Reports: Boebert bailed on passengers & covered up off-road drunk driving accident 2 weeks before 2020 primary

Lauren Boebert in December, 2019

News outlets including the Daily Mail and the Daily Beast are confirming a story first broken by that CD-3 House Rep. Lauren Boebert covered up a serious off-road drunken driving accident she caused just weeks before the 2020 primary election, that could have tanked her run for House Representative.

According to reports and phone recordings, several sources including Boebert’s family members have confirmed that on Mother’s Day, 2020, Boebert was driving an off-road vehicle near Moab with her former sister in law, Tori Hooper, and Boebert’s son and dog, when Boebert lost control of the vehicle. Hooper reports Boebert “bailed” out of the vehicle as it was careening towards a cliff, leaving the passengers alone in the vehicle. Hooper struggled to re-take control of the vehicle, but it crashed into a rock causing serious injuries to her face and chest. Hooper had to be evacuated by helicopter. The accident was not called in to 911.

Hooper’s mother, Stephanie Bohochi, confirmed the account to the Daily Mail, saying “She [Tori] got stuck inside of a crevice in the Jeep while Lauren sort of kind, of took off her belt and slipped out.” The owner of Moab towing company Tic Tac Tow also confirmed the accident.

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In a recorded a phone call about the accident posted on, Hooper says she and Boebert had both been drinking, and Boebert was  driving the vehicle. “I got life-flighted” to the hospital, Hooper said, and “she begged me not to say anything.” As Boebert was begging her to keep quiet about the accident, Hooper said Boebert told her, “I’ll pay for it all.”

Hooper was married to Boebert’s brother, Benjamin Bentz. Hooper also expressed her opinion of Boebert’s character in the phone recording, saying “I can say she is not a very good person, very hypocritical…I just mean, I think her character, she’s just very good at putting on a show. I worked for her for a long time at Shooters and ….like, she didn’t pay us, I don’t know, there’s a lot of people that if you ask around in the small town of Rifle, nobody likes her.”


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  1. moral of story ; trying reading your own sources before opining

    hate to be The Critic, but up above you indicate both that a) Boebert jumped from a crashing careening lolling vehicle AND b) she slipped out of the stuck vehicle . How many Boeberts are we talking about ? They seem to be EVERYWHERE .

    We begin review of the Dailymail who reLIES on a “source, who spoke on condition of anonymity,” well I for one, ALWAYS bank on anonymous sources for my research. They are the very bestest of best sources. NO fake news here nope!

    DailyMail story byline “LAURA COLLINS, CHIEF INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER” Oddly enough Chief Reporter Laura’s entire DM career output is 3 versions of the same “boebert leaped from a moving vehicle” story. well at least she established her tradecraft credentials. LOL

    Lets read the DM bombsheLOL “Tori did not respond to’s inquiries [strike 1 for veracity], but her mother Stephanie Bohochi, 53, confirmed: ‘She [Tori] got stuck inside of a crevice in the Jeep while Lauren sort of kind, of took off her belt and slipped out [so apparently mom says ; Bobert got out of a STUCK vehicle —sort of kind of- yet I thought Boebert had already jumped out of a careening crashing vehicle… This is SO mind boggling ].”

    so , we may now believe Bobert got out of a stuck vehicle (pro tip ; ‘stuck’ implies not moving] . THATS AWE-FUL ; Dont you just click your slippers 3 times and wake up back in bed when you get wrong-sided in Moab? Meanwhile this sure seems to say Stephanie verifying that TORI WAS DRIVING just LOL.

    next the DM story recounts “She (Hooper) was driven to hospital in Utah for emergency treatment and ‘stitched up’ before being taken back home to Colorado.” Now thats one really weird Lifeflight; so rarely does a lifeFLIGHT decide to DRIVE to a hospital. But the story starts strange and grows ever stranger ;

    “Her mother explained: ‘She let everything heal up and later she went and got her nose fixed. [whats this “heal up” & “later” tid-bit ? are we still in the lifeFLIGHT driving down the road, HEALING UP ? are we home? Is Lori a fast healer ? elsewhere we learn Lori went to work, bearing her life-n-death injuries]

    “Hooper’s nose then had to be re-broken in a procedure which led to a frightening and life-threatening reaction. Her mother explained: ‘She let everything heal up [???] and later she went and got her nose fixed. ” Tori healed on the lifeflight drive or the drive home ? I cant tell, saemy help me here …

    “She came home to recover [post nose-job] but her sodium dropped and her body kind of went into shock almost into a coma.” [kind of … a “sodium event” “almost coma” hmm.. Oh my , it aint the heat, its the stupidity…]

    “Hooper reports Boebert “bailed” out of the vehicle as it was careening towards a cliff,
    [just HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH BULL. SO you still actually believe someone jumped from a moving vehicle HAHAHahHhAHAlOll ohBULL].

    “Hooper struggled to re-take control of the vehicle [so now whos’ driving again?] but it crashed into a rock causing serious injuries to her face and chest. [you actually believe a driver jumped out of a crashing vehicle and magically ANOTHER driver managed to take over mid-crash ; first please Make up your mind flatlanders & duddettes; was the truck careening toward a cliff, or crashing into a rock? But either way , you admit Hooper was driving …. yet somehow, Boebert now re-appeared back in the stuck vehicle , and slipped out AGAIN! so Thats TWICE Boebert abandoned her family . and dog. and such a cute dog. probably. LOL ]

    “The accident was not called in to 911.” [911 / cell service. out in moab. shees numbskulls need to get out more often . There IS Life outside of 2 bar service]

    firebobert [a rock of veracity to rely on and prime source for this breathless nonsense, but I detect a slight whiff of spin.] reports “accident that nearly killed her sister-in-law.”. Poor sissy, who drove to hospital, then drove home to CO, then healed up , then had a nose job, then had a sodium problem [LOL , just LOL] then then but but but ORANGEMANBAD

    Im just an humble amateur at this stuff , but seems to if you are going to link to source stories, PLEASE make sure to actually read the story doesn’t blow your own libel to smithereens. No wonder the left is so confused.

    • This seems so much like a Boebert response. Is it YOU Lauren? I will agree you are an amateur at many things though.

  2. boebert tried killing her kids!!!

    we all know this. boebert is a lying treasonous murderer.

  3. Did she crash because her husband’s genitalia got in the way of her field of vision, perhaps?

    • That’s highly unlikely; from everything I’ve read, there were no underage girls in the vehicle.

  4. Boebert left her own dang child in an out of control moving vehicle which crashed. Flight for life was deployed. She left her child.

    • lol. come rockin sometime, you’ll be grabbing the door handle still in the parking lot. Small balls=small walls is the general rule

      • You keep ignoring the fact that she left innocent people (including her own son) in the vehicle to crash when she bailed.
        So much for balls.

  5. Just as Ted Kennedy left his passenger in his car to die, Boebert did the the same. It’s her Chappaquiddick incident.

    Just as Kennedy did back in 1969, Boebert is saying she wasn’t driving drunk, and that there was no truth whatever to the widely circulated suspicions of immoral conduct that have been leveled.

    Just like Kennedy, Boebert left the scene, and did not report the crash to police.

    Just like Kennedy, Boebert has money and power and tried to cover up the accident.
    Failure to report the crash immediately is indefensible!

  6. ol’lol

    The reason I EVEN GO TO Moab TO BEGIN WITH~ is to get my bichin crawl-prepped 4WD into sore spots … and drive – (or winch LOLO) it out .

    just GTFO if you dont like bouncy rides, ya mini-vannesa.

    WTF is a “Jeep ATV” ?!?!?! I’ve never seen one and I build

    yet you minivan clowns guys need to quote the Daily Mail (LOL) or a Daily Beast ( LOLOLOL) or a ‘firebobet” site LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL that someone ate a little dash board on a gully ?

    Put on a stupid seat belt ya RUBE . LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    • You’re exactly right. I for one am quite upset that I needed to learn that yet another rich politician is buying her way out of liens by cheating on her taxes and car accidents where she is at least guilty of child endangerment. What’s worse, I read about it on the Daily Mail and the Daily Beast? Where was the media at on this? How did this go unreported?

      What’s worse–will it make a difference in November? No. As yet another two bit demagogue that sputters nonsense and gets my Fox News loving parents fired up about who knows what, Boubert will get reelected. Nothing will change. People are dumb, and they do dumb stuff. They feel anger and don’t read. Perfect recipe for a totalitarian takeover. And not the Biden, tax the rich takeover. What I’m referring to is the dolts with “F Biden” flags.

      What I really want to see is someone in the media ask Boubert to define Socialism. Bonus points if they can get her to compare socialism with communism, or give an accurate explanation of why it works in rich north Atlantic democracies like the Netherlands yet backfires in South America and Eastern Bloc countries.

      Hell, at this point, I’d be impressed if she could spell communism.

  7. Wait…
    You’re saying Lauren Boebert drove drunk and bailed, leaving her sister-in-law and her own SON in the vehicle as it crashed?

    Actually, that sounds like something she’d do.

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