Trump admitted to aide he had lost the election

Here is just one piece of proof former President Trump is lying by continuing to insist he won the 2020 election. In this video,  Trump’s former White House Director of Strategic Communications, Alyssa Farah Griffin, tells the interviewer that Trump admitted to her right after the election that he had lost the election.

Trump is continuing to promote the Big Lie even long after it has been thoroughly debunked to get his followers to send him money. Trump has already scammed his followers out of $250 million by promoting a non-existent “official election integrity” fund.

Griffin’s conservative credentials are solid. She previously wrote articles for the far-right conspiracy website World Net Daily, she was an associate producer for the Laura Ingraham Show and previously served as Communications Director for Trump’s White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, among other positions.

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  1. So the big question re the Big Lie is what the fine print in trump’s ‘legal PAC’ states… (visions of Willie Wonka ‘contract’)

    is there a provision or clause which states that ‘~funds may be used at the discretion of TFG as deemed appropriate’?

  2. Congress is holding a hearing right now on the role of disinformation in American elections; and get a load of THIS
    Their star witness is none other than Mike Rothschild … yup of THOSE Rothschilds. Here is a part of his opening statement:

    “The seeds of ‘the big lie’ were planted well before the voting itself. They included conspiracy theories about the safety of mail-in voting. Fake mailers & fraudulent robocalls, targeted at communities of color – and a year of drops by the mysterious conspiracy avatar QAnon, offering a mind boggling array of ways that the cabal would steal the election.”

    Their leading “expert” on Q doesn’t know that Q was posting for over 3 years prior?

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