It’s happening! Tina Peters: The Movie

Screen shot of the 2 minute, 15 second movie trailer for “Selection Code,” made by Lara Logan and financed by My Pillow Guy Mike Lindell

Get out the popcorn, Mesa County.

A new “documentary” movie is coming out July 16 that tells the story of embattled Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters’ efforts to convince people that massive election fraud occurred in Mesa County’s voting machines.

In reality, a recent months-long, thorough investigation into allegations of voting machine problems by Mesa County District Attorney Dan Rubinstein and his team, the results of which were presented to the Mesa County Commissioners and the public last week, reveal that was not the case. The evidence revealed beyond a doubt that human action by a member of Peters’ own Elections Department staff, who was trying to remedy a frozen computer screen, was at the heart of Peters’ accusations, and the investigation found the County’s vote tabulating machines worked appropriately and counted ballots accurately.

The movie, called “Selection Code,” was created by Lara Logan, a former 60 Minutes host-turned-Fox Nation talking head.

Logan was forced to apologize for a 60 Minutes segment in 2013 about Benghazi after it was revealed that the segment had been based on the word of a single security contractor named Dylan Davies who had lied to Logan about his experiences inside the U.S. Embassy in Libya. It turned out Davies was nowhere near the embassy at the time of the attack. CBS retracted the segment and Logan apologized for it. The network chief and executive producer of “60 Minutes” at the time described the segment as “the worst mistake on my 10-year watch.” 

After that disgrace, Logan left CBS and in 2018 became a Fox News commentator where she drew widespread condemnation after making a comment on the air in November, 2021, in which she likened Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and public health advisor to the President, to Dr. Josef Mengele, a Nazi war criminal.

Fox News dumped her after that comment, and her talent agency also dropped her after the comment.

Once considered a courageous war correspondent, in the last decade Logan has developed a reputation for spouting right wing lies.

Lara Logan (Photo: Wikipedia)

Logan once enjoyed a distinguished reputation as an extraordinarily brave war correspondent, having covered the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and returning to those countries over and over again despite almost losing her life in 2003. In recent years, though, she’s developed a reputation as a “truth bender” — to put it lightly — leading news outlets to keep their distance from her and leading people to ask “What happened to Lara Logan?”

Examples of her current hard right-wing persona include statements she made in March of 2022.

On March 11, 2022, episode of the Charlie Kirk Show streamed on, Logan said the Covid-19 vaccines were “murdering people” and were “genocide by government.”

Logan falsely linked Ukrainian President Zelenskyy’s previous career in entertainment to the occult and said the entire Ukrainian military has ties to “actual Nazis.” That same month, Logan promoted a piece on her Gettr social media account that claimed Jews are behind an attempt to create “a one world government.” She also said that the Rothschilds, a Jewish banking family, engineered the U.S. Civil War, as well as the assassinations of Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy, and that Vladimir Putin purged “the Rothschild money changers.” The Kremlin has been using Logan’s remarks to justify Putin’s war on Ukraine. Also in March, Logan also claimed that Darwinism is a plot from the Rothschilds.

Logan attended the May 5 movie premier at Mar A Lago of Dinesh DiSousa’s election denial film “2,000 Mules,” the same event Tina Peters got dispensation from the Court to attend in May. Peters treated the premier as a campaign event, listing some of the expenses for the trip in her state campaign finance filing for May.

“Selection Code” is described as a “political thriller” by, a far right wing commentary website also known for poor sourcing, conspiracy theories, propaganda, and failed fact checks. RedVoiceMedia describes the movie about Peters and voting machines as “Lara Logan’s most important assignment to date,” and says the movie reveals “yet another facet in the ever-unfolding saga of election fraud, demonstrating the role of the machines in stealing our vote.”

The movie was financed by My Pillow Guy Mike Lindell, and is due out on July 16.

Lara Logan with Kyle Rittenhouse at the May 5 premier of Dinesh DiSousa’s election denier movie, “2,000 Mules”

Blurb from movie website describing the film

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  1. The absolute venom spewing from this site is nauseating. It is so clear to the rest of normal, God loving society that the Democrats are really real life Demons. The author of this crap and the people that comment on this site really have no idea how filthy they are. It is beyond obvious that corrupt piece of garbage didn’t win anything. The 2020 election was stolen by a bunch of devils that comment on this so-called blog. If I didn’t know any better, Anne Landman is a devil’s lover. Don’t worry, 2023 will see Biden and Hillary perp walked and handcuffed and then sent to jail for the rest of their lives. I sure wish the death penalty was on the table for treason. Those two would be hanging by now.

  2. On October 9th, 2020, CISA released an advisory stating they “recently observed APT actors exploiting multiple legacy vulnerabilities…” against SLTT, Critical Infrastructure and Elections organizations.

    This means 1 month before the election they knew bad actors were trying to exploit vulnerabilities within our election infrastructure.

  3. poll results

    “What do you think of the District Attorney’s decision not to move forward with any legal action related to purported election fraud?”

    7.6% It’s the right call based on a thorough investigation

    1.2% It’s the right call in these instances, but I still believe the system can be manipulated remotely and more needs to be done to investigate it

    I don’t trust Dominion Voting Systems and believe there was widespread fraud committed by the company and internal and external actors in the 2020 election

    • The above poll data taken at the Western Colorado (Oath Keepers) Senior Leadership Meeting (aka the Sexual Offenders self check-in window at the MCDF).

  4. We all know Biden and Hillary will agree that Biden will not run due to age etc, and that Hillary will run, get the nomination, and 189% of the popular vote, and 98.5% of the electoral college. She will be sworn in. All wars will end. She will serve 2 terms. The constitution will be amended, and she will serve an additional 16 terms.

  5. “New FBI emails show the bureau’s top priority request to the DNC was to obtain unredacted copies of the CrowdStrike reports on the alleged DNC hack.

    According to the Roger Stone prosecutors, the FBI never received the unredacted reports.” —Ivan Pentchoukov

    “One week after this email, the US government formally attributed the hack of the DNC to Russia.


    • Remember, Tina Peters is the only person in Mesa County history to ever knowingly and wilfully refuse to count hundreds of legitimately-cast ballots, specifically 574 of them cast in the 2019 election.

      • That alone should cause Tina to be unemployable, unlovable, unredeemable, and forever unwanted.

  6. Looking forward to hearing about how TP saved the County from counting 600 irrelevant votes in 2019. And about TP’s courageous stand against entangling the County in the sordid process of running Grand Junction City elections.

  7. Time for a documentary to expose the “mockumentry”

    “Frontline” would be a great place to start

  8. There’s an incredible election story developing in Georgia right now — in the same week that the U.S. Federal Government has been forced to admit that Dominion Voting machines (used in all of Georgia’s counties) are vulnerable to hacking.

    According to the local paper Decaturish: DeKalb County (GA) just released the results of a hand count in the District 2County Commission primary race — and the hand count revealed such massive discrepancies between the May 24th machine results and the June 1 hand count that it has flipped the race!

    • Again, with the half-truths. The truth is so much simpler, and negates the desperate, wild-eyed conjecture.

      “Election officials said that the late withdrawal of a fourth candidate in the race and a redistricting error had led to a computer programming glitch that caused a miscount. That made it appear as if Ms. Spears had not received a single vote in all but four of the district’s nearly 40 precincts, according to the county’s election supervisors. They characterized the glitch as being isolated.

      The elections board is scheduled to meet on Friday to certify the results in the race.

      “We believe that taking the extra time to review and audit the results is imperative to maintaining the public’s confidence in elections, and we are eager to work with our partners at the Secretary of State to prevent these types of issues from reoccurring in the future,” Dele Lowman Smith, the chairwoman of the DeKalb Board of Registration and Elections, said in a statement on Wednesday.”

      • The New York Times & the WaaPoo won a joint Pulitzer Prize for publishing what was alreay known & is now proven even to the useful idiots , to be a hiLIARy scam.

        Meanwhile the NY Post was banished & censored for reporting on the Hunter Biden Laptop from Hell .


        Let that sink in …

  9. the republicans and their tokenism…..KYLE RITTENHOUSE, SERIOUSLY???? laffing all the way to the toilet!!! kyle rittenhouse hahahahahahahhahahaahahahahahahahahahha!!!

  10. What planet am I on?


    Well, it fits in line with the christian mindset that a guy named jesus has the final trademark and copyright, and only for a select few. Christian ignorance.


  11. The Cabal Admits Machines Can Be Hacked
    Halderman Report Leaked.
    Was Used In Court Case Which Declared Machines Illegal In GA .

    ATLANTA (AP) — Electronic voting machines from a leading vendor used in at least 16 states have software vulnerabilities that leave them susceptible to hacking says the nation’s leading cybersecurity agency in an advisory sent to state election officials, reported AP this morning…

    “These vulnerabilities would carry very serious consequences,”
    Halderman told the AP.

    • Funny how you try to pretend that AP wrote the story you linked, and the most important takeaway: “Halderman agrees that there’s no evidence the vulnerabilities were exploited in the 2020 election.”

      Here’s the actual report, not the cherry-picked version:

    • CISA Executive Director Brandon Wales said in a statement that “states’ standard election security procedures would detect exploitation of these vulnerabilities and in many cases would prevent attempts entirely.”

      Not to forget that Colorado does have paper ballots. Every single one of them.

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