The next Jan 6th House Select Committee Hearing is Thursday, July 21 at 6:00 p.m. local time

The next hearing of the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol is this Thursday, July 21 in prime time starting at 6:00 p.m. local time. The hearing will be broadcast on all the major TV networks ABC, CBS and NBC, and PBS. It will also be live on CSPAN (cable) and CNN will stream it live at without requiring a cable login. It can also be viewed live on the Select Committee’s YouTube Channel. Many media outlets will also stream the hearing on their Facebook pages. The first hearing, also held in prime time, had 20 million viewers.

This hearing will focus on what former President Trump was doing, and not doing, minute by minute during the 187 minutes after Trump-supporting rioters began attacking the Capitol and before he issued he a public response. Two former Trump White House officials, Trump deputy White House Press Secretary Sarah Matthews and former Trump Deputy National Security Advisor Matthew Pottinger, both of whom were in the White House on the day of the attack and both of whom resigned that day, will testify.

January 6 Committee Chair Bennie Thompson has tested positive for Covid and will miss the next hearing. Committee members Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) and Rep. Elaine Luria (D-VA) are expected to take central roles chairing the proceedings.


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  1. The Democrats’ Build Back Better bill is currently repairing roads, bridges, modernizing
    schools, extending broadband access, beefing up insulation in buildings to help with heat and cold extremes and installing thousands of new chargers for electric cars, to name a few things. It was a desperately-needed bill, but didn’t go far enough because of Republican opposition.

  2. so far the only thing Joe Built Back Better © was the Taliban

  3. “Project Veritas”, huh?

    I suppose we can wait a few weeks, until the deceptive editing is revealed. It’s kind of their thing.

    • Cite your actual source, or just admit you’re a liar.
      Yelling really doesn’t help your case.

  4. Quadruple vaxxed Joe Biden tested positive for Covid. He is fully vaxxx with a substance that doesn’t prevent infection. doesn’t prevent transmission. doesn’t prevent re-infection.
    and is now related to worse outcomes than the so-called pure-bloods who have mild symptoms and durable immunity.

    Get boosted now! It is near certainty that the 5th dose will definitely work maybe in some respects for a while at least. DONT DELAY! THIS IS AN CLIMATE EMERGENCY !

  5. RT, Putin’s own propaganda machine…
    THIS is your source of truth?

    That’s how desperate Trumpkins have become to find someone who will tell you the lies you’re aching to hear; you turn to the undeniable sworn enemies of freedom and democracy.

    Because that’s not what you’re praying for anymore. Not since Democracy sent your bloated wannabe dictator packing.

    • F a DC jury letting an obviously guilty Michael Sussmann walk free is followed by another DC jury convicting Stephen Bannon on basically no evidence whatsoever in a literal politically motivated show trial, the total and complete corruption of that swamp town will be on full display. ycrbych

  6. A commonly cited estimate for a Javelin’s cost is $80,000 per unit, although according to the P.B. 2022 Army budget submission, the Army has purchased 32,142 rounds for an average unit cost of $107,500. The new Lightweight CLU is estimated at $514,000.
    The Army expects to lower LWCLU unit costs in future years.

    yet they sell discounted for $30,000 on the black market. Joe did that.

    • Look who’s pretending they give a damn about our ridiculously bloated defense budget.

      At least Biden didn’t create a branch of the military that already existed, just so he could say he did; not to mention screwing Colorado Springs (a conservative area, no less) just spite Colorado.

      Good Job, Cletus.

      • but you missed the forest. missed the trees. missed the leaves. missed the earth under and the sky above.

        The blackmarket is pulsating with stolen nato weapons, Ukraine jets are crashing out of the sky loadd with stolen weapons being sold to dictators elsewhere, the Taliban is aiming its sparkly new modernly equipped Army ( thanks Joe!) at destabilizing nuclear-armed Pakistan

        and you think this is budget discussion.

  7. Believing in Trump has as much logic as believing in Astrology.
    Maybe the stars didn’t tell you Durpham lost that case, or maybe you couldn’t hear, what with your head up Uranus.

  8. Unfortunately, those who would have the most to gain by watching the hearings on Thursday will keep their heads buried in the sand and never realize the seriousness of having fascists and racists trying to overthrow our Democratic Republic.

  9. As per script, Mr SARS & SARS-2 (for Kissinger) are about to try a rug pull on Trump at J6 testimony. Just when you thought they couldn’t shame us with more kangaroos in the Court…

    • To George Webb and all supporters of The Former Guy:
      Would you let It manage your finances?
      Would you ride in a car with It driving?
      Would you feel comfortable with It alone with a female friend or relative?

      Then why keep on worshiping It? Wake up!

      Please explain your support for It.

    • Right, because those who don’t drink the Kool-Aid and rely on facts and critical thinking don’t believe Trump or Tina for a moment.

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