Video shows Republican Mesa County Commissioner candidate Bobbie Daniel endorsing Tina Peters for Clerk in 2018

A 2018 Facebook video shows 2022 Republican Mesa County Commissioner candidate Bobbie Daniel endorsing Tina Peters for Mesa County Clerk, assuring viewers that Tina has a “wealth of knowledge” and “we’re in really good hands if you’re our Clerk and Recorder.”

Daniel appears in the video with far right-wing activist Sherronna Bishop, whose home was searched by the FBI last November in connection with Tina Peters’ election tampering scandal. Bishop has been implicated in the scandal as well.  She and her husband recently sold their home in Garfield County, fled to Texas and are keeping their whereabouts a secret.

It turned out electing Tina Peters as County Clerk was the biggest, most expensive and most embarrassing mistake Mesa County voters have ever made.

This is true even considering the Mesa County Republican Party’s long track record of electing troubled people to office and the devastating effects the party’s remarkably poor judgment has had on the community.

During her time as Clerk, Peters has developed a long track record as an inept, problematic, legally-challenged and perhaps mentally ill public servant. She is currently facing a thirteen-count indictment, including seven felonies, related to election tampering, identity theft and other charges. Peters also ensnared several of her underlings at the Clerk’s Office in her plot, including the Chief Deputy Clerk Belinda Knisley and former Elections Manager Sandra Brown, who were arrested recently on charges connected to her tampering scandal.  A Court has ordered Tina to stay away from the Clerk’s office and employees, so taxpayers are forced to continue paying Tina her $93,000/year salary plus benefits while she does absolutely nothing to benefit constituents. In the mean time, Tina keeps trading on her election denialism to raise funds; she flies around the nation in private jets to conferences, assemblies and talks shows, and keeps embarrassing the County by making crazy pronouncements about election manipulation only she believes in, and far-out demands, like her most recent one for a hand-recount of all ballots in Colorado because she can’t accept that she lost the primary election.

There is no better proof of candidate Bobbie Daniel’s flawed judgment than her 2018 endorsement of Tina. It was obvious at the time that Tina was unqualified for the position. Based on Daniel’s endorsement, we can be assured that if she gets to be County Commissioner, we can expect even more Tina-style drama and cost to the County. Given the Mesa County Republican Party’s control over this area, and its long track record of electing appalling, harmful and even criminal candidates, we can also expect that Mesa County will remain a national laughing stock for the foreseeable future.

  11 comments for “Video shows Republican Mesa County Commissioner candidate Bobbie Daniel endorsing Tina Peters for Clerk in 2018

  1. Thanks for doing this work.

    That said, I want to point out that it’s vitally important not to align “inept, problematic, legally-challenged” along side “mentally ill” in public media.

    Mental illness is not a character defect, nor does having a mental illness equate with criminal activity.

    I recommend following the Colorado Cross Disability Coalition for accurate info on mental illness and suggested messaging.

  2. If she doesn’t perform her duties for 6 months, the office can be declared vacant by the commissioners. The court order may make that true before her term runs out,

  3. I’m curious why these gray turtleneck sweater-wearing women were so eager to endorse Tina? They must’ve all met at the Trump rallies. I couldn’t stand their fake smiles and fake laughter. I couldn’t stomach the whole video. Gak! We’re in for more shenanigans with Bobbie Daniel!

  4. Peters implicated Rep Boebert in at least one of her public statements.

    We need to know what exactly happened there- NOW.

    We know that trump & his criminal enterprise have engaged in intimidation & witness tampering- threats against public servants who could provide evidence & insight to the insurrection.

    Who is paying her legal fees?
    Who is providing her private jet services?

    If the ~$250M trump ‘defense fund’ is paying for her fees, etc, then there is a VERY LARGE conflict of interest present.

  5. Please explain how she can still be drawing a salary for NOT doing the job, fundraising all around the country with NO legal repercussions. She should be suspended without a salary in the very least! Who is deciding or allowing this?
    She has “fixed things” all right!

    • Only the voters can “fire” Tina, by either recalling her or electing someone else at the next election. We tried to recall her in 2020, during the pandemic, and fell short by a few hundred signatures. It took a lot of effort and money to carry out that recall effort, and the organizers did not want to do it again. So Mesa County is stuck with her, and stuck with paying her, thanks to the local Republicans who elected her in the first place.

      • Obviously TP is incapable of ANY level of humility. And her nefarious deeds, with pay and probably benefits are yet another example of White collar crime-laden w rewards.
        When she is found guilty Mesa County should seek restitution. After all the citizens have suffered w TP in office.
        And yeah, what’s up between TP and boebert??

  6. Don’t give Tina Peters the excuse of mental illness. Selfishness and greed aren’t symptoms of a mental disorder. They’re symptoms of a narcissist run amok. She belongs in prison and the Mesa County GOP needs to recruit grown-ups to be in charge.

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