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No help for flooded out Paradise Hills homeowners after massive June 20 deluge

An intense and fast-moving storm on June 20, 2024 in Grand Junction caused a massive flood in the Paradise Hills subdivision, filling residents’ homes, back yards, basements and crawl spaces with muddy water, ruining their drywall, carpeting, cupboards and flooring, crashing down fences in yards and drowning backyard chickens. Senior meteorologist Tom Renwick of the National Weather Service in a story on Colorado Public Radio called the storm “incredible.” He said, “We couldn’t see more than maybe five feet out the door. It was remarkable.”

Remarkable, indeed.

One affected resident, Darla Green, attended a Paradise Hills HOA meeting right after the flood and estimated that 60-70 homes were involved and the damage they described cost well over a million dollars.

So far though, Paradise Hills residents have been left totally on their own to recover from what was essentially a man-made flood caused by totally inadequate drainage.

None of the affected homeowners had flood insurance, so they are spending their savings or retirement funds to try to remediate their homes. One owner’s whole first floor was filled with mud, forcing the family to live on the second floor of their home since the flood. Darla Green said she spent $15,000, all of her savings, on cleaning up just her crawl space. She pointed out that crawl space remediation in the area costs more than it might normally be because many owners had radon mitigation measures, like plastic lining and electric fans, in their crawlspaces to keep them ventilated. The flood also rendered a large number Paradise Hills home unsellable because the inadequate drainage poses an ongoing threat of another flood whenever the next big downpour hits. Homeowners are petrified that after spending their savings and retirement funds on remediating the damage from this event, another storm will devastate their homes again.

Google Earth photo of the area affected by the Paradise Hills flood and the drainage that caused the flood (outlined in yellow lines). The storm water flowed off the city-and- county-owned G.J. airport property. The drainage on the residential side adjacent to the Highline Canal starts off big — about 50 feet wide and 20 feet deep — but narrows to just 4-5 feet wide and 3-4 feet deep by the time it hits the first bend, forcing the water and mud that poured off the adjacent desert to spill out into homes in Paradise Hills.

Trying to find help is greatly complicated by all the entities that contributed to the flood and the fractionated nature of the affected areas.

Mud and debris at this abandoned home on Catalina Drive in Paradise Corner shows the height the flood waters reached there on 6/20

The waterline at Jim Ciha’s house on Malibu Drive in Paradise Hills. So far he and his wife have paid $2,100 to get the crawl space cleaned and he admits he had far less damage than many other homeowners in the area. The entire first floor of his neighbor’s house was flooded with muddy water, and those neighbors are now living on the second floor of their home.

The water that flooded Paradise Hills came off the city-and- county-owned Grand Junction Regional Airport. For years the airport has been expanding west towards Paradise Hills and for the last several years its ongoing runway construction project has been altering the topography at the west end of the airport. The June 20 stormwater flowed off airport property into a retention pond the City of Grand Junction built around 2012 on land maintained by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The purpose of the City-built retention pond, according to Chapter 4 of the Airport’s Environmental Assessment for the its runway expansion project, was to protect Paradise Hills from stormwater runoff, but it is clearly failing. After filling the City’s inadequate retention pond, the June 20 stormwater traveled under the Highline Canal through a concrete drainage structure built by the Army Corps of Engineers and into a channel created by the developer of Filing 7 of Paradise Hills, Robert L. Bray and Bray & Company Real Estate, circa 1993-94. The drainage is labeled in the original subdivision plans as “Private Open Space,” making it the property of the Paradise Hills Homeowners Association (HOA), which claims its only mandate is to manage the subdivision’s irrigation system, not any open space or drainages.

Further complicating things, Paradise Hills is made up of more than just one subdivision. Some parts are wholly separate subdivisions, like Paradise Corner, built in 1994 and formerly called “The Moses Subdivision,” which consists of 11 homes off the intersection of Catalina Drive and 26 1/2 Road, and a 4-lot subdivision adjacent to Paradise Corner called North View, built in 1978.

1993 plat map for Paradise Hills Filing #7. Arrows point to the faulty drainage channel (labeled “Tract A”), created by the developer that spilled flood water throughout the neighborhood in the June 20 storm. Note that the drainage channel is labeled “Private Open Space,” while the Paradise Hills HOA seems unaware it owns any private open space.

So far the City of Grand Junction hasn’t lifted a finger to help the affected Paradise Hills homeowners. The Grand Valley Drainage District and Army Corps of Engineers also disavow any responsibility for the flood, and the Department of Local Affairs has been useless despite having a “Disaster Recovery and Resilience Program.” In March, 2024, FEMA started a program to help individual property owners recover from natural disasters, but in order for homeowners to be eligible for it, the President has to declare the area a disaster area, and no government entity has requested it.

Making matters worse, back in 2016 the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce and Mesa County teamed up to sue the Drainage District to block a $3/month per homeowner stormwater fee the Drainage District had levied to generate funds to beef up stormwater drainage in the area north of the Colorado River. The Chamber and County called it an “unconstitutional tax,” won a court judgment against the Drainage District and forced the District to refund all the money it had collected to homeowners and businesses. After this, no entity in the County ever took any steps to improve the drainage situation in the area, leaving residents facing disaster.

Paradise Hills HOA President Austin Erickson seemed completely unaware that Paradise Hills owns any private open space, telling a KREX-TV reporter on June 26 that “he plans on appearing before Grand Junction City Council to learn who might be responsible for maintaining that creek.”

Given all of the entities that contributed to the flood — the city and the county via ownership of the expanding G.J. Airport adjacent to Paradise Hills, and the Bray realtors who developed Paradise Hills — and all the different entities affected by the flood, including residents of Paradise Hills, Paradise Corner and the North View subdivisions, it’s clear that this is a vastly complicated situation that will take a government to step in and coordinate assistance and modification of the drainage, and help the affected homeowners get help to fund their recovery.

By all rights that entity should be the City as the one unifying entity in all of this.

Grand Junction City code says,

28.16.120 Drainage facilities maintenance.

An important part of all storm drainage facilities is continued maintenance of the facilities to ensure they will function as designed. Maintenance of drainage facilities includes a number of routine tasks, such as removal of debris and sediment, and nonroutine tasks, such as restoring damaged structures.

All drainage facilities will be maintained to preserve their function, and shall:….

…Be maintained by the property owner, the developer and/or a homeowners’ association. Should the property owner fail to adequately maintain drainage facilities, the right is reserved [by the City] to enter the property, upon proper notice, for the purpose of performing drainage maintenance. All maintenance costs shall be assessed against the owner(s) of the property.”

So under its charter, the City can step in, do the maintenance on the drainage to prevent more damage to homes in Paradise Hills, and then levy the cost of the maintenance against all the homeowners in all the affected subdivisions.

But so far no entity has taken any steps to help the struggling homeowners, even in a non-monetary way. They’re all just turning a blind eye to the homeowners’ plight.

Paradise Hills is in City Council District B, and Jason Nguyen is their City Councilman (970-244-1504 is the City Council Comment Line) and it is in County Commissioner District 2, represented by Commissioner Bobbie Daniel. Her phone number is 970-244-1885 or you can contact her with this contact form.

Affected homeowner Jim Ciha took the video below of the flood in his backyard on June 20. He admits the damage he sustained to his yard, fence and crawlspace were far less than that other homeowners incurred:

Mesa County Commissioners ignoring safety concerns & quietly working to tweak land use code to advantage large scale solar development, citizens say

Commercial solar development on east Orchard Mesa (Photo: High Noon Solar)

On January 9, Mesa County Commissioners Janet Rowland, Cody Davis and Bobbie Daniel voted to put a moratorium on large-scale solar development in the County supposedly to take time to address the community’s growing concerns over these developments. Citizens are worried that the current county Land Development Code (LDC) contains no provisions protecting agricultural and irrigated land, wildlife, water sheds and view sheds from these developments, as well as no requirements for fire protection, buffers, setbacks or plans to decommission these installations that will assure solar plants that get destroyed by inclement weather or live out their expected life spans are cleaned up in a way that minimizes  environmental harm and expense to local taxpayers.

Can the Board of Mesa County Commissioners sink any lower?

The Board of Mesa County Commissioners (BOCC) have been in full attack mode against Mesa County Public Health Department Director Dr. Jeff Kuhr for months. All their efforts to remove him have been shown to be without foundation. (L-R: Bobbie Daniel, Cody Davis and Janet Rowland). Photo: Mesa County

EDITORIAL from the June 1, 2023 edition of the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel.  Reprinted in full, with permission. Link to original editorial is here.

This editorial explains what’s been going on with the Commissioners’ months-long, defamatory attack on Mesa County Public Health Director Jeff Kuhr.

Can the BOCC sink any lower?

“Let us not assassinate this lad further, senator. You have done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last?”

 Joseph Welch, special counsel for the U.S. Army, to Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy during hearings in 1954 on whether communism infiltrated the U.S. armed forces.

Mesa County commissioners are in the midst of a relentless campaign to remove Dr. Jeff Kuhr from his position as executive director of Mesa County Public Health.

They’ve tried every trick in the book, some a little more unseemly than others, but none as low as the character assassination they’ve planted in the public record that unfairly swipes at Kuhr’s reputation without giving him an opportunity to defend himself.

Commissioners are acting much like the disgraced Sen. McCarthy, whose role in the Army-McCarthy hearings was described as “judge, jury, prosecutor, castigator, and press agent, all in one,” by Harvard law dean Ervin Griswold.

What’s the deal with Republican Mesa County Commissioner candidate Bobbie Daniel’s book?

Bobbie Daniel’s May, 2016 self-published book, is 273 pages and is now out of print.

In May of 2016, Republican Mesa County Commissioner candidate Bobbie Daniel self-published a book, “Solutions from a Nobody: Using Founding Principles to Solve Modern Problems.” She wrote the book to present “clear and important ideas to fix what ails America.” She spent ten years as a hairdresser listening to her customers and put a lot of time into thinking about the problems they talked about. Daniel wrote this book to provide solutions to their problems.

First of all, kudos to Daniel for bothering to think about societal problems at all, let alone try to come up with solutions. Most people never bother, so that’s worth something.

Anti-transgender, racist hate mail sent to 92 year old School District 51 retiree; Local Republican political leaders may be contributing to undercurrent of hatred in Mesa County

“Citizens District 51 Defund Vote” sent hate mail postmarked Oct. 11, 2022 to a 92 year old School District 51 retiree in Grand Junction

My 92 year old neighbor, who worked for School District 51 over forty years ago, received this hate mail yesterday, with the following computer-printed in screaming all-caps, racist, anti-transgender hate letter glued to the back of the picture with the child at the chalkboard:

My neighbor is pretty tough, but the line that said “OL’ BITCH” really saddened her.

In addition to showing that racism and homophobia in Grand Junction are alive and thriving, this rude correspondence raises several questions:

— How did the sender get the address of this person?

Mesa County Commissioners give Republican commissioner candidate Bobbie Daniel a huge advantage using taxpayer-funded resources

Election denier Bobbie Daniel (R), Republican running for County Commissioner, with her friend Tina Peters in 2018, before Tina was elected Clerk and was indicted on multiple felonies related to election tampering.

On Wednesday, October 12, 2022, in its opinion section the Daily Sentinel endorsed Republican election denier Bobbie Daniel for County Commissioner, saying she was “prepared to step in ready to work on day one.” But the Sentinel failed to ask the big question of how it happened that Daniel had become so prepped for the position.

It happened because Daniel has been groomed for months, maybe years, for the job by sitting Republican Mesa County commissioners, who have been using taxpayer-funded resources and taxpayer-funded County time to make sure Daniel gets a huge leg-up over her opponent in the race.

Commissioner candidate Bobbie Daniel cares about “overburdening taxpayers.” So what does she think of the massive expenditure her pal Tina Peters has cost Mesa County taxpayers?

Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters, now indicted on multiple felonies related to election tampering, with her friend Bobbie Daniel, who endorsed Tina for Clerk in 2018. Daniel is now is running for Mesa County Commissioner. More of the same GOP insanity in County government?

Republican Mesa County Commissioner candidate Bobbie Daniel says on Instagram that she’ll be fiscally responsible, that she cares about “overburdening taxpayers” and keeping local government stable.

Well if all that’s true, Daniel owes it to county taxpayers to say what she thinks of the $1.5 million and counting that County taxpayers have been forced to pay for the antics of her pal Tina Peters, whom Daniel endorsed for Clerk back in 2018. Why hasn’t Daniel condemned Peters’ antics and the massive expenditure Peters has cost county taxpayers so far? And why hasn’t Daniel apologized for her grievous mistake of endorsing Tina?

Daniel has been mum on the subject so far.

Maybe that’s because Daniel assured voters in 2018 Tina had lots of experience and “we’d be in really good hands” if she was elected Clerk and Recorder. Well we trusted Daniel and now we’ve see how THAT turned out. And we won’t even mention the 574 legitimately-cast ballots that Tina lost in 2019 and never counted, that kicked off her nightmarish term as clerk.

Despite proof there was no fraud in the 2020 election, Bobbie Daniel remains an election denier. Does someone who believes a lie like this deserve a seat on the County Commission?

Maybe it’s because Daniel herself is an election denier who is trying hard to keep it under wraps before the election this November. Word is also out ***Rumor-ALERT***Rumor-ALERT*** that sitting County Commissioner Janet Rowland ordered Daniel to keep her crazy election denialist beliefs out of her campaign for commissioner, since election deniers have been harassing the sitting commissioners for over a year now.

Maybe it’s because Tina alleged that “a county commissioner candidate” — whom we all know could ONLY have been Bobbie Daniel — was among those who attended a post-Mesa County election-equipment breach dinner with Conan Hayes, the professional election denier Tina smuggled into the Clerk’s office to make copies of the voting machines’ hard drives. Other attendees Tina alleged were at that dinner were Sherronna Bishop, who may have helped engineer the whole Mesa County election breach, and House Rep. Lauren Boebert, a strong supporter of the Jan. 6 insurrection.

Whatever the reason Daniel has been quiet about the amount of money taxpayers have been forced to spend on her pal Tina’s behavior, Daniel needs to come out and acknowledge she was wrong in endorsing Tina and apologize for helping put County voters through hell as a result of her terrible judgment.

Daniel’s Instagram post where she claims to be fiscally responsible and care about the stability of County government. So what does Daniel think of what her friend Tina has cost taxpayers so far? Voters deserve an answer to that question.

Sherronna Bishop, friend of Mesa County Commissioner candidate Bobbie Daniel, joined Nazi sympathizers and white supremacist groups in protesting church’s drag bingo fundraiser in Katy, Tx

White supremacist, anti-LGBT, and anti-semitic hate groups came together to protest a church-sponsored drag bingo fundraiser in Katy, TX on 9/26. The church is friendly to all people, including gay and transgender people. Sherronna Bishop and her husband, Neil Bishop, both attended to protest the event, and in an appearance on Steve Bannon’s show, Sherronna called the church “a demonic stronghold” and said she was engaging in “a spiritual battle” against LGBT people

Right wing extremist Sherronna Bishop, a good friend of Mesa County Commissioner candidate Bobbie Daniel, joined the hate group the Proud Boys, the white supremacist group The Patriot Front and the Nazi sympathizer group Aryan Freedom Network, in Katy, Texas, on September 26 in protesting an all-ages-welcome drag bingo fundraiser put on by the First Christian Church of Katy, Texas, to raise money for “The Transparent Closet,” a church-sponsored boutique that provides free clothing to teens and trans youth in the community.

Steve Bannon amplified the call to protest the event on his internet TV show “War Room” in the days preceding the event.

Trump makes the crazy claim that he can declassify documents “even by thinking about it.” Republican Mesa County commissioner candidate Bobbie Daniel continues to support Trump.

Republican commissioner candidate Bobbie Daniel speaking at a Trump rally in Grand Junction on 10/18/2016. She remains a Trump supporter despite his insurrection, his crazy claims about being able to declassify documents with his mind, his alleged theft of highly sensitive, top secret government documents, his ripping off of charities, fleecing his supporters for money, and many other alleged crimes.

In a TV interview this week with Fox News host Sean Hannity, former president Donald Trump claimed he can declassify any top secret government document he wants at will, “even by thinking about it.”

It is, of course a completely loony claim, and most Americans can recognize it as such.

Trump was referring to the hundreds of classified and top-secret, government documents he had hidden in his Florida home, that the FBI seized on August 8 while executing a duly authorized search warrant aimed at retrieving them. Unauthorized possession of government documents is a crime.

Bobbie Daniel recently retweeted this photo claiming Biden is not the legitimate U.S. President. Daniel remains a strong Trump supporter despite his attempted coup against the U.S. government on January 6, 2021, and his continuous lies about elections aimed at undermining American democracy

On January 6, 2021, Donald Trump willfully encouraged insurrection, incited violence against the United States and lied to the American public by claiming the November, 2020 election was “rigged.”

He’s been able to convince many Mesa County citizens to believe this lie. Among them are Bobbie Daniel’s friend, crazy Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters, who now stands accused of committing serious election tampering crimes while trying to prove Trumps false claims about elections are true.

FBI siezes Mike Lindell’s phone in connection with Tina Peters’ election tampering case; search warrant says Sherronna Bishop is a co-conspirator/subject of investigation

Screen shot of Lindell (L) complaining on TV about the search warrant the FBI executed for his phone, looking for information on the Tina Peters election tampering co-conspirators

Mike Lindell complained on his internet TV channel September 13 (video, 6 min.) that the FBI surrounded and blockaded his car as he was coming out of a Hardee’s drive-through in Mankato, Minnesota and handed him a search warrant for his phone. An article in the September 14 issue of the New York Times says the phone was seized in connection with the Tina Peters election tampering scandal.

Celebrity election denier/pro surfer Conan James Hayes (Photo: BeachGrit/Twitter)

The search warrant names Tina Peters, Conan James Hayes, Belinda Knisley, Sandra Brown, Sherronna Bishop, Michael Lindell, and/or Douglas Frank as co-conspirators and subjects in the case.

Red flags indicate Daniel is a Tina Peters-linked choice for Mesa County Commissioner

Left to right: activist Sherronna Bishop, “No-Work-Clerk” Tina Peters and Bobbie Daniel, from a 2018 YouTube video Daniel made to endorse Tina Peters for County Clerk. Daniel said Tina had “a wealth of knowledge” and assured us we’d be “in really good hands ” if Tina became our Clerk and Recorder. We know how that turned out, and Daniel hasn’t yet apologized to Mesa County citizens for her disastrous endorsement.

Republican Mesa County Commissioner candidate Bobbie Daniel is showing all the signs that she’ll be yet another potentially disastrous elected official in the vein of Tina Peters if she gets elected as county commissioner.

There are a number of reasons why. The first is her remarkably poor judgment:

Bobbie Daniel endorsed Tina Peters for Clerk.

Want to help defeat extremist Republican candidates in Mesa County? Pitch in Saturday, 9/10, to help elect rational candidates in November

This political map shows how the Grand Valley vote has changed since the 2016 election. Every single area on the valley floor has trended towards being more Democratic. If we can keep the trend going, we can finally stop electing embarrassing, unethical, unqualified, costly and irrational candidates who lie and commit crimes while in office, like Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters.

Mesa County Democrats will gather for a big canvassing event September 10th and are asking everyone’s help to get the word out about which state and local candidates belong to the only remaining political party that deals in reality.

Knisely flips, agrees to testify against Tina Peters and others

Tina Peters (L), and Belinda Knisely (R)

In a major development in the case against indicted Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters, former Deputy County Clerk Belinda Knisley reached a plea deal in which she flipped on Peters, plead guilty to reduced charges and agreed to testify against Peters in court, according to reports today in the Daily Sentinel, the Colorado Sun, Colorado Public Radio, Denver 9News and other news outlets.

Felony charges dropped, no prison time

Knisely had faced three counts of attempting to influence a public servant (class 4 felonies), one count of conspiracy to attempt to influence a public servant (a class 5 felony), and two misdemeanor charges of violation of duty and failing to comply with the Secretary of State. Before the deal, Knisley faced up to 21 years in prison and $2 million in fines.

Video shows Republican Mesa County Commissioner candidate Bobbie Daniel endorsing Tina Peters for Clerk in 2018

A 2018 Facebook video shows 2022 Republican Mesa County Commissioner candidate Bobbie Daniel endorsing Tina Peters for Mesa County Clerk, assuring viewers that Tina has a “wealth of knowledge” and “we’re in really good hands if you’re our Clerk and Recorder.”

Daniel appears in the video with far right-wing activist Sherronna Bishop, whose home was searched by the FBI last November in connection with Tina Peters’ election tampering scandal. Bishop has been implicated in the scandal as well.  She and her husband recently sold their home in Garfield County, fled to Texas and are keeping their whereabouts a secret.

It turned out electing Tina Peters as County Clerk was the biggest, most expensive and most embarrassing mistake Mesa County voters have ever made.