March for Our Lives to hold local rally Sat., 6/11 at the Old Mesa County Courthouse, 6th & Rood, 10:00-11:30 a.m.

The national student-led group March For Our Lives will hold a local rally Saturday, June 11, from 10:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m. at the Old Mesa County Courthouse at 6th and Rood to demand legislators enact policy measures to reduce the epidemic of gun massacres now gripping America. The rally will feature local youth and adult speakers and a march through downtown Grand Junction and more.

March For Our Lives was formed by Florida students who survived the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School massacre in Parkland, Florida on February 14, 2018, that killed 17 people and injured 17 more. The group wants an end shooting drills in schools, having to bury friends and loved ones killed in the course of every day living, an end to gun glorification and “American exceptionalism in all the wrong ways.”

The group has toured over 30 states, met with over 200 mayors, registered over 800,000 voters, helped spur a historic turnout of younger voters in the 2018 midterms on a mission aimed at ousting all legislators who refuse to vote for gun safety measures, and filed amicus briefs in numerous legal cases aimed at reducing gun violence, including in support of the Mexican government’s lawsuit against American gun manufacturers, arguing that gun manufacturers should be held liable for facilitating violence around the world.

Rally Organizer Charlie Allan said,

“Many of us felt the gun violence issue is just a moment away of hitting home right here, and our leaders and representatives need to know that we want action. We encourage people of all ages to join us in our march to send a strong message that enough is enough…we want laws that protect our kids and families.”

March for our Lives’ website explains the group’s mission and connections. The march in Grand Junction is one of over 300 marches planned this weekend:

March For Our Lives activists placed 1,000 body bags on the National Mall March 24, 2022, to protest congressional inaction on gun massacres in the U.S. The bags were laid out to spell “Thoughts and Prayers.”


  23 comments for “March for Our Lives to hold local rally Sat., 6/11 at the Old Mesa County Courthouse, 6th & Rood, 10:00-11:30 a.m.

  1. If animals were made for us to eat, weren’t we made for bears, mountain lions, wolves and other carnivores to eat?

    • True, that is Natures way. But only the slow & dimwitted ones fall prey.
      Obviously an endless buffet on display here

        • so are you la “resistance”? When they got you trained to tout big pharma mandates, regurgitate corporate’s clearly fake news , cheering at pedo parades, supporting lifer crooked politicians and handing over $billions to corrupt oligarchs for their battered loser nazis thugs cowering underground, then your terms are acceptable.

          “Jan 6th – a day that will live in infamy… Where our country men stormed government buildings hurling tear gas and Molotov cocktails, setting everything ablaze in their path , taking over city blocks making an autonomous zone…

          oh wait a minute that was Portland … nightly for a whole year

  2. you racists! Just because 75% of all mass murderers are people of color,
    The white supremes are trying to suppress a whole culture because its values are different than theirs. Im angry

  3. honest simple question for ya Anne;

    Lonely country intersection. Both road’s drivers can see the other road’s traffic for miles. All-way stop signs .

    You approach the intersection, knowing with absolute certainy there is no cross traffic, thus no danger in proceeding without a stop.

    Blow through it , or stop + proceed ? Feel guilt if you run it ?

  4. 2,465 human will be murdered today while at their most defenseless.
    Glad to see the left finally coming out against unfettered abortions.

    • A fertilized egg is not a human; it has the potential to become one, though many don’t.

      Following your logic, around 400,000 “humans” are prisoners, frozen for IVF treatments. How come you’re not shrieking about them?

    • Sorry, it’s way more than that. Roughly 50% of all pregnancies spontaneously end when the egg fails to implant, That makes abortions look like small potatoes. Where’s your outrage for that?

      • If you murder a pregnant woman, you can ( and should) be charged with double homicide. If an egg fails to implant or a fetus fails to thrive naturally, its’ a truly stupid stupid loons question to ask for rage against nature. Abortion is an intentional act. Logic is clearly not a leftist trait.

        • The mental gymnastics you so-called Christians (the only true Christian died on a cross) to justify hating abortion AND social welfare/safety net programs. Good grief. What it must be like in your world…

          • multi-generational “welfare / safety nets” are an abject failure which has destroyed the Black Family , a grift to control some (now dwindling…) reliable votes, and the demoncrats admit as much from the beginning.

            Now they are busily destroying the rest of our families knowing that the traditional family is the bedrock of a capable , productive and just society.

            Multi-generational dependency of course produces a culture of de-motivation and inevitable decay and crime.

            Of late, the loony left is rallying behind a CIA-sponsored nazi-controlled regime, who have been violating & provoking their Russian brethren -for years- while ignoring to the real enemy stressing our masses; the Chinese Communist Party ( an international criminal gang , 1% of China ruling over the rest ).
            Of course our “leaders” profit immensely from this arrangement so they dive in the trough and pull us further in.

            Thus for some reason the ‘concerned’ but totally loony left and their uni-party co-conspirators are pursuing policies that hasten the rush toward income inequality.

            Just for instance, by pushing a climate scam , an absolutely false situation, as an “existential threat”, they are forcing the bottom rungs of society ever lower. Poverty is of course the worst destructor of environment.

            Yes it is challenging to live in world where certified nutters like you cant see behind the latest power grab with their docile weak propagandized minds.

          • In San Francisco, minority neighborhoods solidly tossed out DA Chesa Boudin (child of terrorists and foster child of the murderous Bill Ayers, communist revolutionary) , kicked him to the curb over his insane “social justice” programs that pretended the reduction of crime would come from simply declaring crimes to be not crimes. The predictable result was a descent into criminal madness throughout SF.

            Only in white progressive neighborhoods were there votes to keep his lunatic policies in effect. Yet in the face of this staggering loss for the clueless loony left, the rejection of Soros-installed District Attorney Chesa Boudin, Boudin claims he was recalled due to “the right-wing billionaires outspent us.”

            let that sink in; POC reject the loony left in droves.

      • We need to pass a common sense law protecting spontaneous abortions from the uterus police. A red flag law for menstrual products

      • yum, although you wont have a hard time finding lunatics in your camp that accuse you the crime of eating tasty critters, I my self think if G-D didn’t want us to eat animals, He would not make them of food.

        Now I doubt the eggs were fertilized but who knows about your supplier. I dont think menstruation is murder either but I’ve known some women act like it.

        Ever crack open a few well developed fertilized eggs and try a scramble. What do you see then ? Moreover what commandment or merely common sense dictate was violated with your meal ?

        … 60+ million abortions, the vast majority of which are completely optional, a “convenience”, has destroyed the sanctity of life. NOw you wonder why little leftists are so eager to murder. Good job. Be better than such nonsense.

          • A fetus is a human being at a certain stage in life.
            Human life is “special” or it is not.
            Dance on all the pins you wish, your arguments are not persuasive. as for me I was lost but now I’m saved.

            I would instinctively take a human life, in the honest-felt defense of an innocent life ( ie a violent defensive response to a violent offensive attack…) and I will accept Judgement for my actions.

            You have your own path to trod and beds to lie in.
            Best wishes. I’m always hopeful but not very.

            Abortion is out of control. The slightly logical arguments of criminally originated impregnations or endangered mother health are red herrings, a tiny fraction of abortions, which deserve deep logical thought.

            But we don’t get to 60+ million abortions without pushing it as a convenience, a hugely psychologically damaging one at that, and one predominately weighing on minority communities. Another fine example the left is in fact horribly racist in its goals and results.

            And the idea that the federal government had a defined role in the issue is ludicrous. The SCOTUS will weigh in on the Fed vs State issue, not take away your little ” morning after D&C” . Thats for States to decide.

            People who require Laws to tell them Right from Wrong are always a problem. Wish you good luck in eternity but its in your hands. sincerely

          • Roddy –

            Someone else’s body is none of your business (even if that someone else is a woman), no matter what God or Goddess you claim to speak for.

    • “Rod V Waee” – guns are now the leading cause of death amongst children. Why do you not care about children that are alive? Why does their future not matter to you? Instead you rail against something that doesn’t exist. There is no such thing as “unfettered abortions” in this country. Abortions are highly regulated in every state.

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