Rep. Boebert takes credit for accomplishments achieved by Democrats

Republican House Rep. Lauren Boebert, CD-3, (Photo:Youtube)

Colorado House Rep. Lauren Boebert is lying and taking credit for accomplishments achieved in a spending bill she voted against. HR 2471, an omnibus spending bill passed in March, achieved Democratic priorities of increasing spending on Americans and reversing the priorities of Trump-era budgets that held the country back.

On March 9, 2022, Rep. Boebert railed against HR 2471, the appropriations bill Democrats released March 8, titled the “Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2022,” complaining in a tweet that the bill was too lengthy, contained “wasteful spending” and that “no one will read” it:

Rep. Boebert’s March 9 tweet condemning the omnibus spending bill

But if you’re on House Rep. Boebert’s email list, on March 22 you got an email titled “Nine Boebert Wins Signed into Law for Colorado” listing “nine of my legislative priorities” signed into law under the omnibus appropriations bill (HR 2471), including: “$1.74 billion for Community Health Centers to serve rural communities; $515 million for the Payments in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) program so rural counties can fund education, law enforcement, and infrastructure; $48 million for the U.S. Forest Service…; $10 million for the Indian Irrigation Fund to benefit of the Southern Ute Tribe; $1 million to compensate farmers for livestock lost to wolves,” and more.

Problem is, Lauren Boebert voted against HR 2471, which funded all of these measures.

In the past, Boebert railed against all earmarks in general, — congressional directives that designate funds for a specific project:

Rep. Boebert’s tweet opposing congressional earmarks, which designate funds for projects in specific congressional districts

Rep. Boebert can’t have it both ways. She can’t fight all federal spending tooth and nail and then lie and take credit for it when it gets passed. She needs to stop lying to the public, start reading bills and understanding them, and actually vote to help western Colorado and the nation instead of exploiting her elected office to draw attention to herself for her crass, cruel, bullying behavior and pull in more money for herself and her family from craven individuals in this country who actually believe she’s some kind of hero.


  8 comments for “Rep. Boebert takes credit for accomplishments achieved by Democrats

  1. Her name is Nobert. She only votes no on bills because she can’t read or the bills have words with more than 3 syllables.

  2. We can do something about her. We can talk about her lies to everyone we see, even strangers.
    We can tie her lies to the ongoing destruction of our planet. We can encourage people to vote like their life depends on it, because it does.
    The next time you’re at the checkout counter ask the clerk what they think of Borebutt’s lies, speaking loud enough so everyone else in line hears you.
    What have you got to lose.
    You might be pleasantly surprised.

    • You wouldn’t get much of a response unless they’re in a group, and feel “brave”. QBert’s followers are the type to follow you home and then vandalize your car in the middle of the night. You might want to ask Anne about her pride flags.

      • …and our mailbox, and our lawn, and the hate mail and the death threats and the harassment…When Tina Peters leaves the state for five weeks & says she’s doing it because she’s scared, I just have to laugh.

        • Yeah, they’re a brave bunch, as long as there are no possible repercussions for their actions; once they’re faced with any resistance or consequences, they run like a flock of broiler hens. That’s why they’re so desperate for a wannabe dictator like Trump; they think he’ll somehow put them in power over all the people who make fun of them.

          • We may be led to believe that the Grand valley is 70% Republican. The truth is it is a lot of noisy misled Republicans, many quiet Democrats, and one third un-affiliated or non voters.
            It is that other third we need to engage.

  3. Our parody of a US Representative emitted one truth, and that is that legislation is unreadably long.

    Other than that, she again demonstrated one of her basic character defects: she lies, lies and lies, just like The Former Guy.

  4. “Rep. Boebert can’t have it both ways.”
    Of course she can; her voters are slack-jawed, backwards, purblind, belligerently ignorant fools who are incapable of logical thinking. All QBert has to do is follow the Trump formula – Tell people who are not smart, strong, or brave that they are smart and strong and brave, and you’ll make all the mean people stop making fun of them and their bumper stickers, and they won’t care if you toss their children into a lava pit. As long you don’t make them wear a mask, or hear about Critical Race Theory.

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