Woman makes Q-Anon style threat against Telluride School Board

Gabriella Moorman’s letter to the Telluride Board of Education and Superintendent

Taking a leaf from the QAnon playbook of turning school boards into battlegrounds for unhinged conservative politics, a woman named Gabriella Moorman threatened individual members of the Telluride School District board in San Miguel County as a way to rail against district policies that guided masking during the pandemic, sex education, Critical Race Theory (which is not taught in K-12 schools) and other  practices and policies the school board has taken in the past.

Moorman wrote to board members that “you could lose your house, your cars, your job, your retirement, etc., if you DO NOT PAY ATTENTION. You are inviolation of multiple State, Federal and International laws … and you could be facing time in FEDERAL PRISON for your actions if you do not cease and desist.”
A Telluride Daily Planet article today says “Moorman’s letter alleges school board members and Superintendent John Pandolfo violated their oath of office and are guilty of conspiracy, extortion, fraud, racketeering, genocide and treason.”

Moorman threatened to file claims against each individual school board member’s liability insurance alleging she has incurred damages from school board policies.  Moorman submitted a list of demands to the District that sounded more like a ransom note, including that the district “halt enforcement of all policies that require universal wearing of … face masks,” adopt a “policy which makes it clear the Board has no authority for future health related policies, orders or mandates,” “Halt all forms of Covid-19 propaganda concerning how dangerous Covid is,” “Halt all promotion of vaccine clinics and shut down vaccine clinics on school grounds” and other demands.

Moorman is the wife of a plastic surgeon named Gregory John Moorman who recently announced he was opening a practice in Telluride after moving there from St. Croix in the Virgin Islands.

Garbiella Moorman’s demands to the Telluride School District Board

About 500 people attended the last school board meeting to show support for the Telluride School Board. According to the Telluride Daily Planet, everyone who spoke at that meeting expressed support for the school board and the school district’s curriculum and policies.

KKTV in Colorado Springs published an article last September about an analysis that showed the Telluride School District is ranked the #2 school district in the entire state.

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  1. You call 9 year “recently”??? And what does her husband’s business have anything to do with the issue other than a mean ugly attack by the Left. Despicable.

    • I’d be concerned if a medical professional was married to someone that unhinged and completely disconnected from reality. I mean, he’s got knives and stuff at work…

  2. That Q Anon claim had been out of trend for over two years now. As a result the author produced a ridiculous definition of the legitimate actions of a distressed parent of a harmed child

    • How is it ridiculous? And how is it OK for PEOPLE NOT HOLDING A MEDICAL LICENSE TO PRATICE MEDICINE? Also MASKS DO NOT PROTECT AGAINST ANYTHING. Also, why are you making it CHILDREN’S JOB TO PROTECT HEALTH? Isn’t it ADULTS JOB TO PROTECT CHILDREN’S HEALTH? Sorry you have stockholm syndrome. Not all of us are so low iq.

      • Yeah, definitely bang on those ALL CAPS like an angry monkey; shows you’re totally logical, rational, and in control.

  3. So from reading this blog it seems as if we should all accept permanently masking our children?

    The air a child breathes in a mask has CO2 concentrations far above 1000ppm where cognitive decline begins.

    Yes this is supported by science, all sources below are peer reviewed studies.

    In this study, the carbon dioxide concentration in the breathing zone was measured while wearing a surgical mask, a KN95 and a cloth mask.

    Detected carbon dioxide concentrations ranged from 2150 to 2875.
    The concentrations of carbon dioxide while not wearing a face mask varied from 500–900 ppm.

    Concentrations in the detected range can cause undesirable symptoms, such as fatigue, headache, and loss of concentration.


    In normal room-air, CO2 levels are around 0.03–0.04%, equivalent to 300–400 ppm (ppm) and have no known toxic effect

    KN95 respirator 24,000–26,000 PPM CO2 at the nasolabial fold, which is greater than the NIOSH 8-h TLV-REL of 5000 PPM.

    However, studies have shown that short-term exposure to CO2 levels above 1000 ppm start affecting cognitive function and at much higher levels, can be toxic to the human body.

    The average CO2 concentrations in a 15-min time interval were greater than 20,000 ppm


    Airline Pilot CO2 Study

    CO2 concentration on the flight deck (700, 1500, 2500 ppm). CO2 concentrations were modified by introducing ultra-pure CO2

    Compared to segments at a CO2 concentration of 2500 ppm, the odds of passing a maneuver as rated by the Examiner in the simulator were 1.52 times higher when pilots were exposed to 1500 ppm and 1.69 times higher when exposed to 700 ppm, controlling for maneuver difficulty, Examiner and order of maneuvers.

    These findings suggest that there is a direct effect of carbon dioxide on performance at CO2 concentrations above 1000 ppm.





      This woman has every right to stand up for her children. Just because you disagree with her does not mean you need to call the whole leftist army out on her. She wrote a letter of intent. The school board never responded to her. Instead the notified the MEDIA! Despicable.

      What did this woman do to harm you? Nothing. She followed legal procedures. Now her family business is being attacked by you and the liberal community. You claim to be all about tolerance and acceptance until someone disagrees with you.

      I read the letter she wrote to the school board in response to the community’s reaction, It was full of grace and asked for unity. What did you offer her in return? Threatening phone calls, and a Community pile on.

      Masks do not work on COVID. That is science. Forcing an FDA EUA face covering on anyone is a crime. EUA means it is a Mexican experiment. Remember Nuremberg??? Look at the studies now to see how the cognitive abilities of our children has lowered since 2020 and forced making. You are harming your children so the school district can get more Federal tax money through the ESSER grants. YOUR children are being harmed.

      And no one is saying to be mean to transgender people. We are simply asking that you remove pornographic material from the school and stop teaching this agenda. Schools have no place teaching children about sex and morals as it is a highly personal subject matter.
      Do not shun others for having different opinions. And do not shove or down the throats of these children who come from families of different points of view. How hard is that to understand?
      We are Americans. Freedom and Liberty are what this country was founded on.

      The school board’s mandates crush that freedom and threaten the removal of the right to a public educating if not obeyed. We should get assurance that they won’t exceed their jurisdiction again.

  4. I hope none of you ever have to deal with what happened to my children in this school system. it is a shame that nobody can see through rose colored glasses. Please check out the surveys they are giving to our kids and what they are really teaching at school these days. https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/26/5/19-0994_article



    I am lucky I woke up before it was too late to help my children. I had no idea how bad it really was until I took the time to look into some of the books my children were bringing home and some of the work they were asked to do.

    • Other than you have posted three items from the Internet, there is no explanation or context to them, they’re just out there. Who forced whom to do what and where did this happen? You should be clearer as to these things so we readers can understand your point of view and what you want done. Thank you.

  5. It is too bad the Ronald Reagan’s closing of the mental hospitals has created a crisis in mental healthcare and left this poor woman without the necessary mental health care she so desperately needs. Shame on her family, that neglects her healthcare needs, she most likely has the means for treatment, but they do not help this poor woman. She needs to be institutionalized to protect society from her illness.

    • While I understand Rick Stelter’s frustration when people make unsubstantiated threats against public officials, claiming that forced “treatment” is a valid solution is equally poorly researched and threatening.

      Forced “treatment” is responsible for generations of assault, murder, and suicide of Americans, especially concerning underrepresented and underserved people.

      Ronald Reagan was entirely correct in releasing people from horrible conditions in California psychiatric facilities. He listened closely to disability rights activists and did much to begin to eliminate the American patriarchal, colonialist, asylum era practice of afflicting women, children, and other underrepresented folx with forced “treatment.”

      Consider that historic suicide prevention methods are based in profiling and surveillance methodologies. “Profiling” and “surveillance” are the actual academic terms used by foundational suicidology researchers for the past 50 years. Thankfully Colorado now (thanks to Mesa County West Slope Youth Voice) has a postvention law which demands consideration for the actual patient, caregiver, and loss survivors – moving us away from profiling and surveillance.

      Forced treatment is described as torture by global Human Rights organizations. Think of Elijah McCain, Britney Spears, and Rose Kennedy – these are just 3 names of people who suffered and/or died from forced “treatment.”

      For anyone interested in pursuing the topic, I highly recommend reading Mad In America: Science, Psychiatry, and Social Justice’s 3/19/22 article titled “Why Do We Lock People Up?” followed by Colorado’s Office of Suicide Prevention Recommendations on Forced Treatment and all source research documents.

    • You WISH. You are complicit in crimes against humanity. This is GENOCIDE and you are projecting your own SEVERE MENTAL ILLNESS. It’s called MUNCHASEN SYNDROME. Making healthy people act as if they are sick. THAT IS A MENTAL ILLNESS DEAR. So is stockholm syndrome. You should do more research or just be quiet. Low iq human complicit in genocide. Nice one making the kids be responsible for your health. What a beta quality. I hope you don’t have kids.

      • Yeah, and getting your info from YouTube and Trump, the most Beta of Betas, makes you a real “Alpha”. LOL

    • Telluride does this to people that stand up against them. Just like they did at the Telluride Medical Center. They accused their Chairman of sexual assault to get him to resign, which he did. This mother had a right to give her opinion in an effort to protect the children. Telluride is such a hypocritical place. Tolerance if you agree with the lefties. This mom was right. Poor kids are all vaxxed now.

  6. Hey guys- just realize that school board by school board, city council by city council, county commissioner by cc, and precinct committeeman by PC we have realized our Agency and it is powerful. Liberals don’t win unless they cheat. This will be the most scrutinized election in history. Same day voting, get ride of Dominion voting machines and county every “legal” vote. Tina Peters’s SOS campaign is catching fire and if she wins it will be the political story of the century. This Gold Star mom is right, smart and tough.

    • Like the Moorman letter to the Telluride School Board above, there is not a single original thought in what Nibler writes. All of it copies the screeds of QAnon is is basically full of attacks on the American education system. What is true is that these attacks are personal, and are being made on duly elected school boards, town and city councils, and county commissioners. It’s from a national playbook of fascist-like organizations that hate democracy and oppose free thought. How wrong is QAnon? They and Russia even support the same conspiracy theory on Ukraine: https://www.cnn.com/2022/03/09/media/biolab-ukraine-russia-qanon-false-conspiracy-theory/index.html

      • You still watch CNN? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

        Have you not yet realized they are the propaganda mouthpiece of the Communist take over of America?

        For 4 long years they lied about Russian Collusion. Oh, but you probably haven’t actually seen the evidence that came out proving that Trump was Right about being spied on and Hillary making the whole Russian Dossier up….

        Qanon. What a joke. Just because someone believes something different than you you feel the need to “Label” them. I thought lefties didn’t like Labeling.

        Well, you have Mis-Labeled me. i am NOT Qanon. Stupid Qanon decoding sh**.

        But nothing Ms. Moorman wrote is Qanon either come to think of it.

    • Nice to see that Qanon members read this blog, maybe exposure to facts will allow yout brauns a chance to reorganize and let you use your brain for something other than storage for conspiracy theories!

      • You are complicit in crimes against humanity and genocide. I’m the one collecting evidence. See you at trials bud.

        • What “trials”? The Mesa County Brave Patriot Warrior III% Oaf Keepers Moron Labe tribunal? Seeing as how you chuckleheads couldn’t even overthrow the election with superior numbers and very little resistance…I think we’re gonna be okay.

    • Hey Richard!
      And if Tina doesn’t win it won’t make a bit of difference to anyone with a brain except you! Spell much?

    • Exactly how do we county every vote Dick Nibbler?

      Seriously, I know you guys complain about elitism, but… Is it elitist if me to expect you to spell check yourself? Since when is it cool to drop out in 11th grade?

    • Seriously? You’re putting your chips on Tina Peters? That’s where you’re thinking you should place your bets?


  7. It would be helpful if complainants would include statute citations along with their assertions that others are “in violation of multiple State, Federal and International laws.” It’s impossible to know which laws to look up with such vague references.

    • Erica–we aren’t dealing with lawyers here. These people can hardly spell. They front as experts in everything and know little about anything.

  8. Thanks for the heads up regarding qult activity on behalf of the wife of Dr. Moorman, plastic surgeon, recently of Virgin Islands, and now, of Telluride. Gotta be difficult to attract patients if one’s spouse is only partially hinged.

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