Tina Peters losing support locally

Support for Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters appears to be waning among her “base” in Mesa County as people discover Peters is willing to lie and sacrifice other people to further her own ends.

The Daily Sentinel reported today that enthusiasm for Peters among members of the far-right group Stand for the Constitution (SFTC) appears to be waning. The group, previously a strong supporter of Peters, invited Peters’ opponent for Secretary of State, Mike O’Donnell, to speak at their most recent meeting. The meeting was sponsored in part by Andrea Barber, the sister-in-law of Gerald Wood, whose identity Tina Peters stole in order to smuggle a third person into the Elections Department to copy voting machine hard drives.

Former G.J. City Council candidate Mark McAllister speaks in support of Tina Peters at an August, 2021 rally organized by Stand for the Constitution in support of Tina Peters, while a supporter holds a sign that says “I Trust Tina Peters.” (Photo: YouTube)

Peters’ actions swept up Fruita resident Gerald Wood into the criminal investigation of Peters’ election tampering, forcing Wood to have to prove to authorities he was not present at the time Peters had the hard drives copied.

Barber appeared at the Mesa County Commissioners meeting Tuesday, June 7 to invite them to an upcoming meet-and-greet with O’Donnell at the Ale House, saying,

“Good morning. My name is Andrea Barber and I am here today just to invite you to a meet and greet that I’m hosting for SOS [Secretary of State] candidate Michael O’Donnell. I have invitations that I can hand out, but as the most people in this room know, this issue became very personal for my family. Our duly elected Clerk Tina Peters stole my brother-in-law’s identity. She used his badge, while he was at a graduation party, to swipe into a secure area in Mesa County and left him and his family very vulnerable, taking the fall for her actions. Now that he has finally been cleared, we are actually able to talk about that.” 

Barber also said Peters “goes on and on about the [voting] machines, which is something that she’ll have no control over as SOS,” while Mr. O’Donnell “will be focused on voter rolls, which is the job of the Secretary of State.”

Tina Peters was indicted March 8 on charges of criminal impersonation, conspiracy to permit criminal impersonation, identity theft, first degree official misconduct, violation of duty and other charges related to election tampering.

Members of Stand for the Constitution rallied in front of the Mesa County Clerk and Recorder’s Office in August, 2021, chanting “We love Tina!” and displaying signs in support of Tina. That initially strong support appears to be waning now as more information emerges about what Peters has done.

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  1. Tina Peters is crazy and needs medical intervention. Her and Lauren Boebert are an embarrassment. Period.

  2. interesting that such “election integrity defenders “as hang out here
    also snidely display malicious mischief misdemeanors ( destroying campaign signs) and urge people to cheat and connive the primary system.

    So the old saw is true that laws are only necessary for those who break them anyway. And that split lips may work wonders for shamuless liars. Probably be the first crying “foul” too when the blowback storm comes

    • Unaffiliated voters have the right to vote in whatever primary they choose. You should be thankful for us, as we may likely save you from further embarrassment:

      As for “Election Integrity”, at least I’m not going door-to-door, armed, pretending to be some kind of official, and taking pictures of people’s homes.

      And, of course, I can’t take another vague threat from another member of the Mesa County Meatball Militia (still not allowed within 1,000 feet of a school, park, church, or library); after seeing how pathetic the (Oath Keepers), Proud Boys, Patriot Front, and the rest of your lil’ club acts when faced with consequences, I’m not exactly paralyzed with fear.

      As I’ve said, there are steps at every entrance to my house; I doubt any of you could make the trek.

  3. The party of mature wisdom sufficient to guide us all – we others would just shut up…
    proudly defecating their wisdom upon someone else’s rightful property.
    Thanks for making the main point obvious in one snapshot but we don’t need the help.

  4. There are 18 states controlled by Dems from just a single county in each, negating entire states , artificially. This is a focus on urban election manipulation and the consequences for entire states, regions, and the nation itself. Thank you for reading!

    • I wonder if those 18 states have the majority of their population in and/or around one metro area…?
      It ain’t what you say, it’s what you’re too chickenshit to say, that makes the difference.

  5. always amazed with these folks who’s ethics allow them to run fraudulent elections, wiled the power of the State agasint their political enemies, immorally interfere with the democratic process and even smugly run banner pics of criminal election acts & property destruction …
    yet they also think they can hide behind those very laws and abuse the good nature of those they violate when the SHTF. Nothing can stop whats coming.

    • “Nothing can stop what’s coming”
      Except minimal resistance, factual information, and, in the case of the failed 1/6 insurrection, the rank incompetence and cowardice of the Right Wing’s “Best of the Best”, who are turning on each other like third graders facing after-school detention.

  6. Stupid people say democrats cant solve problems , which is just crazy!
    I read that the recent shortage of tampons was easily resolved,

    by taking all the tampons stored in the machines newly installed in Mens Bathrooms .

    real answers for real problems – Take THAT trumpies !

  7. MSNBC sounds the alarm over massive shift.

    Do it GOPardy style;

    Q: Barack Obama won this district with over 60%.
    Hillary Clinton won it by 20 points.
    Blue district in the claws of demoncrats since Reconstruction did WHAT ? OHHHNOONOOOOO

    A: Who is Flores in TX 34 ?

    • Per Wikipedia, “Texas’s 34th congressional district is a district that was created as a result of the 2010 Census.” Improper apostrophe notwithstanding, that’s hardly “since Reconstruction”. Then again, I don’t expect anybody who uses the term “demoncrat” to be particularly intelligent or well-informed.

      • so you are saying this AREA didn’t exist, or just never voted,
        before the TX-34 as carved out ?

        LOL ok sure , demoncrat

        How great of the gerrymanders to create a reliable blue district

        • Thanks for proving my point about usage of “demoncrat”. Conflating the AREA with the district boundaries somehow supports your rant. Do you people offer *any* rational arguments or just blithering idiocy.

          NVM, we both know the answer to that.

          • Remember, you’re dealing with people who are at the intellectual and emotional level of maladjusted 6th graders; they follow a fat, spoiled, stupid bully who’s their idea of a “tough guy”, so they mimic his demeanor. Now that their dreams of “Today is 1776” have failed, it’s clear he’ll never be back in power, and his minions are turning on each other, the sick little world inside their heads is all they have left.

          • It is an area that voted democrat for a century. It just voted them out -massively- because democrat policies have turned dementored and dangerous.

            Heck even the lady running this blog is passing out abortions like horse medicines (fact check you will learn I’m right ) while dimissing censoring other life saving medicines as ” horse medicines “. make of that what you will.

            yes I offer the fact that the demented policies most harming these people is the border being ignored and over run by millions of military age males who are then seeded around the Nation on government-run or -back flights (fact check you will learn I’m right ). How about you? A mean tweet get you down ?

          • Imagaine that ! Conflating the actual VOTERS in a particular area with artificial lines cobbled out on a map, lines thats were carefully calculated to give yet another demoncrat an easy ride but those dreams just got smashed. So its really worse that; an easy ride just turned in another demoncrat no-go zone.

            and remember a seamy ol chap has got your back. The guy who has (m)aligned with you has never met me, has no clue about me except that has lost every factual debate we have engaged in, yet has CONvinced Im fat and stupid and cant type the puns & humor he can’t fathom. LOL I like my odds of disappointing him.

          • Let’s look at this MASSIVE victory, shall we?

            7.34% total voter turnout

            The margin was 51% / 43.3% for the Republican candidate.

            14,780 votes to 12,560 – a margin of 2,220 votes.

            She won fair and square, but to characterize this as a “red wave” is…well…typical of Trumpsters, I guess.


  8. Still blows me away how people in the information age believe such flawed information, like that coming out of the camps of Republican Trumpist supporters like Peters. People are so lazy in the search of truth…and they choose to not believe it when they happen to run across some. The so called ‘party of law and order’ believing that Peters isn’t a threat to democracy with her legal woes is one example.

  9. Well, I don’t know how the CC text is generated, probably some voice recognition software, but anyone watching that YouTube with closed captions is going to see a bunch of people chanting “we love dinner we love dinner we love dinner”. Congratulations, Mesa County MAGAbillies, this is your 15 minutes of fame.

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