Mesa County Republican Party resolutions seek to “register and regulate” journalists, put voting machines in Faraday cages

Updated 3/30/22 @ 10:10 a.m.

The Mesa County Republican Party has reached a whole new level of crazy in 2022, as indicated by a handout at their assembly at the DoubleTree hotel last Saturday, March 26, that lists the party’s recommendations for the statewide GOP platform. The local party will vote on which of these resolutions to forward to the state party for inclusion in the statewide platform.

According to the handout, some Mesa County Republicans now want to register and regulate journalists “to protect against the Marxist agenda.” They support “private ownership of AR-15s, 30-round magazines and semi-automatic weapons,” firearms described by CNN Money as “the mass shooters’ go-to weapon.” Local Republicans also support “making Ivermectin an over-the-counter (OTC) drug.” Ivermectin is an anti-parasitic drug commonly used as a horse-dewormer and in dogs to prevent heartworm.

Faraday cage

The Mesa County GOP wants to abolish mail-in voting, reduce and completely eliminate all early in-person voting, require all votes be cast in person “on paper ballots after state-issued ID has been shown at a polling location,” require all completed ballots be returned in person and require voters to show ID when returning ballots. Republicans want to do away with all computerized voting throughout the state, and until they can achieve that, they want to put “all vote tabulation machines in Faraday cages to prevent electronic tampering.” (A professionally-manufactured Faraday cage big enough to hold a single piece of voting equipment currently costs $24,850.00.)

In local resolutions, Republicans want to block all Mesa County law enforcement agencies from cooperating with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in any case that threatens the rights of others.” Last but not least, the Mesa County Republican Party now officially “publicly denounces Democrats & the Democrat Party as communists.”


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  1. These people with their voter fraud claims are beyond lost. Yup, the dems committed fraud in such a manner that they lost all the races in Mesa County. The dems lost seats in the house of representatives as well. The Republicans writers commenting here are fools that are being manipulated by their leaders who are only slightly smarter than they are. Their comments should be completely dismissed as idiocy until they can inject some logic into their thought process. They are either purposely anti American or so vulnerable to bullshit they should not be allowed to vote or make any decisions concerning voting at all.

  2. seamy ol boy; thanks for proving my point …
    another reply limited to personal insults and self-righteous self-imposed ignorance.

    The nation is better off with Putin as adversary (with his tiny economy but pile of nukes) than a Pelosi or Biden as ally. Meanwhile powerhouse China owns the biden clan & a bunch other D & R’s
    (Barbarian Management 101 – Buy Off The Leaders). And soon they will probably own Taiwan. And even you will then understand what happens when Taiwans chip production is disrupted. Or when brandon manages to destroy the petro-dollar ( you probably have zero idea of the benefits the US enjoyed by exporting dollar, but you are about to feel the disaster of breaking up that system!)

    say, which ‘baseless” accusations would you be referring to ?

    The flopped Mueller Probe (the come-up-empty witch hunt) ?

    The snowballing Durham indictments ?

    The never verified & throughly discredited Russia Dossier?

    The proof straight from Brennens hand that Obama was in the loop on hiLIARys little scheme.

    The “51 Intel Bigwigs” who covered for hunters laptop?

    Hunters abandonded laptop (which even cnn/msnbc is struggling to get out in front of after banning mention of it BEFORE the election).
    Wait until you see the family porn HB liked to produce & savor.

    The FEC fines on DNC/HRC; paltry but verifying basic elements of Durham?

    The “7% trafficked” ballots in all key swing states as shown by a couple trillion phone pings?

    The fact joe can’t draw ants to a picnic, but DJT packs venue after venue?

    The Ukraine “Gas Expert” that mysteriously run in the Biden, Pelosi, Kerry , etc families ?

    You call D’Souza (see 2000 Mules, coming soon!) a convictd felon for a $10K shell donation to a personal friend in a low lever race, but are OK with Zuckerberg’s doling out $450 million to buy control of certain districts. (D’Souza made the charming obama & hilliary must-watch movies, and was maliciously & exceptionally prosecuted in return… now THAT shit is straight out of russiarussiarussia )

    Im still waiting for a glimmer of intelligence to come even one from your posts, yet you wallow about in clueless accusations. lol Beta male.
    You got a source on that? You’ll be fortunate if we never connect; I have yet to meet one chub throwing such words at total strangers, who isnt a milquetoast in RL.

    talk about existing in a bubble …

    oh well , just shows you cant argue facts & logic with a lib; if they understood either one, they wouldn’t be a lib !

    • (Aside from all your usual, unsubstantiated BS)

      A source for you being a Beta male? Attaching yourself like a remora to an Uber-Beta like Trump, who kisses Putin’s ass and is obsessed with his self-image, kinda proves my point. You all try so desperately to play tough guy vicariously, when you can’t even face facts. That’s why Right Wing BS and telling each other what Brave Patriots you are is more your style.

      Not to mention “calling me out” as posting anonymously (as if you’re not) and making a hilarious threat about what would happen if we’d meet. I’ll tell you what would happen. You’d mumble some crap about thanking me for my service, because you probably assume everyone sportin’ a veteran hat thinks like you do. Or, even better, you’d accuse me of lying about being a veteran, because that’s also how you spineless wonders operate. Reality is not your friend, which is why you spend so much time playing make-believe with your little pals.

      Go send Tina some more money, chump.

  3. I think it’s hysterical that the GOP “patriots” who support Putin are calling us communists. Y’all were fascists with trump in office and communists who back Putin over a democratic sovereign nation. I don’t know where you get your f***ing facts but you crazy idiots elected Bobo the worst representative in Congress on machines we “hacked”. Believe me if we hacked the machines that ignorant hateful troll would not represent us. So use your conspiracy theories to keep you warm at night the rest of the country is going back to work and building a better life and stronger America than you clowns never did.

    • umm hate to be the one to break this news, but Putin is NOT communist. More of a modern czarist really, and very much a kleptocrat , even more so than the feckless Biden clan, and definitely a Russian nationalist aka ‘patriot’ (waaaay more than JB… who has been to border of Ukraine , but not to the US border where some 3+ million illegals from 150 nations, majority being military age males (com’onman! we got to staff those gangs somehow !) , have poured over into the US. As aside, are you seeing the new influx? They are everywhere here – in fact the demoncrats regime chartered flights & used military bases to disperse their invaders of choice ! )

      But, the USA promised , way back when we helped engineer the inevitable & overdue fall of the Soviet Union , using currency manipulation and their own oligarch’s greed, to never expand NATO to Russia’s border. Heck even slo Joe in on tape identifying NATO over-expansion as a nonnegotiable trigger point for Russia! Probably has something to do with Russia’s long history of being invaded from the West by one Euro power after another for 200 years, but thats going way over your head !

      • Yeah, well, whatever you want to call Putin, you and the rest of the GOP/GQP/Mesa County Nutballs are kissing his ass like it’s your damn job. Unless you’re just doing it for funsies.

        • curious dude – have you EVER had anything with a spark of intelligence, or an untwisted insightful fact, to say in your entire time here ?

          Just seem like a clueless angry spoonfed deluded bot, up on your hind legs barking orangemanbad like pavlov forgot to feed you, meanwhile biden has been running a family grift operation, lieing about his life and achievements, blowing with whatever popular wind is whistling at the moment

          Trumps is a blow hard with a big ego, the right ideas for the country and he got the job done .

          I just hope we get reach the end of biden debacle without another bloody war like every pres has entered EXCEPT TRUMP.

          Joe was O’s “point man” in Iraq. Failed to help the citizens the US destroyed, but his brother did nab a juicy a $500M contract.

          Joe was “point man” in China. Failed to resolve their PAcific expansion, but did leave with his kid helming a $1B slush fund.

          Joe was “point man” to Ukraine. Blackmailed them with a $1B loan to get an investigator off the scent of his dirty kid and the UK gas oligarchs.

          unbelievable what YOU will put up with to pretend you have any morals

          serious question .

          • Says the Trump lackey who repeats the same empty accusations while trying to pretend Trump isn’t actively begging Putin to help him with Biden. You’re all the same; tough talkers who, in reality, are just a bunch of spineless Beta males desperate for a fascist to put them back in charge. It’s over. You lost, and your legacy will be nothing but scorn and ridicule. Go back to your little “Patriot” clubhouse and tell each other what heroes you are, how Tina and the Pillow Guy are gonna take everyone down, and pretend everyone else isn’t laughing at you.

  4. One only needs to read a few of the replies here to feel terrible for the status of the human gene pool. OMG such nonsense!!! And these people are allowed to carry weapons?

  5. #1 Those were suggestions for passage from individual precinct caucuses, not the platform. You don’t understand the process. They may or may not be introduced at State Assembly next weekend. Till then they are just ideas.
    #2 An AR-15 is NOT an assault weapon. Assault is conducted by a person, not a firearm which is inanimate. Now CNN is the expert? Ha!
    #3 Requiring journalists to be registered is what every other profession has to do. Doctors, teachers, engineers, etc. It will hold them to a higher standard which they are not held to currently.
    #4 Dominion Vote tabulators have been proven to contain wi-fi connectable modems which are illegal.

    • Donny;

      “#2 An AR-15 is NOT an assault weapon. Assault is conducted by a person, not a firearm which is inanimate. Now CNN is the expert? Ha!”

      You can’t really be that stupid, can you?
      I mean, this is a joke, right?

      #3 Requiring journalists to be registered is what every other profession has to do. Doctors, teachers, engineers, etc. It will hold them to a higher standard which they are not held to currently.

      Ever hear of the 1st Amendment? It’s the one that comes before the second. You wanna register journalists? Goin’ full Nazi, there are ya?

      • yeah I’ve heard of that 1st Amendment.
        Something about the sanctity & wisdom of Free Speech.

        Meanwhile the left is , & has always, attempted to implement information restrictions.

        “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears.
        It was their final, most essential command.”

        “We know they are lying, they know they are lying, they know we know they are lying, we know they know we know they are lying … but they are still lying.”

        There are some decent cartoon versions of 1984 / Animal Farm. AFAIK, you still must wade through the Gulag Archipelago on your own

        • What “information restrictions”? I’m gonna go ahead an accept you won’t back up your claims. You never do.

          As usual, you’re just using lot of (other people’s) words to say, “I can’t justify my stance, so I’m going to pretend my party hasn’t gone completely down the crapper”.

          • so, never heard of facebook / twitter / NYT / WaaPoo , heck even google is trying to erase Trump from searches. lol

            you must be of the ilk
            ” its private property so the are no Speech / Opinion Rights” as in ” XYZ Corp owns the Town Square, so shut UP when you are there. Serf ”

            Well the censorship worked for awhile ( but check out twiiters share price … better sell soon !)

            and look around what FJBs “81 million votes” (LOL) got you;
            WW3 looming, 3X energy prices, fertilizer cost more than the food produced, the POTUS & family about to be indicted. Dozens of Ds Reps “retiring to spend more time with family”.

            Are you actually unable to open any of the links I often post with useful info ( or search topic yourself…). But why bother reading & thinking, if you can just have ☭ИИ or MSNBC tell you what to think. Or to not, LOL

            I remain appropriately in awe of your awesome awesomeness, though; I mean, who else can wallow into the coffee shop and proclaim ” I anonymously via the internet called some guy I dont even know a ‘cuc’ and he didnt do nuffin bout it” THATS is awesome!

          • Wow, you are really off the deep end, there. If you can’t follow the rules of Twitter, FB, TownHall, whatever, they can kick you off. I’ve been scolded by FB for hurting the delicate feelings of plenty of folks like you. And so many delicate feelings you have.

            You don’t believe in private property rights? Why am I not surprised? Rank hypocrisy does go hand-in-hand with intellectual cowardice.

            Also, who called you a “cuck”? Not me. That seems to be your own issue. Weird that you’d bring it up. Well, not really that weird.

    • Holding journalists to a higher standard as defined by whom? You forget a little thing called the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, which states in part, “Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press”. There are no similar rights conveyed to practice medicine, education, or engineering – those are largely left to the states under the Tenth Amendment.

      Any attempt at registration, licensure, or whatever you want to call it of journalists runs afoul of one of the most fundamental principles of freedom and liberty we have. And if you want to push the point further, we can speculate on what the founding fathers may have meant when they put “a well regulated militia” in the EQUALLY precious Second Amendment. Think carefully, if you still can.

  6. before we start hyperventilating about the AR15, lets look at the data shall we?

    In 2019, FBI stats lists 13,927 homicides. Firearms were used in over 10,000 of those ( looking at YOU, Chicago!)

    however , “rifles” of all types accounted for only 364 of those.

    Meanwhile, knives were used in nearly 1,500 murders and “hands, fists, feet” took 600 lives.

  7. What the heck are these people smoking?

    Don’t have the time or energy to rebut or comment on every one of these wacko planks, but how on Earth do they think they are going to regulate “journalism”?

    I would suggest they start with OAN and Fox News … then let us know how that works out. But wait, those aren’t “journalism,” so never mind.

  8. In Mesa County, CO, 36 wireless devices were found connected to the EMS server. Future Inmate-of-the-Year & known liar Griswold declared there were none.

    In GA, election computers were found to be accessed via a nearby wifi-equipped thermostat. Illegally of course.

    Dominions “Trusted Build” lol; Tina Peters stunning & brave act to take forensic images of election computers proves the Trusted Build actually was a desperate ploy to erase evidence of vote manipulation.

    Of course there other ways to prevent hacking election computers; the easiest would hand-counting of tightly controlled paper ballots, cast personally by voters showing genuine ID on “Voting Day” (with extremely limited exceptions).

    SoS Grissy (D) offered to conduct elections from under a highway overpass to shield servers from wireless hacking, but seamus added a new wing to his ripstop mansion/tent & hogged too much space down there.

    In WI, the election commissioners empowered nursing home attendants to harvest ballots from incapacitated residents. Is there no level a D wont stoop to?

    So, paper it is. Like other civilized countries. Since when do we entrust vital & necessary (and extremely corruptable) societal functions to private companies who then declare their systems & programming to be “trade secrets” or proprietary. (Beside the Fed of course who managed to destroy 95% of the Dollars value , diluting your savings by printing mountains of cash with no backing.)

  9. lol why do you include ivermectin in your latest screed ?

    Ivermectin is one of the SAFEST drugs in the entire pharmacopeia ( >4 billion human doses, extraordinarily few adverse effects).

    Now, IF it was ineffective as an early treatment against muhCovid ( a continuous issue if ever there was! I, for one, nursed 3 covid patients back to health, with no personal protection beyond daily zinc & ivermectin weekly).. what matters it to you ?


  10. a ‘faraday cage’ could be as simple a chicken wire enclosure.
    Only a true lib would spend $30K for one

    • Only an idiot would think they’d need a Farady Cage for a voting machine.
      You lost. Get over it.
      Or not, I guess.

        • “Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming”? LOL Seriously?
          You chuckleheads couldn’t accomplish a simple operation with massive numbers (though low total IQ); you’re not really accomplished at dealing with actual resistance.
          Mostly, it’s just telling each other what badasses you are, and how you’re gonna make everyone pay.
          Any Day Now.

          • Except reality. You and the rest of your Brave Patriot Warrior III% Oaf Keeper Moron Labe Heroes keep telling yourself that THE DAY WILL COME while hold your War Council at Main Street Bagels.

  11. ***WARNING***This comment contains false statements and misinformation regarding elections.***

    You must have missed clip-atop-clip, reel after reel, from one democrat after another , reiterating the findings of multiple investigations ( for instance a Comission headed by that radical JIMMY CARTER (D) , declaring that Mail-In ballots are subject to fraud, rendering any such election invalid.

    Tina Peters’ incredibly brilliant and brave act , namely making before/after copies proving Dominion under the slimy wing of CO SoS Griswold erased and altered election computers to hide evidence of rampant election fraud.

    This history-making act of courage & foresight proved there were DOZENS of internet access points into CO election system , which was supposed to be insulated from remote hacking.

    Fortunately , the intelligent voters across the USA will send the Democratic party to political Siberia later this year , and again in 2024, so we can again enjoy legitimate elections.

    then maybe the remaining nutter dems can go back to harmlessly declaring that XY and XX chromosomes are not “science”.

  12. Was this their completed platform, or resolutions to be voted on? If there was a vote, did all this insanity pass?

    • It’s their stated platform.
      CORRECTION: These are resolutions from the the Mesa County GOP that they will vote on for possible inclusion in the state-wide GOP platform.

  13. Anne,
    A lot to unpack! A request, please. Could you attach a copy of the “platform” to your FB post? I would like to have this handy when I get into it with a Republican dunderhead. A link would also suffice.
    I am currently reading (listening, Audible) Shadow Network which is doing a very thorough job of explaining how they got to this point. A worthwhile read.

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