Sherronna Bishop moves to Texas, gets her own show on Lindell TV

Sherronna Bishop in January, 2022

Notorious Garfield County election fraud conspiracist Sherronna Bishop and her husband, Neil, sold their home in Silt in early May and moved to Texas, where Bishop now stars in her own “Americas Mom” video and audio talk shows three times a week on Mike Lindell’s alt-tech streaming platform,

Political extremists are increasingly turning to small alt-tech platforms like after being banned from broadcast television and major social media services like Facebook and Twitter for continually lying to the public, promoting false information and fringe political views. More and more big national retailers like Bed, Bath and Beyond, Kohl’s, Wayfair and Walmart are pulling Lindell’s My Pillow merchandise off their shelves and big media outlets are increasingly refusing to accept ads for Lindell’s merchandise due to his spreading false information and his increasingly strident election-denier views. Lindell angrily yanked his My Pillow ads off Fox News Channel inJuly, 2021 after Fox refused to run ads for Lindell’s August, 2021 “Cyber-Symposium” in South Dakota. The “symposium” was another conduit that Lindell tried to use to publicize Trump’s Big Lie that there was widespread fraud the election. When Lindell tried to get My Pillow ads reinstated on Fox, Fox rejected them.

Bishop is still managing Tina’s SOS campaign from out-of-state

Bishop is still listed with the Colorado Secretary of State as Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters’ campaign manager in her run for Colorado Secretary of State, even though Bishop is now living out of state. Bishop was also Lauren Boebert’s campaign manager in Boebert’s run for House Representatives for a short time until Bishop publicly praised far right, neo-fascist, exclusively male extremist group The Proud Boys. On June 6, 2022, leaders of the Proud Boys were charged with seditious conspiracy in the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol after they violently attempted to stop the certification of Joe Biden’s presidential win in the 2020 election.

Bishop was known for appearing frequently around Colorado with Peters, who was indicted earlier this year on 13 counts related to official misconduct in office, tampering with voting machines, criminal impersonation and identity theft. Bishop’s home in Silt was also the subject of an FBI search last November in conjunction with law enforcement’s investigation into Peters’ alleged crimes.

Bishop started her new show on April 18, 2022, and she featured Tina Peters as a guest on her April 20 show. Throughout Bishop’s show the screen displays a red and white banner ad at the bottom advertising My Pillow merchandise at 66% off with the promo code “Americasmom.”

Sherronna Bishop nows helps Frank Lindell sell discounted My Pillow merchandise on her new alt-tech TV show on FrankTV

Bishop and her husband sold their house in Silt in early May, 2022 to relocate to Texas

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    • The obsession continues! Moved off Lauren onto this now. I really think you don’t know the half of any of all
      This. Corruption runs deep in Mesa county. Maybe instead of chasing old women around we could put our drug dealers in prison

  1. Facebook was created by Zuckerberg, but the idea was actually stolen from Divya Narendra and the Winklevoss twins; they had dreamed up, a social website for Harvard University.

    You can’t even do whackjob conspiracy theories right anymore.

    • you should write that story into a movie script- I bet it would be mildly popular.

      Facebook was DARPA project called Lifelog. The original code was reportedly stolen but darpa poured millions into development. Lifelog was shut down the exact day FB incorporated. Facebook as planned morphed from an annoying place to keep family & friends meal photos, to a site the propelled regime narratives and banned dissent.
      The Winklevoss scam was to peel a few $B away for other deep state efforts in crypto.
      You’l see more developments on that front soon.

      A goofy idea from a Harvard dorm room , one which 100s of other people already had working , was not the genesis.

  2. I would say lock her up too, but … Moving from Silt to Texas, selling pillows and hanging with hagfish Tina? Sounds to me like that’s punishment enough.

    Can she take Boubert, Ficklin, and the D51 school board with her? I mean, they deserve Texas too….

    • Makes sense…Tina’s on her way to the Big House, so it looks like ‘Merica’s Mahm had to pull up stakes and move the grift to another state.

    • Someone trying to false name themselves as Craig hall. Lol. You don’t have a name for yourself?

      • For sure, a fine example of a board housewife with nothing better to do but get on the internet and get into qnon. Guess what, I’ll compare my morals to hers and dumbart the cowboy slut, and her pedo hubby any day. I divorced my first husband for doing the same thing at great person personal cost, they don’t stop exabitionests have a 99.9 percent recivitism rate. These people are self righteous scum. They belong in Texas.

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