to link to articles and web pages containing misinformation without the links being detected by Facebook:

Code words to use In place of the word “vaccine” to avoid getting kicked off social media again

The group appears to be losing steam, too. The Jan. 7 post on their website that informs members about their Facebook page getting removed has only had 18 views in two months, and was the last blog posted on their web page. Their last organized protest was November 30, 2021, at a kids’ Covid vaccine clinic.

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  1. Oh, it gets worse. James Williams daughter got a full ride scholarship to Duke. He’s even got the duke dad sticker on his car. And what does he do with that? Of course–he complains loudly about D51 education policy and practices. Man is truly unfit. Another backwards west slope Boobert fan. All he’s good for is talking loud and saying nothing.

  2. If you live in Fruita, do NOT vote for Williams for city council. He is a huge Haitz et. al. Supporter. I will never shop at his business ever again either.

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