Audio of 911 calls about Rep. Lauren Boebert’s family harassing neighbors

Five Garfield County Sheriff’s responded to multiple 911 calls on August 4 from neighbors of Lauren and Jayson Boebert about children harassing  a residential neighborhood in Silt by driving ATVs up and down a residential street at high speeds of around 50 MPH. Two callers reported the children driving the ATVs were the kids of Jayson and Lauren Boebert. The first told the 911 operator that he stopped one of the children going 50 MPH in a RZR off-road vehicle and asked him to slow down. The child said “fuck off” to the neighbor, went home and got his dad, Jayson. Jayson Boebert then returned in charcoal-gray Ford F150 truck with the child in the passenger seat and started threatening “everybody in the neighborhood,” according the caller. Jayson drove over a caller’s mailbox, destroying it, while the caller was on the phone with the 911 operator. The caller reported Jayson was “dumb as a post,” “looking to fight with everyone in the neighborhood” and was “so irrational.” “When 911 operator asked if there were any weapons, the caller responded that the whole family has guns.

While five officers responded to the calls, no charges were filed against any member of the Boebert family despite that one caller reported in real time while talking to the 911 operator that Jayson Boebert had just driven over his mailbox, destroying it.

The audio of the 911 calls was obtained by American Muckrakers PAC and was put out by the Denver Post on their website, but the Post put it behind a paywall. The audio is now freely available at and on YouTube.

  7 comments for “Audio of 911 calls about Rep. Lauren Boebert’s family harassing neighbors

  1. One of the 911 callers said “The Sheriff, he protects them (the Boeberts).” Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario, also opposes would-be gun owners, domestic terrorists included, from pre-purchase background checks. An informed electorate would vote out both Vallario and Boebert.

  2. Now, that’s some Klan Boebert logic, there –
    it’s not the fault of the kid doing 50mph on a residential street;
    it’s not the fault of the asshole who runs over a mailbox and threatens everyone in the neighborhood…

    It’s the fault of people who dared to call the police.

  3. Many upright leaders instruct their children to be examples of good behavior.

    Young kids racing up and down streets is common for many neighborhoods so maybe this did not need a 911 call.

    In some neighborhoods dads know each other and support each other. Until this understanding is reached a neighborhood man should not expect a reckless kid to listen to a demand to slow down. A better course of action would have been a non-emergency call to the Sheriff. Now there is a record. Then express the real concern for safety and ask for a patrol car.

  4. I don’t know what to say. They are complete trash, the whole family. Sad about the kids they’re raising.

  5. As some have already stated in other forums-

    destruction of a mailbox– intentional destruction or vandalism of a mailbox is a federal offense with fines up to $250,000 and prison sentence to 3 years.

    What the very sad excuse for a parent did was intentional, malicious, violent & without excuse. Alcohol or other drugs involved?

    Did the sheriffs conduct a sobriety test of the ‘dad’?

    He used a licensed vehicle to destroy the mailbox- operation of a motor vehicle is NOT a god-given right.

    The sheriff already tarnished any sense of objectivity- he stated that he voted for & supports Boebert. We need outside law enforcement to step in. If any of US had used a vehicle to damage / terrorize a neighbor’s property, we damn well would have been drug-tested.

    We need to make sure that the Boeberts- both who have had multiple arrests- KNOW that NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW!

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