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AnneLandmanBlog Voter Guide, 2022 Mid-term Election, Grand Junction & Mesa County

Are you wondering how to vote in the Tuesday, November 8, 2022 mid-term General Election? Are you sweating over where you’re going to find all the time you need to research all the candidates and ballot measures?


AnneLandmanBlog has done all the work for you.

I’ve read and researched all the ballot measures, looked into who is behind getting them on the ballot, who supports and opposes them, where the money came from to promote them, what the supporters’ motives are, what good and bad effects they would have, and what each measure would change. I also analyzed the candidates by drawing on longtime experience and knowledge of state and Mesa County politics, observation of  candidates’ publicly available information like on their campaign websites and social media accounts, if they have them, plus research into what each candidate believes, who endorses them, who they hobnob with and how honestly, rationally and capably they would likely perform in elected office. While this is a left-leaning blog, in some cases I recommend voting for Republicans over Democrats if I am confident enough that the Republican candidate is rational, driven less by pure ideology and by more by a desire to provide effective public service, and if they are more suited to the job overall.

In cases where both candidates held similar views, I recommended the candidate who DOES NOT support the insurrection, DOES NOT dispute the results of the 2020 election, and DOES NOT support indicted Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters or former President Trump in any way.

In all cases, I recommended voting for reality-based candidates who don’t  believe in conspiracy theories or try to push their religious beliefs on others.

As always, I am opened to arguments about my choices.

Following are AnneLandmanBlog’s recommended votes:

Federal offices:

Senator: Michael Bennett (D) (incumbent)

Adam Frisch for 3rd Congressional District House Representative

House Representative to the 118th Congress, District 3: Adam Frisch (D)

State offices:

Governor & Lieutenant Governor: Jared Polis and Dianne Primavera (D) (Incumbent)

Secretary of State: Jena Griswold (D) (Incumbent)

State Treasurer: Dave Young (D) (Incumbent)

State Attorney General: Phil Weiser (D) (Incumbent)

State Board of Education, At-Large Seat: Kathy Plomer (D)

David Stahlke for Senate District 7 (Photo: Daily Sentinel)

State Senator, District 7 – David C. Stahlke (D)

Full disclosure: Last year I asked the incumbent, House Rep. Janice Rich (R) if she would consider bringing a bill on behalf of our subdivision to stop HOAs from depriving owners of access to their common open space for unlimited periods of time without discussing it with homeowners, offering a legitimate justification and stating an end point to the closure. Rep. Rich then introduced  HB22-1040, Homeowners’ Reasonable Access to Common Spaces. She gathered strong bipartisan support for the bill and skillfully shepherded it through the legislature, staying in touch with me on its progress and providing updates. Ultimately the bill passed the Senate on a unanimous vote, and it was signed into law by Gov. Polis on April 12, 2022. Almost immediately the new law had a major beneficial effect on life in our subdivision and the operation of our HOA, greatly improving it.  I am very grateful to Rep. Rich for helping resolving what turned out to be a statewide problem, but I was profoundly disappointed to find that in January, 2022, Rep. Rich voted to support Tina Peters, to thank the January 6 insurrectionists who attacked the Capitol and urge decertification of 2020 election results. For me this was disqualifying. Rep. Rich did attempt to backtrack on that vote shortly afterwards, but the damage was already done. I regret that because of this, I cannot endorse Rep. Rich for the Senate District 7 seat. I wish I could have.

Bobbie Gross for Mesa County Clerk and Recorder. She has lots of experience working in that office, previously ran the DMV and is certified to run local, state and national elections.

State Representative, District 54 – AliceMarie SlavenEmond (D)

State Representative District 55 – Damon Davis (D)

Mesa County Commissioner, District 2 – Charles Pink (D) — His Republican opponent has multiple ties to people currently under investigation by the FBI for participation in the Tina Peters election tampering scandal. His opponent is an extremist, and election denier and Trump supporter, which disqualifies her from holding public office in my view.

Mesa County Clerk and Recorder – Bobbie Gross (R) – has years of experience working in the Mesa County Clerk’s office, is certified to run local, state and national elections, was formerly head of the Mesa County Department of Motor Vehicles, currently works in County government in the Treasurer’s Office. She is by far the most experienced, knowledgeable candidate.

Mesa County Treasurer – Sheila Reiner (R)  (Incumbent) – Sheila is highly competent at everything she undertakes.

Mesa County Assessor – Brent Goff (R) – Goff currently is Deputy Assessor (The current elected Assessor, Ken Brownlee, was term-limited out.)

is the best choice for Mesa County Commissioner, District 2, to avoid further  embarrassing and costly problems with election deniers holding office in Mesa County

Mesa County Sheriff – Todd Rowell (R) (Incumbent)

Mesa County Coroner – Dean Havlik (R) – Has served as county coroner before, is well qualified as a forensic and clinical pathologist


Shall the following Appeals Court judges be retained?

Judge Jaclyn Casey Brown – YES, retain

Judge Terry Fox – YES, retain

Judge Christina Finzel Gomez – YES, retain

Judge Matthew D. Grove – YES, retain

Judge Sueanna P. Johnson – YES, retain

Judge Neeti V. Pawar – YES, retain

Judge David H. Yun – YES, retain

(All get high ratings from attorney and other judges who know and interact with them.)


Judge Matthew Barrett is the District Court judge overseeing Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters’ criminal case. We say retain him. (Photo: Daily Sentinel)

Judge Matthew D. Barrett – YES, retain

Judge Richard T. Gurley – YES, retain

Judge Valerie Jo Robison – YES, retain


Judge Bruce R. Raaum – YES, retain

2022 State Ballot Measures:

CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS: Single-lettered ballot issues are constitutional amendments and require 55% of the vote to pass:

Amendment D – New 23rd Judicial District JudgesYES  –– This measure carves a new judicial district out of the existing 18th Judicial District, which has gotten so many more residents in recent years that it has more work than it can handle. Amendment D doesn’t change much, it just moves judges who currently work in the 18th District to the new 23rd District.

Amendment E – Extended Homestead Exemption to Gold Star SpousesYES  — This measure keeps in place an existing property tax exemption given to disabled veterans, veterans’ surviving spouses and qualifying seniors. It exempts 50% of the first $200,000 of their home’s value from being taxed for property taxes. The state reimburses jurisdictions for the balance of the money they lose because of this law, so local jurisdictions don’t lose out on any money. This measure basically preserves the status quo.

Amendment F – Changes to Charitable Gaming Operations NO — This measure seeks to shorten the amount of time a charitable organization must be in continuous existence before it is allowed to raise funds using gambling, like bingo games and raffles. The measure proposes to shorten the time the organizations need to be in continuous existence from 5 years to 3 years before they can use gambling. It also allows bingo workers to be paid minimum wage instead of saying they have to be volunteers.


PROPOSITIONS placed on the ballot by the legislature and are labelled with double letters. Propositions just need a majority of the vote to pass:

Proposition FF – Healthy School Meals for AllYES —  This measure would increase state taxes only on people who have incomes of $300,000 or more by limiting the tax deductions they are allowed to take, and uses the money earned to pay for free, healthy, appealing meals for all students attending Colorado public schools. Schools getting these funds would have to use Colorado grown, raised or processed products. The measure also provides grants to increase wages for school food service workers.

Proposition GG – Add Tax Information Table to Petitions and Ballots — YES — Requires all petitions being circulated for ballot initiatives to include a table showing how the proposed ballot measure would change the individual income tax rate.


NUMBERED INITIATIVES — measures referred to the ballot by citizens:

Initiative 121 – State Income Tax Reduction — NO — This measure was filed by Jon Caldara of the Independence Institute and Republican State Rep. Jerry Sonnenberg, who together raised half a million dollars to support it. The measure would benefit the wealthiest Coloradans and corporations and hurt public services like schools, public health and safety. Also, the state tax rate was already just reduced in 2020, due to the efforts of these same two guys.

Psilocybin mushrooms (Wikipedia)

Initiative 122 — Access to Natural Psychedelic Substances — NO — Legalizes possession and use of psychedelic mushrooms, which is currently illegal under state law. I knew someone who shot another person after ingesting psychedelic mushrooms and that’s enough for me to oppose this.

Initiative 123 — Dedicate Revenue for Affordable Housing Programs — YES — Creates a state Affordable Housing Fund by dedicating 0.1% (one 10th of one percent) of existing taxes to help local governments and nonprofits buy land and develop affordable housing, provide downpayment assistance to help qualified people buy homes, provide rental assistance and housing vouchers to the homeless. It uses money that would have been refunded under TABOR (the Taxpayers Bill Of Rights), so it just allows the state to keep more of the money it already gets, rather than creating a new tax. We definitely need help statewide with the affordable housing crisis.

Initiative 124 – Increase Allowable Liquor Store Locations — NO — Increases the number of retail liquor licenses one person can hold, and makes the number unlimited number after a few years. We have plenty of liquor stores already. Seems unnecessary.

Initiative 125 – Allow Grocery and Convenience Stores to Sell Wine — YES — It would be convenient to be able to pick up a bottle of wine when buying groceries without having to make an extra stop somewhere else to get it.

Initiative 126 – Third-Party Delivery of Alcohol Beverages — YES — Current law only allows store employees to deliver liquor. A “YES” vote would allow other services, like DoorDash, GrubHub and FoodDudes, to deliver it. A “yes” vote on this measure also preserves the ability of restaurants and bars to deliver alcohol, a service that started during the pandemic and under current law was going to end in 2025. Deliveries won’t be made to people who are already visibly intoxicated. Delivery of alcohol will require special alcohol delivery service permits. Drinking at home is probably the safest place to do it.

Mesa County Ballot Measures:

County Ballot Measure 1A – Use of Excess Capital Funds for Tabor Refund — YES/FOR

The county wants to change which fund it can draw money from to pay TABOR refunds. Right now the County must draw 100% of the money from the County’s General Fund. The County wants to be able to pull some TABOR refund money from the County’s Capital fund instead, so they don’t have to cut into public services to provide refunds. It’s a good idea not to reduce public services to provide TABOR refunds.


City of Grand Junction Ballot Measures:


Raises the existing City lodging tax by 1% to help pay for affordable housing initiatives to help local households making less than 80% of the area’s median income.


Adds an 8% excise tax to short-term (AirBnB-type) rentals to help pay for affordable housing initiatives to help local households making less than 80% of the area’s median income. Many people who operate short term rentals are just trying to get by themselves and 8% is a lot.



See your Sample Ballots at these links:









Commissioner candidate Bobbie Daniel cares about “overburdening taxpayers.” So what does she think of the massive expenditure her pal Tina Peters has cost Mesa County taxpayers?

Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters, now indicted on multiple felonies related to election tampering, with her friend Bobbie Daniel, who endorsed Tina for Clerk in 2018. Daniel is now is running for Mesa County Commissioner. More of the same GOP insanity in County government?

Republican Mesa County Commissioner Bobbie Daniel says on Instagram that she’ll be fiscally responsible, that she cares about “overburdening taxpayers” and keeping local government stable.

Well if all that’s true, Daniel owes it to county taxpayers to say what she thinks of the $1.5 million and counting that County taxpayers have been forced to pay for the antics of her pal Tina Peters, whom Daniel endorsed for Clerk back in 2018. Why hasn’t Daniel condemned Peters’ antics and the massive expenditure Peters has cost county taxpayers so far? And why hasn’t Daniel apologized for her grievous mistake of endorsing Tina?

Daniel has been mum on the subject so far.

Maybe that’s because Daniel assured voters in 2018 Tina had lots of experience and “we’d be in really good hands” if she was elected Clerk and Recorder. Well we trusted Daniel and now we’ve see how THAT turned out. And we won’t even mention the 574 legitimately-cast ballots that Tina lost in 2019 and never counted, that kicked off her nightmarish term as clerk.

Despite proof there was no fraud in the 2020 election, Bobbie Daniel remains an election denier. Does someone who believes a lie like this deserve a seat on the County Commission?

Maybe it’s because Daniel herself is an election denier who is trying hard to keep it under wraps before the election this November. Word is also out ***Rumor-ALERT***Rumor-ALERT*** that sitting County Commissioner Janet Rowland ordered Daniel to keep her crazy election denialist beliefs out of her campaign for commissioner, since election deniers have been harassing the sitting commissioners for over a year now.

Maybe it’s because Tina alleged that “a county commissioner candidate” — whom we all know could ONLY have been Bobbie Daniel — was among those who attended a post-Mesa County election-equipment breach dinner with Conan Hayes, the professional election denier Tina smuggled into the Clerk’s office to make copies of the voting machines’ hard drives. Other attendees Tina alleged were at that dinner were Sherronna Bishop, who may have helped engineer the whole Mesa County election breach, and House Rep. Lauren Boebert, a strong supporter of the Jan. 6 insurrection.

Whatever the reason Daniel has been quiet about the amount of money taxpayers have been forced to spend on her pal Tina’s behavior, Daniel needs to come out and acknowledge she was wrong in endorsing Tina and apologize for helping put County voters through hell as a result of her terrible judgment.

Daniel’s Instagram post where she claims to be fiscally responsible and care about the stability of County government. So what does Daniel think of what her friend Tina has cost taxpayers so far? Voters deserve an answer to that question.

Sherronna Bishop, friend of Mesa County Commissioner candidate Bobbie Daniel, joined Nazi sympathizers and white supremacist groups in protesting church’s drag bingo fundraiser in Katy, Tx

White supremacist, anti-LGBT, and anti-semitic hate groups came together to protest a church-sponsored drag bingo fundraiser in Katy, TX on 9/26. The church is friendly to all people, including gay and transgender people. Sherronna Bishop and her husband, Neil Bishop, both attended to protest the event, and in an appearance on Steve Bannon’s show, Sherronna called the church “a demonic stronghold” and said she was engaging in “a spiritual battle” against LGBT people

Right wing extremist Sherronna Bishop, a good friend of Mesa County Commissioner candidate Bobbie Daniel, joined the hate group the Proud Boys, the white supremacist group The Patriot Front and the Nazi sympathizer group Aryan Freedom Network, in Katy, Texas, on September 26 in protesting an all-ages-welcome drag bingo fundraiser put on by the First Christian Church of Katy, Texas, to raise money for “The Transparent Closet,” a church-sponsored boutique that provides free clothing to teens and trans youth in the community.

Steve Bannon amplified the call to protest the event on his internet TV show “War Room” in the days preceding the event.

Next Jan. 6 Committee hearing is this Wednesday., Sept. 28 @ 1:00 p.m. Eastern, 11:00 a.m. Mountain (local) Time –UPDATE 9/27@10p.m.: The 9/28 hearing was just cancelled due to Hurricane Ian. It will be rescheduled for a later date.

The topic of this hearing, the Committee’s 9th, has not been provided, but the Committee is expected to reveal additional unseen footage of the attack on the U.S. Capitol and more key witness testimony.

The hearing will be broadcast on the Select Committee’s website, the three major television broadcast networks, and many cable channels like CNN, CSPAN, and MSNBC.

FOX News channel has not been showing the Committee’s hearings, in an apparent attempt to keep their viewers from learning about their content.

Trump makes the crazy claim that he can declassify documents “even by thinking about it.” Republican Mesa County commissioner candidate Bobbie Daniel continues to support Trump.

Republican commissioner candidate Bobbie Daniel speaking at a Trump rally in Grand Junction on 10/18/2016. She remains a Trump supporter despite his insurrection, his crazy claims about being able to declassify documents with his mind, his alleged theft of highly sensitive, top secret government documents, his ripping off of charities, fleecing his supporters for money, and many other alleged crimes.

In a TV interview this week with Fox News host Sean Hannity, former president Donald Trump claimed he can declassify any top secret government document he wants at will, “even by thinking about it.”

It is, of course a completely loony claim, and most Americans can recognize it as such.

Trump was referring to the hundreds of classified and top-secret, government documents he had hidden in his Florida home, that the FBI seized on August 8 while executing a duly authorized search warrant aimed at retrieving them. Unauthorized possession of government documents is a crime.

Bobbie Daniel recently retweeted this photo claiming Biden is not the legitimate U.S. President. Daniel remains a strong Trump supporter despite his attempted coup against the U.S. government on January 6, 2021, and his continuous lies about elections aimed at undermining American democracy

On January 6, 2021, Donald Trump willfully encouraged insurrection, incited violence against the United States and lied to the American public by claiming the November, 2020 election was “rigged.”

He’s been able to convince many Mesa County citizens to believe this lie. Among them are Bobbie Daniel’s friend, crazy Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters, who now stands accused of committing serious election tampering crimes while trying to prove Trumps false claims about elections are true.

Tina Peters: “Why aren’t they arresting Jena Griswold, the A.G., the D.A., the judge in my case and the County Commissioners?”

In an unhinged appearance September 6 on Lindell TV Tina Peters asked,

“Why aren’t they arresting the people that have already proven to be subverting our elections? The Secretary of State Jena Griswold, and the Attorney General for covering it up, and D.A. Rubinstein, and this judge here, Barrett, why aren’t we prosecuting them? They’re covering up…the Commissioners … they’re covering up that 29,000 vital election records have been deleted.”

“…They kicked me out of office unlawfully…the only way they can removed an elected official from office is recall them. A judge cannot remove an elected official.”

Tina either doesn’t understand, or is lying

Lauren Boebert doesn’t understand what “wanton killing” is

Everybody is talking about how, while reading a passage from the Bible, Colorado House Rep. Lauren Boebert mixed up “wanton” and “wonton,” jokingly admitting that she didn’t understand what “wanton killing” was.

Remember that point in the Club 20 debate between Boebert and her opponent Adam Frisch, where Frisch asked Boebert why she didn’t attend the Club 20 Steak Fry, an event to honor the candidates participating in the debates?

Boebert answered Frisch by curtly saying, “Dinners aren’t my thing.”

What  she didn’t want people to know was that she wasn’t at the steak fry that night because she was across the state in Woodland Park, preaching at the Truth and Liberty Coalition’s “From Vision to Victory” conference at Charis Bible College, hosted by faith healer Andrew Wommack.

FBI siezes Mike Lindell’s phone in connection with Tina Peters’ election tampering case; search warrant says Sherronna Bishop is a co-conspirator/subject of investigation

Screen shot of Lindell (L) complaining on TV about the search warrant the FBI executed for his phone, looking for information on the Tina Peters election tampering co-conspirators

Mike Lindell complained on his internet TV channel September 13 (video, 6 min.) that the FBI surrounded and blockaded his car as he was coming out of a Hardee’s drive-through in Mankato, Minnesota and handed him a search warrant for his phone. An article in the September 14 issue of the New York Times says the phone was seized in connection with the Tina Peters election tampering scandal.

Celebrity election denier/pro surfer Conan James Hayes (Photo: BeachGrit/Twitter)

The search warrant names Tina Peters, Conan James Hayes, Belinda Knisley, Sandra Brown, Sherronna Bishop, Michael Lindell, and/or Douglas Frank as co-conspirators and subjects in the case.

Tina Peters subpoenaed in Dominion defamation lawsuit

Tina Peters on a talk show on Lindell TV September 7, 2022, talking about getting subpoenaed in the Dominion defamation lawsuit while she was on her way into her arraignment. The case is moving forward after a judge refused to dismiss the suit.

Tina Peters announced on Lindell TV last night (video, about 2 min. in) that as she was heading into her arraignment hearing at the Mesa County Justice Center for her felony criminal case on September 7, she was served with a subpoena in the Dominion voting machine company’s defamation lawsuit.

Tina is scheduled to be deposed in the case November 7 in Grand Junction.

Red flags indicate Daniel is a Tina Peters-linked choice for Mesa County Commissioner

Left to right: activist Sherronna Bishop, “No-Work-Clerk” Tina Peters and Bobbie Daniel, from a 2018 YouTube video Daniel made to endorse Tina Peters for County Clerk. Daniel said Tina had “a wealth of knowledge” and assured us we’d be “in really good hands ” if Tina became our Clerk and Recorder. We know how that turned out, and Daniel hasn’t yet apologized to Mesa County citizens for her disastrous endorsement.

Republican Mesa County Commissioner candidate Bobbie Daniel is showing all the signs that she’ll be yet another potentially disastrous elected official in the vein of Tina Peters if she gets elected as county commissioner.

There are a number of reasons why. The first is her remarkably poor judgment:

Bobbie Daniel endorsed Tina Peters for Clerk.

Keep the momentum going! Help elect sane candidates in Mesa County! Dems plan two more literature drops, seek volunteers to help

Mesa County voters have had enough of Tina Peters’ pillow talk

Mesa County Democrats had about 50 people turn out for their last literature drop event last weekend, a tremendous success.

The literature drops are aimed at educating voters in Mesa County about alternatives to voting for Republicans, who have racked up a remarkably long record of failure as elected officials, and caused Mesa County taxpayers much grief and expense.

Dems plan two more literature drops, seek volunteers to help.

Need a job? Want to make a difference? Cobalt Abortion Fund is seeking to hire 2-3 more organizers on the western slope

Are you looking for a rewarding job that will give you a way to help people and make big difference in their lives?

Cobalt Advocates is looking to hire two to three more organizers on the western slope.

Cobalt operates the Cobalt Abortion Fund, a dedicated abortion fund that helps people cover the cost and manage the logistics of getting an abortion, like transportation, lodging and child care. The Cobalt Abortion fund is 100% donor-funded, and it is the only independent fund of its kind in Colorado.

Cobalt’s goal is to make sure no one has to endure any financial or logistical burdens when it comes to abortion.

What does “freedom” really mean to Rep. Lauren Boebert?

Lauren Boebert

The following letter is reprinted with permission from The Daily Sentinel. It appeared on their editorial page on 9/6/2022:

There are a several billboards around town that have a photo of Representative Boebert highlighting the word FREEDOM.  Exactly what does she mean?  Does she mean President Roosevelt’s four freedoms – – freedom of worship, freedom of speech, freedom from want, and freedom from fear?  Does she mean that we are free to worship or not worship as we see fit, without the government using our tax dollars to support a church or forcing us to believe a specific religious doctrine?  Does she mean that we are free to speak in the public square without threats of violence?  Does she want Americans to earn a living wage? Does she want her fellow citizens to be able to afford healthcare, housing, clean water, and healthy food?  Does she believe that medications should be affordable, and that Big Pharma should not gouge diabetics for insulin?  Finally, does she believe school kids should not live in fear of a mass murderer entering their school?

Tina Peters on Lindell TV: “They tried to frame me with ballot stuffing [in 2019],” “Why aren’t they arresting the REAL felons: Jena Griswold, the A.G., Rubinstein, Judge Barrett, the Commissioners?”

Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters gave an unhinged interview September 1 on in which she claimed she is still a candidate even though she lost her primary election for Secretary of State by a wide margin over two months ago, and lost a second time by the same margin in a recount that cost over a quarter of a million dollars raised through donations from people who continue to believe her wild and completely unproven claims of election fraud.

Peters claims she hasn’t broken any laws and says that letting someone into the secure area of the Elections Department to make copies of voting machine hard drives was not a security breach because “I can have anybody I want in there.”

Want to help defeat extremist Republican candidates in Mesa County? Pitch in Saturday, 9/10, to help elect rational candidates in November

This political map shows how the Grand Valley vote has changed since the 2016 election. Every single area on the valley floor has trended towards being more Democratic. If we can keep the trend going, we can finally stop electing embarrassing, unethical, unqualified, costly and irrational candidates who lie and commit crimes while in office, like Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters.

Mesa County Democrats will gather for a big canvassing event September 10th and are asking everyone’s help to get the word out about which state and local candidates belong to the only remaining political party that deals in reality.

Tina Peters at movie debut: “We have taken the world stage”

Tina Peters recorded an 11-minute long message August 29 for the premier of the movie “Selection Code” at Mike Lindell’s “Moment of Truth Summit.”

The “Summit” was a two-day re-hash of Lindell’s failed “cyber symposium” in South Dakota last year, in which he tried once again to convince Americans that electronic voting machines must be eliminated.

Peters wore a long, dark evening gown with pearls sewn onto the sleeves, like one might wear to the Emmys. She was in a home living room backed by about 20 clapping, cheering people who were whooping and chanting “Tina, Tina, Tina!” One person held a red and white “Tina Peters for Secretary of State” campaign sign.

Tina Peters: Judge and D.A. are “very, very evil,” and “don’t follow the same God that we do”

In a talk in El Paso County on August 29 to an audience of election-deniers, indicted Republican Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters quoted the Bible, called her legal troubles “a spiritual battle” and praised her multi-millionaire benefactor, My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell, saying,

“Lindell has paid for many of our legal challenges, you know, and their end goal for me, and I’m just going to be really frank and really serious for a minute, is to put me in prison.” 

Peters added,

“That is what they want. … I’ve got such an — I can’t even think of a word beyond ‘egregious”– judge, [and] when my chief deputy just made a deal, he was just sorry that she didn’t have to serve prison time.

They’re coming after me, and you know, Mike Lindell and the Legal Offense Fund, you know, these attorneys are not cheap, you know, they have they put a lot of hours [in] ….

D-51 School Board members attend seminar in how to fight equity and inclusion policies

“Stand for the Constitution,” the right wing extremist Mesa County group that endorsed and defended Tina Peters, also endorsed and promoted Angela Lema, Andrea Haitz and Will Jones for School Board. All three candidates ran as a far right wing extremist slate. Now two of them are getting training in how to battle policies that aim to help all children feel welcome and accepted at D-51 schools.

The Colorado Times Recorder is reporting that D-51 School Board President Andrea Haitz and D-51 Board Member Angela Lema attended a seminar at a Grand Junction hotel on August 26 called “Save Our Schools,” put on by Heritage Action for America, an affiliate of the right wing Heritage Foundation. The seminar taught people how to fight equity and inclusion policies in schools and provided resources to help them.

What are equity and inclusion policies, anyway?