Just how much are taxpayers paying Tina Peters and Belinda Knisely not to do their jobs?

Tina Peters

Everyone wants to know just how much Mesa County taxpayers are shelling out in salary and benefits to indicted Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters and Deputy Clerk Belinda Knisely for not doing their jobs while they obey conditions of their bond to stay away from their workplace and co-workers. During all this time of not going to work, they have continued to collect paychecks.

Thanks to the County, we’ve got the figures.

Between August 10, 2021 and April 22, 2022, Knisely collected a total of $71,524.14 in salary and benefits including health and disability insurance, and Tina collected a total of $83,958.88 for a grand total paid to the pair since August 10, 2021 of $155,483.02.

Belinda Knisely

The two are indicted on multiple felony charges related to election tampering.












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  1. Please Jack give me THE FACTS! That is what I am seeking, and the articles in the Constitution that are being shredded. Thank you.

    • heres a start on ‘facts’ needed for these interesting times;

      shitbesofake, an outsider got elected and we got easy mortgages, cheap gas, cheap food, energy independence, no new wars and a focus on our Nation’s own issues.

      Establishment hacks steal back in to power and we get world war 3 simmering, staggering inflation, medical tyranny, a Department of Misinformation headed by proven hoaxster fan grl, and need that mortgage to pay for gas.

  2. I can hear the ring announcer already ;

    in her 1st earth-moving defense of election integrity,
    and in an active and profit-less pursuit to expose a crime
    of historical, national and eternal implications!

    the soros-sponsored Colorado Sec of State who actually ( ok ok allegedly FOR NOW LOL)
    engaged in the actual crime of “election interference” and election records destruction,
    along with her corner-man & co-conspirator Dominion ! allegedly . of course


    Im torn , seamy ol chap, pls tell me what to think …
    cos Jena IS sort of cute, in a
    maybe-after-a-6pack sort of way.

    • Wow.
      If this isn’t the perfect depiction of the mind of a Tina/Trump QAnon wackadoo –

      Some kind of comical adolescent “my Dad can beat up Dad guy” fantasy, because reality is just too traumatic.

      Tina is going to prison.
      No one is going to ride down on a chariot from the heavens to save Tina, cast all the libruls in Hell, and make Trump Emperor for Forever.

      Also, Jena is smarter, more powerful, and demonstrably hotter than Tina. She’s also not going to jail.

      Keep dreaming, because waking up would be far too traumatic to you.

    • are you a BOW like a servant
      or a BOW like in a little girls’ hair?

      either way it just ice goes to sHOW

      the left CAN’t meme

      at all

    • 2000 mules could be wrong.
      All that cell phone data for naugth
      trillions of hits following the 2000 Mule Team

      . giddye up libby yuppie

  3. This valuable and educational blog has been sludged by conspiracy cultists, according to the June edition of e-Popular Scientist. Reading further, Popular Scientist alleges that such trolls’ personal information is being fed into a nation-wide NSA information sweep. If I were one of these Tina trolls, I’d wrap my cell phone, computer, and sharkfin car antenna in heavy aluminum foil. Do you think this is for real?

  4. $155K ? wowzers

    My money is on Tina being re-instated with back pay,
    & compensation from a juicy settlement for malicious prosecution. Maybe even a fancy office with CO SoS letterhead stationary bearing her name.

    can you still raise that 10 bucks , Mr Seamus ?

    hmm, maybe wagering that kind of loot is illegal.
    How about just bet a bottle of good stuff?
    Let’s go Brandy

    • Keep wrapping yourself in those delusions like a smelly old blanket. Reality is not kind to you, and it’s not going to get any better.

      Send Tina money.

    • You guys are insane, try getting some facts. Jeez that lady is a criminal! And she’s going down, what happened to the law and order party? Crazy! I never heard so much fake patriotism from a bunch of people shredding the constitution. Propaganda from Russian news channel Fox has clouded your vision. Sad.

      • The GQP abandoned everything in return for what Trump promised them; of course, like every other two-bit con man, he was lying. They’re just too dumb, stubborn, and hateful to admit it.

      • Tip Toe
        You seem to have the inside information help us out here.
        The 29K files that were deleted, Can you please share why and who did it?
        I hear nearly 1000 votes were recorder in 47 seconds and it is said that the machines capability to process that same number of votes would take a minimum of 9 minutes. Please help me with the difference.T.

        • the droids you seek may be located by searching (“google” is not “searching” ; google scrubs unfavorable info… )

          of the phrase

          “Forensic Examination Proves Vote Manipulation and Illegal Destruction of Records on Dominion Voting Machines”

  5. ***Warning: This is a false claim about the election. NO widespread fraud has been found in Colorado elections.***

    Dominions fraud ( erasing election computers and altering data bases)
    occurring under the protective guise of Jena Griswold (the CO SoS in office due to out of STATE funding) occurred both inside and outside of Mesa too.

    Children , criminals and fools often draw squiggly lines around their various offenses to explain away their guilt. Not going to fly here

    • Like how Tina committed identity theft, creating and using an ID card with someone else’s name to pin her crime on someone else? That sort of thing?

      Gerald Wood’s lying, too, isn’t he?
      They’re all in on the conspiracy.

  6. I dont know …. more or less than this guy ?

    Newly Released Footage Shows Moment Democrat Rep. Matt Gray Is Arrested for Drunk Driving .. .at his kids Elementary Schooll


    • Mesa County’s not paying his salary, Braniac. He’s a State Rep. So, to answer your vapid question, Tina and her partner in corruption and crime are being paid a lot more out of Mesa County Taxpayer’s pockets than your lame attempt at a deflection.

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