Tina Peters hires attorney who defended Bannon’s co-conspirator in “We Build the Wall” fraud

Harvey Steinberg (Photo: BestLawyers.com)

Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters has hired big-gun Colorado criminal defense attorney Harvey Steinberg of Denver to defend her in her criminal case(s).

Steinberg is the lawyer the Denver Broncos and other high-profile sports figures keep on speed dial for whenever they get busted for rape, road rage, domestic violence, DUIs, driving with a suspended license and such.

Steinberg is also the guy who defended Steve Bannon’s accomplice Brian Kolfage in the “We Build the Wall” fundraising scam.

“We Build The Wall” was a private fundraising campaign in which Bannon and accomplices, including Kolfage, defrauded hundreds of thousands of MAGA-heads out of over $25 million through an online crowdfunding campaign. Bannon and Kolfage pitched the campaign to unsuspecting Trump supporters as a private effort to build a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico. Bannon and Kolfage promised Trumpers they would “not take a penny in salary or compensation” for their efforts, and that “100% of the funds raised …[would] be used in the execution of our mission and purpose.”

Reality check

In reality, Bannon, Kolfage and other co-conspirators diverted hundreds of thousands of dollars raised by the campaign to pay their personal expenses and credit card debt and buy expensive luxury items like jewelry, home renovations, high-end SUVs, golf carts and plastic surgery.

Bannon was arrested for conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering by the U.S. Postal Inspection Service while he was off the coast of Connecticut, lounging on a 150-foot long super-yacht owned by a Chinese billionaire.

Trump pardoned Bannon, so he was never held accountable for the scam and got off scot free.

Kolfage, a triple amputee Air Force veteran and the one who started the We Build The Wall campaign, was left to twist and hired Harvey Steinberg to defend him.

How did that turn out?

It turns out even the great Harvey Steinberg can’t win them all.

On April 21, 2022, in a plea agreement, Kolfage pled guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. Kolfage also pled guilty to tax and wire fraud charges filed by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Florida. As part of his plea agreement, Kolfage agreed to serve a sentence of 51 to 63 months in prison, and pay a fine of $20,000 to $200,000 on top of forfeiting another $17.8 million.

As of April, 2020, Steinberg charged $500/hour.


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  1. Veteran and Triple Amputee Brian Kolfage Built 4 Miles of Border Wall with $25 Million in Donations.

    Mayorkas Spent $72 Million in Tax Payer Dollars just to shut down Wall Construction.

    New York sent 15 Postal Service Agents to Florida to arrest triple amputee Kolfage. They dragged him to their car in the rain withou

    New York officials charged Brian and others with fraud for taking $350,000 in donations as salary for their work.

    The group built more border wall than Republican or Democrat lawmakers had in several years. But the organizers took money to pay for their efforts and expenses while independently building the wall on the Southern border!
    …So they needed to be punished.

    On his first day in office Joe Biden shut down further construction of President Trump’s US border wall. US aid to secure the disputed Ukraine border has exceeded $3 billion in destroyed, stolen or captured weaponry.

  2. According to court documents, Harvey Steinberg withdrew as Kolfage’s attorney on August 20, 2021 so he didn’t have any involvement in the outcome.

  3. ***Warning: This comment contains false claims of election fraud in Colorado. No widespread fraud has occurred in Colorado.****

    a) criticize a controversial victim of politicalized law enforcement for hiring a highly regarded Colorado criminal defense attorney to defend against a charge of “election interference”
    b) ignore someone elected with out-of-state cash who actually DID engage in “election interference” erasing election records which revealed Dominion altered required records

    what a choice

  4. I thought it was “Let’s Go Brandon”?

    You poor fellas can’t even get your own memes right; are you sure you wanna throw stones?

    • I realize you ain’t the brightest match in the box,
      but if you can’t savor top shelf puns worked into a reply
      to a Brenda … as a Brendan,

      it does explain a lot about why
      The Left Can’t Meme.

      W it
      I nsight
      P opular
      T ruth

    • thanks anne for this little object lesson in ” bias. ”

      *** comment not removed. looks swell to me ***

      “Nasty, like trafficking in underage girls?
      Nasty, like whipping out your junk and flashing it at underage girls?
      Like, that kind of “Nasty”?”

      *** comment not removed. looks swell to me ***

      How many MyPillows does this guy own?

      *** comment not removed. looks swell to me ***
      The far right sure seems to have its own little ecosystem of mutants, geeks, whores & thieves.

      nothing can stop it. nothing. its coming

    • heres the OT removal…. see for yourself if its wrong;

      The point for the wet matches here is –

      joe is the witless benefactor of a stolen election, and Tina Peters will be recorded in History as a less-than-perfect person who played a brave and important role in righting that wrong.

      Looks like your boy joe of stolen election fame is finally going to get us in a shooting war on Russia’s border; US warmongers gave their personal gangsters in Ukraine (figure-headed by the oddly near-billionaire zelenszky) targeting data to hit a transport aircraft chock full of Russian officers. The people that turned back everyone from the Mongols to Napoleon and Hitler are probably mad about that.

      We are pouring billions of weapons into the region , and the ones that don’t get destroyed at the depot (wonder how business over at Raytheon – maybe ask board member Sec Def Austin when he takes that stupid paper thing off his face) or stolen for sale on the black market ( get ready for some real fun there) are being captured and turned right back at the proles of Ukraines.

      Too bad that Joe’s War of Burisma Conflict of Interest wont stay there.
      Might want to go visit Colorado Springs before 50 miles around of the surrounding land gets turned to glowing glass.

      Why is it ; that all and more of the terrible shit that the leftist looniverse claimed Trump was going to do – crash markets, throw us into recession, get us entangled in far off useless wars, destroy civil rights and flood the country with invaders (5 million invaders and counting)v actually didnt happen under the orangemanhitler, but every day brings us a new disaster under the demented puppet who has to be watched over by an easter bunny .

      why is that ?

      • Yeah, we all get that you’re a shill for Putin, just like your spineless orange blob of corruption.

        The Free world sees things differently; just like so many things, this just won’t end the way you’re fervently hoping it will.

    • ohh… comeon, I mean let’s go Brendan but
      You should KNOW the left cant meme !

      A meme requires a Popular Truth presented with Wit & Insight.
      Inhabitants of the leftist looniverse lacks each of those aspects,
      by their very Nature it would seamys.

      heres a citation

  5. Seamus your comments are not helpful. Your comments stray from the topic to nasty. Being nasty is close to ignore. Show your support but stay nice.

    • Nasty, like trafficking in underage girls?
      Nasty, like whipping out your junk and flashing it at underage girls?
      Like, that kind of “Nasty”?

  6. Every defendant should have counsel. That a lawyer defends people, bad or good, does not warrant an attack on the lawyer.

    • Gene, I didn’t interpret Ms. Landman’s comments to be an attack on an attorney. We all know that money correlates with freedom. I believe that every defendant deserves the same level of representation. Let Ms. Peters have a public defender. The truths will be made manifest. Bigly.

  7. The only folks dumber than Tina will be the belligerently ignorant, mouth-breathing yokels who end up paying for her attorney. Lucky for him, Mesa County is full of them.

    • “nothing can stop it. nothing. its coming.”

      I’ve heard some Depends might help you with that sort of thing…

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