State of CO investigating Boebert’s 2020 mileage reimbursements & payment of tax liens on Shooters Grill

Lauren Boebert, shown at upper left in a 2019 Facebook post, holding the same flag flown by right wing extremists who stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021

The New York Times is reporting that the State of Colorado will investigate allegations of campaign finance fraud by CO House Rep. Lauren Boebert involving her excessive 2020 mileage reimbursements and subsequent payoff of multiple outstanding tax liens on her restaurant, Shooters Grill, in Rifle, CO.

In 2020, then-candidate Rep. Boebert reimbursed herself from her campaign fund for over $30,000 worth of mileage that she claimed to have traveled between April and November of 2020, during the pandemic, and then appeared to have used the funds to pay off tax liens against her Rifle, CO restaurant. The number of miles she claims to have driven was enough to circumnavigate the globe 1.5 times.

For contrast, Boebert’s predecessor in the House, Scott Tipton, reimbursed himself for a total travel expense of only $12,255 from his campaign over the entire ten years he held that office.

A complaint to the Federal Election Commission about the matter was dismissed after the Commission reached a 3-3 tie vote on whether to pursue it.

But American Muckrakers PAC, the same group that successfully helped oust controversial North Carolina House Rep. Madison Cawthorn in that state’s primary, has revived the issue by filing a formal complaint about it to the office of the Colorado Attorney General.

The AG’s office said it will work with the Colorado Department of Revenue and Department of Labor and Employment to investigate whether Boebert did in fact fraudulently obtain campaign funds to help pay her way out of the liens.

If true, the payments would follow a similar incident from 2021 in which Boebert used funds from her campaign coffers to pay for the rent on her restaurant.

American Muckrakers PAC has created the website, a Twitter account, an email account and a tipline (970) 610-6001 for people to convey information about Boebert that could be helpful in ousting her from the CD-3 Congressional seat.

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  1. Kash Patel just revealed that Pelosi, Schumer et al were calling on the DoD during the unarmed J6 insurrection, asking for M1 Abrams tanks, armored personnel carriers and hardened humvees replete with machine guns to come to the Capitol. Literally the kind of force you see parading in the streets of Afghanistan (especially now that Joe donated er, abandoned, $85 billion in top tier weapons to the Taliban.) .

    They made these desperate pleas after rejecting Trumps offer to deploy 10~20K Nat Guard troops to handle an crowd numbering in the millions expected in DC on Jan 6 to protest the stolen election.

    “It was all an optics play.” , a big show to make it look like a war zone.

    but but but boebert turned in legal mileage

    • Even if that were all true (it ain’t), why was it someone else’s responsibility to defend against an attack that Trump started? Even he knew it would happen.

      • The lunatic ravings of Pelosi to arrange for a bloodbath are documented. I guess the J6 d&p show was a little too busy to show those receipts. or is the other part is not true ? Certainly not the part about joe arming the taliban with an 85 billion dollar army. Your stamping feet and shouted NUH UHHHH!s are hardly the same quality of evidence.

        Apparently ” peacefully protest” means different things to different people. Portland Fed Courts under nightly attack for a entire year is “mostly peaceful” , so shut up an accept the sElections as handed down from on high.

        Funny thing is ; history shows after the majority are successfully beaten down with the help of corrupt segment of minority activists & zealots, those same minority players are then ruthlessly destroyed, having outlived their usefulness.

  2. I just want to point out that people can actually wake up secretly and not have told you that this was the case.

    You have millions of normies right now awakening to thoughts that Biden may be starting a nuclear WW3, he botched the Afghanistan withdrawal, he literally looks like death warmed-over, gets lost into mumbles every time he speaks, he has open the US southern border allowing > 5 million illegal aliens (mostly military-age economic-immigrant males) to disperse across the US , and implemented policys causing insane gas prices over the climate hoax, while pushing $60K electric vehicles onto people which are utterly dependent on minerals mined by child / slave labor controlled by the CCP who is ruling China and owns the Bidens with financial arrangments (CCP Barbarian Management 101; Buy off the leaders … )

    They may make excuses for it now but they are waking up.

    Everything that is happening is screaming to the sheep to take the red pill.
    Wait till the tribunals come. They will be ready for it.

    Oh so it’s that guy who literally hates us and made our gas cost 10 dollars a gallon that committed treason? It all makes sense now.

    No one escapes the red pill.
    The suppository is coming whether they are ready or not.

    • That first 1/6 hearing really got y’all sh*ttin’ yer britches, and desperate to deflect, distract, and deny, huh?

      Seeing Trump’s inner circle turning on him so quickly when under oath and faced with consequences for their actions, so many people confirming he knew he’d lost, and lied about it anyway, hearing the CJCOS say that Pence had to ask for support for the Capitol, that Trump never did; and all the testimony that’s going to be forthcoming from the Proud American Patriot Warriors who are seeing who can throw who under the bus first…

      Kinda puts it all in perspective.
      You guys really shouldn’t have messed with Liz Cheney. She’s a Republican who comes from a long line of Republicans that goes back far enough that they don’t tolerate treason. Imagine that.

    • Sarah Palin built her mansion on Lake Lucille from materials she originally charged to the Alaskan taxpayer. Now she’s running for Congress, and may make it there – unless – Nancy Pelosi gets rid of Alaska, and tosses Sarah Palin into the sea. Which she will.

      • as far aback as 2008 , Nancy Pelosi’s private use aircraft [Boeing 757-200] costs US Taxpayers $22,000 an Hour to Operate to fly Pelosi and her ‘extended’ Family around the Country and the World, amounting to millions in paid travel.

        House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has shelled out nearly $500,000 for private flights since October 2020 (as of Feb ’22) , despite her claims that the US has a “moral obligation” to address climate change. ​​

        Nancy Pelosi is crooked history come this this Fall, a corrupt demon from a corrupt family ( her dad was a throughly corrupt Baltimore MD political grifter. )

        Nancy Pelosi has also gotten extremely wealthy trading stocks using her insider knowledge from gov actions. If you or I tried trading on insider knowledge of any sort we would be fined sanctioned and imprisoned. But its not even illegal for Reps & Senators to insider trade, they exempted themselves. Just because.

        We need to throw the lot of them onto the bonfire of history. Nancy would probably combust just from the vodka fumes. You picked a rather poor little rich hero, but the uniparty is far too entrenched and self-serving,

  3. That ‘extremist flag’ is a Gadsden flag, a historical American flag with a yellow field depicting a timber rattlesnake coiled and ready to strike.
    Beneath the rattlesnake are the warning words: “Dont Tread on Me”.

    The flag is named after politician Christopher Gadsden (1724–1805), who designed it in 1775 during the American Revolution. It was used by the Continental Marines along with the Moultrie flag.

    Its design proclaims an assertive warning of vigilance and willingness to act in defense against oppressive coercion. This has led it to be associated with the ideas of individualism and liberty. It is often used in the United States as a symbol for classical liberalism (as opposed to current communist “liberals” ) and for small government; It often signals distrust or defiance against authorities and oppressive government.

    • Said flag has now been co-opted by Right-Wing extremists, to emphasize their threat of violent tantrums if the government doesn’t bend to their will; that’s why it was there at the failed insurrection.

      Luckily, for all their talk, they can’t even get the job done with superior numbers and a seditious President behind them.

  4. Former ABC News President James Goldston is producing the Jan. 6 Hearing – He’s the same guy who spiked Amy Robach’s story exposing Jeffery Epstein and his connections to Bill Clinton and the Prince Andrew.

    • In the beginning was the non sequitur…. Keep on distracting, Mr. “Lies.” Boebert ripped off the taxpayers by thousands of even hundred of thousands of dollars? Who cares! Bill Clinton! Benghazi! Abortion! Blah blah blah!

      • Benghazi is in Libya. Benghazi was attacked and US diplomats & security were horrfically murdered. Libya was hiLIARy’s pet war, where she destroyed a nation that was no longer terrorist haven or a threat to the world. Libya was toppled in order to ship Khaddaffis weapons to Syria for yet another neo-con/deep state war, and to steal the massive gold reserves that Khaddafi had been accumulating to back his Africa dinar. Libya is again home to islamic terrorists, has a bazaar for human auctions ( notorious for child trafficking) and is a conduit for an illegal migrant invasion of Europe.

        butbutbut boebert may have turned in some extra mileage.
        Your priorities are hopelessly screwed up

        • Defending sedition, minimizing fraud, and practicing mindless, and practicing slavering loyalty to Traitors.

          Ain’t no patriotism like Mesa County American Patriot (Oath Keeper) III% Proud Bois patriotism, is there?

          • 46 US Military-Funded Biolabs in Ukraine

            Now that I’ve had some time to digest the release statement from the DoD about the biolabs in Ukraine, it looks like the DoD are throwing everyone else under the bus.

            I am fluent in Corporate-speak and I also worked for the DoD. The translated overall message of this statement in layman’s terms:

            “WE didn’t do shit! Here’s a list of all the good shit we’ve done over the decades just in case you forgot. We fund these international labs with the intention of peaceful research, but we cannot speak for the actions of all of the other entities that the Russians accused. If any fawkery was going on, it wasn’t us.”

            Keep in mind that Russia accused the DoD’s current (alleged) Commander in Chief, Biden, of being one of the 4 main ideologues responsible for formulating this plot to create biological weapons, and the DoD didn’t address it.

            The DoD did not say the Russian allegations were false, they just said that the DoD were not knowingly involved in any such allegations. In fact, they helped build Russia’s case, and dismantled the entire left wing media, by publicly addressing that the labs are real and the DoD are sending funds to MORE labs than alleged.

            Not to mention this statement from the DoD DIRECTLY contradicts the statements made from Biden and his Press Secretary, at the time Jen Psaki, who speaks in place of the Commander in Chief to the press, she stated that the labs weren’t real and it was all Russian and Chinese conspiracy theories and propaganda.

            The DoD contradicting their Commander in Chief? That’s not how it works but I suppose when the Commander in Chief pushes a BLATANT lie, that there are no biolabs in Ukraine, it’s rather hard to defend. Especially when Russia starts blowing them up and taking them over.

            Now ask yourself, why would Biden lie about the existence of biolabs in Ukraine if he was not he trying to hide something? CLEARLY Biden and the entire left wing machine are trying to cover up the biological activity in Ukraine.

            Now look at Hunter Biden’s involvement with Rosemont Seneca, Black and Veatch, Metabiota, Ukraine…

            The evidence is getting more difficult to ignore, but it’s pretty clear that Joe Biden and the upper echelons of the DNC are genocidal bioterrorists.

            Start calling them for what they are.


          • “I worked for the DoD”

            So did I; that could mean any number of things, from active duty military, to a short-term contractor, to a dude who was on a Merchant Marine vessel in the late 60’s who likes to let people assume he was in the military.

      • no , Epstein’s records are buried. Epstein was a deep state tool who trafficked underage children for sexual abuse to world and business elites in order to get controlling blackmail on them. His extensive records and files mysteriously disappeared when the FIB raided his inexplicably owned ( given to him…) NY flat.

        He supposedly died at his own hand , hanging himself with paper bed sheets, while being held in a NY fed jail cell where oddly enough the cameras had just been turned off.

        Recently, one of Clinton’s right handjob men ( responsible for over half of Epstein’s nearly 20 visits in to the Clinton White House) was found dead , hanging from a tree with a shot gun blast to his chest at an Arkancide ranch connected to yet another Clinton operative.

        Nobody I know has 56 friends who commit suicide.

        and dont forget the Boeberts went four wheelin and got stuck.

        • You mean, “Don’t forget Lauren Boebert drove drunk and bailed from her vehicle as it crashed, leaving her sister-in-law, her dog, and HER OWN SON to crash, and then fled the scene”.

  5. So LAUGHABLE the party of “law and order” and are also the party of defending the indefensible, backing her and other traitors regardless of yet another unethical and illegal action and/or scam of hers exposed. America, Colorado, and the human race deserve better.

  6. A willing “Trump Tramp” that will likely crawl back under that rock in Rifle soon after he new website goes live.

  7. Boebert gets confused when she is asked about having “poll” watchers … she thinks it’s either something related to her vulgar, perverted husband who exposed himself to minor…

    or something related to her efforts to gain income as a gutter-level dancer / model.

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