Boebert supporters fail in legal effort to disqualify Don Coram from the primary

Rep. Don Coram (R-Montrose)

A Denver judge ruled on Wednesday, April 27, that Don Coram, a Republican candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives 3rd Congressional District seat, can remain on the primary ballot and challenge GOP incumbent Lauren Boebert.

Coram had petitioned onto the ballot and turned almost 2,000 signatures in to the Secretary of State. A petitioner must have 1,500 valid signatures to qualify for the primary ballot. Of the number Coram turned in, 1,536 were validated, but four voters in the district filed a lawsuit challenging that number, claiming some of the signatures the Secretary of State had accepted were actually invalid. The lawsuit specifically challenged 390 of the signatures that had been accepted.

The Court re-examined the signatures that the plaintiff’s questioned, and found a total 19 of them that should not have been accepted. The ruling still left Coram with enough valid signatures to be included on the June 28, 2022 primary ballot.

The four people who challenged the signatures included Dale Ruggles, Operations Supervisor for Williams Energy, and David “Lee” Laird of Montrose, who had previously sent letters to the editor of the Durango Herald under the name “Dee Laird.” Laird’s letters directed people to Boebert’s attack website against Coram, “” The other two litigants were Byron Roberts and Mandy Roberts.

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  1. Doggone Montrose County Librul; he’s gonna have to practice posing in tight jeans, spewing ignorant garbage on Twitter, and cozying up to folks who like to waggle their privates at underage girls, if he’s gonna win the GOP in CD 3.

    Those voters definitely have a “type”.

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