Tina Peters shifts legal defense fundraising out of state, continues to accept largesse from Pillow Guy Mike Lindell

See video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksNf_iQcjTQ

A report yesterday evening from Kyle Clark of 9News in Denver confirmed that indicted Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters has closed down her legal defense fund website, StandWithTina.org, and shifted her legal fundraising out of state to a Wisconsin fund operated by My Pillow CEO and fellow election conspiracist Mike Lindell. Lindell told Clark he is now funding Peters’ legal defense through the site, and is using some of his own funds to help her as well.

It is unclear how this will affect an ethics complaint (pdf) filed against Peters on January 13, 2022, charging her with illegally accepting funds well in excess of the amount she is legally permitted to take as an elected official under Article 29 of the Colorado Constitution.

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    • I delete comments that contain lies, particularly about elections, and sometimes I delete comments that contain rote name-calling, and since I’m an atheist, I’m not afraid of burning in “hell,” plus I can sleep in on Sundays. And FYI regarding me being a “coward,” unlike YOU I sign my name to everything I write and take full responsibility for it, and it’s taken a lot of courage to be an open atheist and lead an atheist group in Mesa County since 2007, so I’ll consider your “coward” comment more seriously when you start commenting on this blog under YOUR real name and with your real email address.

  1. “It is unclear how this will affect an ethics complaint (pdf) filed against Peters on January 13, 2022, charging her with illegally accepting funds”

    “an ethics complain” such a foggy description ! sounds bad…
    well now, who oh who would have filed an ethics complaint?

    Someone named Anne Landeman.
    Why does that name sound so familiar ?

  2. Ms. Peters broke the law on multiple occasions…… and violated her oath as a public official.

    And the attempt to defraud her husband is rather interesting too.

    Her lack of ethics leads me to the conclusion that she is not fit to represent any of us as a government official.

    For those supporting her: Would you let her manage you financial accounts? I would bet not given her behavior.

    • Steve,

      Tina’s Brave Freedumb Warrior Oaf Keeper III% Moron Labe Patriot Heroes have sacrificed common sense, honor, and actual patriotism for her promise that she could undo the 2020 election with her magic stolen hard drive. There is no tribute too large, no lie to blatant, no depth too low for them to sink.

      She’s all they’ve got left; I mean, their best of the best couldn’t even get the job done on 1/6.

    • Better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven. Read a book and study, twatwaffle. Just because you own a keyboard doesn’t mean you need to use it.

  3. Tina Peters encountered a burning building. She was a tenant,
    NOT an owner. Observing obvious signs of arson, she broke a window and extracted a family who were dazed & cowering in a corner , out to fresh air & safety .

    Tina Peters is obviously a scofflaw, burglar & vandal.

    S(h)emus be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for the broken glass. For the children’s sake

    • Tina Peters is indicted on multiple felonies for election fraud, and has been in continuous violation of Article 29 of the Colorado Constitution, an anti-corruption article that prohibits elected officials from profiting personally from their elected positions. Article 29 prohibits elected officials from accepting anything worth more than $65 it n value from anyone, any time. Peters is violating this Constitutional provision with her criminal defense fund, by accepting thousands of dollars in gifts from Mike Lindell for plane rides, hotel stays, meals, security, legal fees, bail, etc. She’s doing it knowingly.

      • That doesn’t sound nearly as exciting as Brandon’ fantasy…is that because you’re stating the actual facts?

    • ***WARNING: THIS COMMENT CONTAINS FALSE INFORMATION ABOUT ELECTIONS. Tina Peters has been charged with multiple felonies for tampering with election equipment***

      Tina Peters, suspecting illegal acts, arranged for forensic copies of the Mesa Co election servers to be made before & after the Soros-funded CO SoS caused & allowed a private company to scrub evidence of election fraud.

      Election records, required by federal and state laws to be preserved and maintained for a useful period for possible examination and verification, were altered and destroyed in a desperately pathetic coverup attempt.

      Turned out Tina Peters was absolutely correct and the b&a server copies show that election fraud did occur, as well as the coverup attempt.

      CO SoS used the power of her political office to arrest & charge Tina Peters with “crimes” lol, a common technique to discourage whistleblowers like Tina Peters. Fortunately, decent people around the country have come to her assistance.

      As just one aspect of the depraved & immoral response to Tina Peters exposé of Co SoS hugely significant illegal acts, agents of CO law enforcement scattered and damaged the contents of Remington Peters last footlocker (Remington, Navy SEAL, died during his duties in the service of our country. You can look elsewhere on this blog for disgusting belittlement and ridicule heaped upon the Peters regarding this tragedy).
      Tina Peters’ grief prevented her from ever even opening that footlocker but CO agents defiled it, throwing the contents around Tina’s room, where the locker had sat at the foot of her bed since returned to her following his death.

      If you think Tina ‘profited” from her office in this event, your collective heads will of course explode shortly when Hunter is indicted for his roles in the Biden’s life long scam selling Joe’s political position & influence. The Bidens have sold out the US people, taking in millions of dollars from America’s enemies and corporations seeking special benefits.

      Thanks for the reminder to donate to Tina Peters Defense Funds

      • The DA, a Republican, secured the indictment against Tina. The law is something else you know nothing about.

        But, sure, send her some more money.
        That’ll teach us.

        One thing Tina has going for her, her fans are still just as stupid and servile.

        • I don’t labor under the delusion that this is a D vs R issue.
          I know ol Dan R was appointed & promoted by Ds , so they must know something they like. In the finest “ham sandwich” tradition, Tina is named a defendant.

          It is hilarious how ‘law abiding’ the left is claims to be when someone blows the foghorn whistle exposing their collusions & crimes, but simply are not curious about the facts behind the elections.

          If Ds were confident Joe got 81million legitimate votes (lol) they would be screaming from their trees “AUDIT THE VOTE”, just embarrass the orangeman who so clearly broke your mind. But instead, they are pushing the notion that transparent elections are an assault on democracy.

          Here a Fun ‘politics’ question for our impartial expert;

          What do these people have in common ?
          Hunter Biden
          Anthony Weiner
          Nancy Pelosi
          Debbie Wasserman Shultz
          Seth Rich
          Jeff Epstein
          J Griswold

          answer – Computers & files of their ownership and/or control, revealing astounding & massive corruption,
          are all in the hands of patriots. Its nothing, Im sure

          • What do they have in common? Sore losers like to make accusations about them because they can’t handle that their big, strong leader got slapped down like Chris Rock at the Oscars.

          • Dear Brandon (oh, that’s clever–hillbillies with zero education don’t even hide or act embarrassed anymore, do they?) you can tell her all about it when you visit Tina. You’ll find her in jail. Or maybe write her a letter? She’ll be there soon enough. She’d a convict and she hasn’t found one–not one–instance of fraud or corruption. She’s mentally ill. What’s your excuse?

  4. So much stupidity in this lame blog. You people don’t have a clue. Why waste your time with a liar who needs attention by slandering people she’s knows nothing about. Anne Landman should be in prison for libel. Get a life.

  5. I so much enjoyed seeing scourge Tina Peters(65 yo Gold Star mom) in that yellow prison jump suit. Anyone contributing to her legal defense should be de-banked and have there social credit score brought to the minimum- meaning no more access to healthcare or ability to travel just like in China. We need to put on our brown shirts and have a cristal noct to purge our community of anyone willing to stand up to our way. It’s not who makes the votes- it’s who counts the votes that matter.

    • How sad is it, that you’re reduced to wailing made-up fantasies about what you think the other side is going to do to your side, now that you’ve lost, and will remain a laughingstock?

      BTW, it’s “Kristallnacht”. You’re too stupid to even get your own fantasies right.

  6. Peters will still have to account for her actions with her defense fund because it was not done legally. Raising money out of state does not matter because the money has to come to Colorado someday, or be deposited in an account of her lawyers, all of whom practice in Colorado and have Colorado licenses. Pillow Guy may be exposing himself to some action against him because he is possibly conspiring to avoid Colorado law. He is selling pillows at less than 50% of list price proving two things—they were absurdly overpriced and he is desperate. Lawyers can accept payment from anyone so long as it is not to defraud the courts and it does not influence negatively their representation of their clients. Courts could sanction them, the state can investigate through the campaign donation system or a disciplinary complaint could be filed against them if there is some evidence they violated their ethical responsibilities. The violation has to be pretty bad before a judge sanctions a lawyer, but the question seems to be whether they are helping their client evade the law.

    • My Pillow Giza sheets are AWESOME and a great value. Bet sheets I ever had, we love ours. The towels are great too!

      • I gotta admit, it’s a pretty savvy sales technique, convincing mouth-breathers that buying your crappy products is somehow “stickin’ it to da Libs”.

        You sure showed us, Cletus.
        What’s next, more Trump coins?

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