Trump aides, appointees & family all testify that Trump kept pushing the lie of widespread election fraud to the public even after they told him no proof of fraud exists

In this video clip from a House Jan 6 Select Committee public hearing posted to the public on June 14, William Barr, Trump’s Attorney General, Trump’s daughter and White House Advisor Ivanka Trump, multiple Trump campaign aides and attorneys all testify that they informed Trump in no uncertain terms that no evidence of widespread election fraud existed and his claims about it were false, and in spite of this, Trump continued to push the lie out to the public that widespread election fraud had cost him the election.

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  1. yeah, it was terrible that day when we had fires set all around the White House,
    over 60 cops and Secret Service sent to the hospital.
    oh nevermind that was
    blm antifa & the alphabet-people loons “celebrating” Trump’s inauguration.
    Move along nothing to see.

    I would like to take a moment and recognized those who suffer for doing the Right Thing.
    Somewhere on the planet is a baby taking its first quaffs of fresh air and mother’s milk.
    and because of this outrage, Ann must go without her usual breakfast


    now the left will engage in mostly peaceful outsurrection completely justified of course

  3. The resolution for the creation of the committee clearly says it’s to have 13 members. Pelosi appointed only 9. And she rejected ALL of Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s picks for the panel. She picked Cheney and Kinzinger. The J6 got as much validity as a ☭ИИ paid greed head swamp monster never Trumper. Everyone of your points above are fake news. Ivanka. LOL

    • These aren’t my points. These are actual videos of what Republican aides, family, campaign officials and trusted Trump officials have said.

      The Republicans McCarthy picked to serve on the January 6 Committee voted to overturn the electoral college results in Pennsylvania and Arizona, denying voters those states their legitimate election outcome. Two others had signed onto a Supreme Court case to invalidate the ballots of voters in four other states. This is seditious behavior that undermines democracy and so these picks were rightfully excluded. While you may doubt the validity of the Committee’s makeup, there is no denying the testimony of all the high level Republicans, aides, attorneys and people in Trump’s inner circle who stated on camera that Trump kept pushing the lie out to the public that he won the election due to fraud well after all of them had told him repeatedly that the election results were completely legitimate and he had lost.

      • see thats the funny part; If we only would listen to our local leftist loon, we would know that all (R)s are either liars or damnable liars, EXCEPT if they say something anti-Trump, in which case we would be fools to NOT believe them.

        Plus if one takes a juicy gig on ☭ИИ / aka the Jus’Toobin-network, then their veracity score goes WAY UP because NO-one ever says anything for the money (nevermind the fact that the TWO main points from your quote above are both equivocated nonsense; “kinda sorta” and ” he said ‘can any one believe’ ” …
        ohno! that sounds serious !

        I for one didnt know that the Lloons know that Ivanka had conducted a thorough investigation of US 2020 voting issues in a few days, AND that she was talking to some guy who churns out lefty hit pieces . I’m safely confident that a) its not true she said that and b) IDGAF even if she actually said “I respect Bill Barr” cos that is meaningless too.

        Oh Bill Barr; isnt he the Bush-family-fixer who dismissed the 2000 Mules geo-tracking data (despite his own LE Agencies spending millions on the same data for their investigations, including the J6 incitement-project). yeah thats him .

        The entire formation & conduct of the ‘investigation’ committee is not some trivial issue. Its a kangaroo court, an illegally formed committee loaded with many of the same people who brought you the now-100%-proven to be a hiLIARy mean girl / seditious / magic trick of Russian Collusion for 5+ years ( now she was the only one proved to be working with Russians!) . Its purpose is to prevent Trump from running again when he would clearly win.

        Yeh the kind like Adam Schiff who would pop onto ☭ИИ to claim ‘I’ve seen evidence of Trump/Russia collusion” , but behind closed doors during sworn statements (where perjury charges are a possibility) he would revert to “no, I got nothing, ecxcept badmanorange” to avoid going to prison for perjury.
        Like dozens of others who did the same thing .
        To this day Schiff has produced nothing but unfettered accusations.
        … talk about your ” fool some of the people all the time” moments ! …

        No one wanted to deny the people of PA & AZ a legal vote, and it is perfectly reasonable , given all the evidence (true there have been tons more, since) to send the results BACK to the States legislatures for verification. That possibility is black letter law. You know full well if the loons & uniparty were confident the election was legitimate, they would be for a full investigation , just to crow about the results.

        Instead, the throngs of D leaders who couldn’t pass up a microphone without declaring for years prior that the 2016 elections (indeed our whole system) were hacked, suddenly wheel 180 and declare any such talk to be “a danger to democracy!!” Just lol lady, I don’t can how high you are, that hypocrisy is flaming.

        And perish the thought an ‘investigation” committee would have various viewpoints. We cant very well have a Show Trial if we tolerate people who may dispute the predetermined outcome !

        Cheney , slow minded fool she is, also let the cat out of the bag; although the J6 breach was “caused by Trump” ( despite it commencing 30+ minutes BEFORE & 2 miles FROM the crowd where Trump concluded his delayed-start & overly-long speech with a plea to “march peacefully to have your voices heard ” ) she also says it was “known well in advance” from intel chatter that something ugly was planned for DC. Make up you mind lady , before you get retired to run the Cheney War Criminal House Of Flame

        Which makes it all the more confusing why Pelosi & Bower rejected a suitable Nat Guard presence in place for the day, but radically overreacted AFTER the event with APCs and a fenced-off DC. Pelosi WANTED a disaster for prime time viewing,
        And she wanted Capitol Food Services opened back up that day, but whatever.

        I dont buy into the un-armed “Insurrection” nonsense; if our Democracy ( which it is not, its a representational republic, BTW) can be overthrown by some space cadet failed actor in coon skin cap & face paint, then we have real problems.
        But since thats all a farce for the “some of the people” types , we’re OK .

        ~2 million people went to DC to protest the issues (many issues unheralded and some clearly illegal, like SoSs unilaterally changing election procedures in a breach of State laws)
        A couple 1000 were outside the Capitol (where Cap police were chucking riot-inducing percussive munitions deep into the simmering crowd. If it were the left outside that day, the loons would be screaming for the cops heads & probably have them in jars already).
        A couple 100 went into doors mostly opened by cops (on video), harmlessly snapped selfies from between velvet ropes & left, and now get to serve a couple months for “trespassing” lol , many after being locked up pre-trial for 2 years (without bail & without a speedy trial, both showing this witch-hunt is a political stain and implied threat to others)
        and a couple dozen went full on stupid. Not ” attack the Portland Fed Court nightly for a whole year ” stupid, but you get the idea.

        Plus a couple a very key individuals were in just the right place to overcome lame barriers yet not be charged in any way.

        Take care with your selective moral indignation , and encouragement of election interference. YOU dont get to pick and choose the particular rules we must abide.

        The charade is coming to an end. nothing can stop it.

        • Ha! At least you have a sense of humor. The only thing Ivanka ever conducted a thorough investigation on was probably what kind of caviar to have for breakfast.

        • Oh, lookie – another weak, wheezing threat from Mesa County’s Freedumb Warriors/(Oath Keepers)/Moron Labe/Clown Car, Main Street Bagels Battalion;

          “Take care with your selective moral indignation , and encouragement of election interference. YOU dont get to pick and choose the particular rules we must abide.

          The charade is coming to an end. nothing can stop it.”

          That’s what you bozos said about 1/6, and you failed.
          You had your best chance, and blew it, predictably.
          You really want to go 0 for 3?
          Bring it on.

          • a few late scores

            0 and 2 on impeachments
            3 and 0 on SCOTUS picks
            Delivered after 50 years fecklessness

            1 and 0 ( soon 2 – 0 ) on running for public office

            is that orange guy an evil genius this week or the dumbest man to ever sit at the Resolute Desk ?

        • Trump is hardly an evil genius; he’s just slightly smarter than the stupid, belligerently ignorant, racist, bigoted, comically insecure morons who follow him. They attach their overblown egos to him, as seen with all the tough talk about “what’s going to happen” and “you can’t stop it”, like grade-school bullies who won’t stop crying once someone dares to hit back.

          That’s why the 1/6 traitors did his bidding without question, and when they failed, he turned his back on them and pretended he had nothing to do with it.

      • LOL , the ludicrous pardon for “every congressman or senator who voted to reject the electoral college vote submissions of Arizona and Pennsylvania.” ?? oh. that pardon.

        First, what crime is that? A House Vote is a criminal act?
        Maybe in the guise of an illegally constituted dog&pony show trial.

        Herschmann said the “general tone” of the requests was: “We may get prosecuted because we were defensive of the president’s position on these things.”

        the “general tone” ( another lol) was ” we may get prosecuted for supporting Trump” , which I admit during these days of weaponized-law-enforcement is not a silly concern. I can name a half dozen people prosecuted for being connected to Trump despite the absence of actual crimes.

        nothing can stop it. so just get over it.

        • “nothing can stop it. so just get over it.”

          Except a flight of stairs, a steep incline, or the possibility of actual resistance and consequences.
          Y’all don’t do so well with any of those circumstances.

          • wull I dunno buckaroo

            maybe cos the left does so love its little show trials ?

            If they are good enough for Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and a host of others , its good enough for Pelositron too !

            Thus we have one going one now – as distraction while the Nation & The People tumble into 6 kinds of mortal danger, and the clown car cant think of a single thing Zhou Bi Den has done good ( or well lol) beside fall up the stairs, and seeing the left has the reins & the blame, and they have not a clue what to do anyting except how to F up things royally, so they try to convince the dumb 1/4 of the Nation using 1/5 of the actual evidence that 45(47) is is a badmanorange ?

          • A violent (though, thankfully,comically incompetent) attempt to interfere with the peaceful transfer of power in our country is hardly a “distraction”.

            As for your desperate, sweaty hope that Trump will somehow waddle back into power…the Supreme Court has just sealed his fate. A lot of people who didn’t care so much sure as hell do now.

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