When and where to watch the Jan. 6 Select Committee hearings locally — will keep this page updated

Update July 8, 2022 – The next hearing of the Jan. 6 Select Committee will be on July 12, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time, 8:00 a.m. Mountain (local) Time. A summary of what previous hearings have revealed is here.

Update – Wed., June 22, 2022 –The next January 6 Committee hearing will be Thursday, June 23 at 1:00 p.m. local time (3:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time). After posting a tipline with its last hearings, the Committee has received additional video footage and is also talking to Ginni Thomas about her cooperation, and because of all the new information, following hearings will be held in July.

Update – Tuesday, Jan. 21- The Jan 6 Select Committee examining the assault on the U.S. Capitol convenes today for its fourth public hearing this month. This session will focus on Trump’s efforts to pressure state officials into falsifying election results to make it appear as though he had won, as part of his broader campaign to cling to office for a second term after he was informed by his White House attorneys, aides and family that he had lost the election. Today’s hearing starts at 11:00 a.m. local time and will be broadcast live on CBS (KREX, Ch. 5) ABC (KJCT Ch. 8) and NBC (KKCO Ch. 11) television stations starting at 11:00 a.m. Mountain Daylight (local) Time, (1:00 p.m. Eastern). You can also watch the hearings live on the website of the PBS News Hour and the Jan. 6 Committee’s YouTube channel.

***WARNING – the hearing may contain video of violence and foul language***

Update posted on Sat., June 18 @10:44 a.m. – The January 6 Select Committee hearing has announced two more dates and times for their next hearings:

  • Tuesday, June 21 starting at 11 a.m. Mountain Daylight Time

  • Thursday, June 23 starting at 1:00 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time

Update – Thur., June 16 @ 11:00 a.m. – The third Jan 6 Select Committee hearing is on now on all three broadcast channels KREX 5, KJCT 8 and KKCO 11, also PBS 18-4 World Channel.


The U.S. House of Representatives January 6 Select Committee is holding six hearings to inform the public about the results of their year-long investigation into the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 by domestic right wing extremist Trump supporters. The first hearing was last Thursday, June 9.

The Committee seems to be laying out a roadmap for the Justice Department to prosecute Trump criminally, as the House committee has explicitly said Trump committed the crime of conspiring to overturn an election.

The next hearing will be the Committee’s second, and it is scheduled to start Monday morning, June 13 at 8:00 a.m. local time (Mountain Daylight Time). Here in Grand Junction it will be broadcast on KKCO Channel 11 (NBC) and on KJCT Channel 8 (ABC).

The third hearing will start at 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday morning, June 15.

The fourth is on Thursday, June 16 and will start at 11:00 a.m.

All hearings are two hours long. KKCO and KJCT will broadcast all of them. The Select Committee takes a ten minute break around the middle of each 2 hour hearing.

You can also watch the hearings live as they are happening on the January 6th Committee’s website here: https://january6th.house.gov/news/watch-live

Working? Have to miss it?

If you miss the live broadcasts of the hearings, you can watch them any time after they’ve been broadcast at the Select Committee’s YouTube channel. You can also subscribe to the committee’s channel and get notified whenever they post a new video.

Be aware that the videos contain adult content, including violence and foul language.

From National Public Radio, here is a list of the new information revealed in the first hearing last Thursday:

  • Not previously publicly seen video footage from police body cameras, Capitol hallway and office footage, as well as police radio communication;
  • Trump Attorney General Bill Barr telling investigators in his on-camera deposition that he told Trump his allegations of election fraud were “bullshit.” [Yes, this was broadcast on national television.] Barr revealed this in his book, but it carries different weight with him telling it to a congressional committee;
  • Ivanka Trump, the former president’s daughter and a former senior adviser in his White House, saying she accepted what Barr had to say. “I respect Attorney General Barr,” she was shown saying, “so I accepted what he was saying.”
  • Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley saying Vice President Mike Pence was being direct and wanting the military’s help at the Capitol. The response from the White House, on the other hand, was very different. Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, Milley said, wanted instead to shape a “narrative” that Trump was in control. Milley said that reeked of “politics, politics, politics,” and it was a “red flag”;
  • Rep. Liz Cheney said Rep. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania and “multiple other Republican congressmen” sought “presidential pardons for their roles in attempting to overturn the 2020 election”;
  • New texts between Fox News host Sean Hannity and then-White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany;
  • Former campaign adviser Jason Miller saying on camera that he told Trump in “pretty blunt terms that he was going to lose;”
  • Trump’s lawyer, Alex Cannon, affirming there was no evidence of widespread election fraud or the election being stolen.
  • Proud Boys and Oath Keepers on camera saying they went to the Capitol that day because they believed that’s what Trump wanted done, they felt he’d asked them to do it, and that after Trump’s “stand back and standby” remark in a debate, membership in the Proud Boys tripled.

Here is the June 13th hearing:

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  1. There were three people besides Trump in the SUV and all of them are disputing Cassidy Hutchinson’s account of what happened. Cassidy sounding more like a ‘subversive’ out to destroy the j6 scamittee

  2. ***This comment contains false information. The creation of the January 6 Select Committee was perfectly legal, and Nielsen ratings show at least 20 million people watched the first prime-time hearing of the January 6 Committee, according to New York Times, Fox News, Deseret News, Bloomberg, Forbes and other news outlets. https://www.fox29.com/news/january-6-primetime-hearing-draws-20-million-viewers-nielsen-data***
    https://www.nytimes.com/2022/06/10/business/media/jan-6-hearing-ratings.html – At Least 20 Million Watched Jan. 6 Hearing
    The number is in the ballpark of big television events like a “Sunday Night Football” game.

    The illegally formed J6 committee is not bipartisan. It resulted in a low rated primetime production by Democrats in Congress that was paid for by our tax dollars ….

    Now, every network & station that aired it must now offer the exact same amount of time to a Republican production or face steep penalties.

  3. ***This comment contains false information. FCC regulations do not require broadcasters to supply “equal time” as claimed. Read the FCC’s actual political programming requirements here: https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2022/02/10/2022-02484/political-programming-and-recordkeeping-rules ***

    Trump demands equal time to counter the J6 scamittee dog&pony narrative ,
    and a FCC regulation effective March ’22 requires it.

    I predict a popcorn shortage when orangeman’s show gets aired

    • Yeah, no.
      You’re just as ignorant of the actual FCC rule as you are about anything else.
      Which is why you support Trump.

  4. Summary of info revealed in the 3rd hearing of the Jan 6 Select Committee on June 16, 2022:

    1. Had VP Pence not rebuffed Trump’s pressure to invalidate the election results and throw the election in his favor, the country would have been thrown into chaos.

    2. Pressure on Pence to throw the election in Trump’s favor came from the very top — Trump himself. Trump worked unceasingly to try to browbeat Pence into going along with his plan to undermine the election. Witnesses described Trump calling Pence a “wimp,” saying that Pence didn’t have the “courage” to overturn the election and that Trump used the “p-word.” The committee also showed graphically just how strongly Trump’s words resonated with his mob of supporters who stormed the Capitol.

    “If Pence caved, we’re going to drag motherfuckers through the streets,” one rioter is seen saying on video. “You politicians are going to be dragged through the streets.”

    The committee also revealed a chilling quote: a Proud Boys informant told the FBI that the Proud Boys “would have killed Mike Pence if given the chance.”

    3. Trump’s pressure on Pence to throw the election continued after the siege on the Capitol. Pence’s attorney, Greg Jacob, testified that Trump’s lawyer, John Eastman, who had concocted the plan to overthrow the election by sending electors back to the states and who had convinced Trump to engage in it, urged Jacob in an email to get Pence to delay certification of the electoral votes and send it back to the states.

    “That’s rubber room stuff,” Pence replied when Jacob showed him the email.

    Earlier, Jacob told Eastman that “because of your bullshit, we are in this situation,” referring to the mob storming the Capitol.

    Eastman responded by blaming the siege on Pence for not doing what he and Trump wanted.

    4. The committee began to lay out potential criminal liability for Eastman, and possibly Trump:

    The committee provided lots of evidence showing Eastman believed Pence didn’t really possess the authority to do the very thing he was asking Pence to do. Jacob testified that Eastman admitted on Jan. 5 that he wouldn’t want a Democratic vice president to determine the outcome of a presidential election this way, and that he didn’t actually believe they, or Pence, had the legal authority to do it.

    Trump White House lawyer Eric Herschmann testified that when he told Eastman there would be riots in the streets if the VP followed through on Eastman’s recommendation and chose the winner of the presidential election, Eastman responded glibly, “There’s been violence in the history of our country to protect our republic.”

    After the riot, Eastman emailed Rudy Giuliani and asked to be put on Trump’s pardon list. He wasn’t. When Eastman was brought before the Jan. 6 committee to testify in person, he pleaded the Fifth at least 100 times.

    Read NPR’s summary here: https://www.npr.org/2022/06/16/1105513685/recap-jan-6-committee-hearing

  5. Due to poor ratings and Pressure From LGBTQ+ Activists,
    Next Jan. 6 Hearing To Include A Gay Kiss

    its about time !

  6. The next January 6th committee hearing is now delayed for a third time. Rescheduled from 10 am to 1 pm on Thursday.

    Reported reasoning was “technical issues.”

  7. OPPSIE ! scratch the water carrying shills at PBS .
    You can go back to watching their kid grooming programming

    • Yeah, no.
      Some affiliates are carrying the hearings, some are running normal Kids PBS programming, with all the things that you seem to think turn kids gay. Like learning.

  8. hearing postponed. The J6 Unselect Committee is in full meltdown, They postponed the 3rd because it’s “exhausting” to put together the videos and exhibits but but but they’ve had 17 months to get their Schiff together!

    Now consider that yesterday there was a public spat between all the crooks on the committee about whether they will file criminal referals against DJT to the DOJ. Hahaha this is good stuff. Panic mode initiated .

    • See, that’s the difference between normal people and Trump worshippers. We don’t just make up our own reality and expect others to believe it.

      When there’s a ton of evidence of Trump’s attempt to overthrow the government, it takes time to get through. Especially when some in the GOP (who gave depositions to save their own asses) are running scared.

      Watergate took 51 days of hearings.
      We have 5 months until the midterms.

      Do the math, if it’s not too challenging (or scary) for ya.

      • ojh tons. and tons.

        like the ““PEACEFULLY & PATRIOTICALLY march to the Capital” un quote ( the quote that was altered in J6 carnival version )

        Meanwhile when Trump started his speech an hour late and ran over the anticipated time, the PREVIOUSLY SCHEDULED Clockwork Blue melt down waaaaay way over at the Capitol started without Trump OR the people listening to his speech. And that children is how the “riot ” was exposed as an ” operation ”

        still waiting for that pipe bomb dude exposing kalama’s lies to get picked up. Friends of yours ?

        Mueller took a couple years , a couple dozen million , and a rabid team of demoncrats investigating russiarussiarussia, but never even HEARD about the Pee Dossier ( meanwhile Mook knew all about hiLIARy knowing all about it , but Mueller? “nope, doesnt ring a bell.” LOLOLOLOLOLOL great value for the buck. Just like the j6 not-committee is going to still your beating heart

        you having fun casting aspersions at someone who is running scorching circles around your boilerplate marching orders ?
        keep on keeping on seamy old chap , keep on

    • Here’s something else that’ll make you giggle –

      This is what your team is running from-


      Check out the link. I dare ya. LOL

  9. “Trump Attorney General Bill Barr” is a Bush family Fixer who didn’t review any of the actual data nor discuss with anyone investigating the2020 theft and rampant vote fraud .

    He did however label hiLIARy’s behavior “sedition” and put Durham out of reach of the crooked Obuyden DOJ.

    “Dinesh is a crackpot, and pretends phone GPS of people IN THE VICINITY of a box means people were all dropping off ballots” is the regurgitated talking point of a Pigeon Chess Grand Master who has not spent 15 minutes reviewing the actual 2000 Mules case, instead eagerly accepted any convenient talking point like a liz cheney ( former & disgraced rep from WY)

    • Again, since you’re glacially slow on the uptake:

      Trump lost the 2020 election. His own people told him that.
      There was no “widespread voter fraud”. Every claim has been thoroughly debunked, and Dinesh’s latest effort has failed just as all his others have (Remember every time you rubes paid him, because the latest “movie” was gonna take Obama down, for sure?).
      Trump knew he lost, and lied to his willfully ignorant followers.
      Trump’s willfully ignorant followers tried to stop the Electoral College count at his behest, and failed.

  10. the hearings were over before they started

    “Pelosi’s decision to shred the long tradition on balanced committees was a signature muscle play,” said liberal law professor Jonathan Turley on Twitter. “The Jan. 6 Committee was stripped of any pretense. It was as subtle as her ripping up President Trump’s State of the Union speech on the House floor. The Committee can now deliver precisely what Pelosi demands: politics unburdened by process. The shame is that it could have been so much more if the committee were balanced and allowed a broader scope of inquiry.”

    • Jonathan Turley is a right-wing shill, and recurring Fox News contributor. He’s also kinda dumb, for a Law Professor –


  11. WHERE IS MY COMMITTEE HEARING ? are the unselects hedging bets they have to flee unrest over at SCOTUS ? Or are they giving up for bad ratings ? maybe Thompson straying off script & telling the truth is the problem

  12. After Nixon resigned no one would admit they voted for him. Sort of the reverse of the millions who claimed they were at Woodstock. When will those who still believe Trump start peeling off in the face of overwhelming evidence that he is a thug?

  13. Right. It’s Pelosis’ fault that Trump lied about the election and just happened to gather thousands of his howling supporters and exhorted them to “go up there and fight like hell, or you won’t have a country anymore”.

    But it’s somehow her responsibility.
    What a bunch of cowardly cowflop.

  14. Also. It’s important to note Quested’s testimony that the Proud Boys went to the capitol to do recon in the time leading up to Trump’s rally. They had time enough to have some tacos before the Insurrection began.

    “Stand back and stand by,” indeed. Maybe they meant “back by the taco stands?”

    • “There will come a day when Donald Trump is gone, but your dishonor will remain” – Liz Cheney

      And you’ll spend the rest of your lives denying and deflecting, pointing fingers at everyone but the Brave Patriot Warriors of Freedumb who sold their souls to a charlatan.

      • Trump knew he lost, and he lied to his slavering followers. He knew there was no “stolen election” and he lied to his slavering followers. Before the failed insurrection, it was all tough talk and “Today is 1776″…once you failed, it was someone else’s doing.

        Now that it’s hitting the fan, you’re in a desperate downward spiral, blaming everyone and everything for your mistake.

      • a lefty quotes liz cheney, philospher … just how lol can you go ?
        ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯ doesnt that hurt ? Want to blow another 10 bucks on her re-election chances ? I got “no” with a double / nothing if she drops out.

        • A lefty who remembers when Republicans were more than spineless Trump supplicants. When Republicans actually held loyalty to their country over party loyalty. That’s clearly an unfamiliar concept to you.

          • you have so much to learn little goose; first drift back to Kennedy .. Nixon won but Kennedy’s daddy bought the Chicago election, stealing the national. Nixon decided to not fight back ~ “for the good of the country” or maybe took the deal.
            When Kennedy started resisting against the already growing deep state ( he was concerned he would get the blame for the intel’s nuclear war) , they killed him. Nixon was later largely framed to run him out. Watergate was piddling compared to crap they all pull. You cant name anything really bad about Trump (who GAS if he’s perfect? I know no one who is) that isn;t a figment of the uniparty & their captured media.

            81 million Fauxtes, LOL right

          • Again, spineless.

            Now, it’s “who GAS if Trump’s perfect” when it’s now a matter of record that:
            He knew he lost;
            He knew there was no fraud (Dinesh is a crackpot, and pretends phone GPS of people IN THE VICINITY of a box means people were all dropping off ballots)
            and he lied to his useful idiots, exhorting them to Stop the Steal. And they tried, but luckily, there were too rock-stupid to get anything accomplished.

            His inner circle is turning on him, on the record.
            And his followers are clearly getting more shrill by the moment.

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